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Getting to Thanksgiving.

The sensation grew very quickly into more intensive vibrations. Her feet soaking in the warm, scented water and the glass of wine were all beginning to make the promise of a "sensual Valentine experience" come to life.

"Is the seat comfortable for you? It's on medium, do you want me to keep it at that level?" asked Richard, as he sat himself down on a small rolling chair and adjusted a work lamp to illuminate her feet.

"It's wonderful," she sighed, sipping more wine.

"Good," he said, his eyes and smile soothing her further. "Just relax and enjoy."

Gina did as she was told and started letting the chair work to relax her, but the vibrations under the seat weren't as calming as she had first thought. Within a few minutes on "medium" Gina was squirming in the seat slightly as Richard worked on trimming and filing her toenails. He focused intently on caring for her feet, gently scrubbing and massaging each toe.

Finally, Richard lifted Gina's feet from the water and allowed the spa bowl to drain as he dried each foot with a plush towel. He then bent down to polish her toes with the rich pink nail polish she had selected, a color she thought embodied the Valentine's Day mood.

With the chair still deeply humming away beneath Gina, Richard tenderly picked up her left foot and lifted it toward his face where he delicately blew on her freshly painted toenails. Gina thought she might melt into the seat. He then followed up with his warm breath on the right foot.

With both of Gina's feet back on the footrest, Richard began to massage the soles of her feet and up to her calves while carefully avoiding her fresh pedicure. He reached over to a small table and coated his hands with lotion, then warmed a drop of lotion between his hands before massaging it into Gina's shapely calves and knees...inching higher with every stroke. When he made her way above her knees, Gina jumped slightly.

"Cold hands? Or should I stop here, if this becoming uncomfortable for you?" he asked.

"No, I just got...well, just a little caught off guard. You don't have to stop," she said.

He massaged her knees for several long minutes, and then she felt lotion being massaged onto her thighs and the towel being lifted away.

For a moment Gina forgot where she was, just reveling in the feeling of the vibrating massage chair and Richard's strong hands. She unconsciously spread her legs a little to give him better access.

Richard moved slowly upward, taking his time to generously massage her thighs. He inched higher with each stroke. The effect of the thigh massage and vibrating seat had Gina squirming more obviously, and her breath became ragged. She felt Richard's hand on her inner thigh. His fingertips were dangerously close to her hot pussy, and she felt him accidentally graze across her outer lips as he continued his leg massage.

Richard leaned forward between Gina's now open thighs, rubbing his hands in long strokes up her inner thigh then out toward her hips. He looked up at Gina's face. She bit her lip in anticipation...and to keep from moaning.

"Are you comfortable with this level of massage?" he asked Gina as he looked into her eyes.

"Uh...uh-huh," she said with a nod. She was having trouble finding the right words, as she pondered what Salon X really meant by the promise of a "sensual" massage. Maybe she should not allow him to be so close to her private parts...but, oh, his hands felt so good.

Taking the cue to continue, Richard started rubbing his thumbs into the crevices where Gina's thigh touched her labia, inching up slowly then circling his thumbs back down. He continued massaging her outer lips for several minutes, until Gina could not help but let out a little moan. She realized she was so wet the seat had become slippery as she slid her bottom from side to side on the relentless vibrating action beneath her.

Her breathing became more rapid as Richard deftly continued to massage her outer pussy with expert skill, but not allowing his hands