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Two men meet after being internet lovers.

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Charisma waited exactly one hour after the men returned to find Jameson. Actually, she didn't have to look for him; she knew that he went straight to his room. And he hadn't left. Instinct told her that he most likely received information that would upset her if she knew. But she didn't want to talk about her safety or Zaide.

She wanted him. To be with him.

Watching Nadia with Andrae only served to show her what an idiot she was. Jameson had somehow wiggled his way into her soul and she'd reacted by punishing him for the sneak attack. All that accomplished was delaying the inevitable. It was like Nadia said; fate brought a man to a woman. If Jameson was really her fate...

Charisma quietly left her room and padded toward Jameson's. She didn't hesitate, nor did she bother to knock; she marched into his room proudly, set to hear his objections.

What she saw surprised her. Jameson lay on his back, quietly staring at her. He rested his head on his hands and the sheet that covered him only went to his waist. The corded muscles of his chest and abs made her breath catch in her throat. She knew that he was nude; the sheet rested low on his hips, giving her a glimpse of his dark pubic hairs. The sight of him alone was enough to make her mouth water. How was she so stupid to deny herself the pleasures of his body, his heart? As she mentally kicked herself for her stupidity, she closed then locked the door. Then she climbed into bed with him.

"Charisma-" Jameson stopped when she placed a delicate finger against his lips. He stared at her in curious amazement; the last thing he ever expected was to have her walk into his room and climb into bed with him. Charisma's beautiful face was soft and her eyes were tender as they stared into his.

"All or nothing, right?"

It took him a minute to understand what she really asked him but when he did, he nodded slowly. He found himself groaning when she leaned down to lick his lips. Instinct told him to take control, to roll them over and bury himself between her long legs, but he knew that she needed to control this. Jameson succumbed to the pressure of her soft lips on his and felt his body tighten as she slowly ran a hand over his chest. In response, he deepened their kiss, sliding his eager tongue into the sweet cavern of her mouth.

Charisma took his large hands in hers and brought them to the hem of her tank top. She whimpered as he slowly pulled the thin material up and over her head. He did not touch her suddenly aching breasts; Jameson simply looked at them as he slid his hand over her smooth thighs. He reached her shorts, feeling the outline of her center through them. She knew that the fabric between them was wet and incredibly hot.

Jameson felt his turgid member throb at the feel of her heat. He'd barely touched her and she was ready to receive him. He edged his fingers beneath the heated fabric and groaned at the sensation of her curls brushing against his fingertips. Charisma's wet core made him shudder with desire and he did not hesitate to slip a finger into her depths.

"Oh God," Charisma moaned.

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