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JT's best client Sharon, stops whoring.

I reached for her left hand and guided it toward her pussy. I saw the late afternoon sun through the window glint off her wedding ring as she touched her clit through her panties. She raised her hips off the bed, silently signaling for me to take them off. She spread her legs wider now. "Can you take two fingers?" I asked.

"Yeah....please...." I pushed in another. She was rubbing and stroking herself harder, with more purpose. I fucked her with my fingers, thrusting deep and occasionally twisting my wrist, feeling the top and bottom walls of her cunt. Her juices were oozing out of her, staining the dark sheets. My cock was leaking, bubbling pre-cum. I reached for it and she breathed, "Do it.....I want to see...." I began to stroke it in rhythm with my thrusts into her. We were masturbating in earnest now....fucking ourselves and each other with our hands. I felt my balls tightening, but I wanted to prolong it, I didn't want to cum...yet. I let go of my dick and pulled my fingers from her. "What.....what.....what are you doing....don't stop...."

I smiled at her and said, "I'm not going to stop...don't worry....I can't stop." I took a nipple between my teeth and slowly pulled it away from her breast. I heard a little expression of pain, mixed with surprise, mixed with pleasure. I kissed my way down her chest, which was already beginning to flush, over her belly, where her husband's child was beginning to grow. I kissed my way to her clit. I kissed her fingers, which were still teasing herself. I kissed and sucked on her lips and I pushed my fingers back inside her and began to flood her with sensation. I fingered her, licked her, sucked her, bit her, and felt her body respond. She pulled and pinched her nipples with her right hand and continued to masturbate, to rub and tease her clit. She pulled me closer, deeper into her, clasping my head in her hands, between her legs. She began to roll and writhe, fucking my mouth and face.

And this good wife, this Sunday School teacher, this Girl Scout Cookie Mom, who in all the years I'd known her rarely said even "damn" or "hell," began to whisper words I'd never heard from her. In low, guttural, almost inaudible tones I heard her whisper, "Oh...fuck....god....fuck....shit.....damn it.....fuck....goddamn.....holy fuck.....god yes.....closer....don't fucking stop....shit...." I felt her push back against the pillows, her right leg was bent, her foot on my shoulder, pushing against me, but her hands were wrapped around my head. It was almost as if she were trying to pull away but at the same time keep my mouth locked onto her pussy. Then it happened. "Oh fuck!" Her back arched and her breath stopped for a moment. Her body went stiff, and I felt liquid seeping, no pouring, out of her, coating my face and soaking the sheets. Then she slowly collapsed, and her breath returned. "'s been so long..."

I know I should have held her and waited, but I couldn't. I pushed my cock into her and felt the fading spasms of her pussy squeeze and release me. I was as deep inside her as I could go and I slowly pulled back, then slowly pushed again. My breath was ragged and my head was throbbing. I stopped and pressed against her. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"I can't take it, but I don't want to cum yet. It feels so good...I want it to last."

"It's all right. Keep going. Keep fucking me. Cum for me."

I propped myself on my elbows, looking at her. I fucked her faster, picking up my tempo, feeling my orgasm build. "Open your eyes," she whispered. "I want to look into your eyes when you cum." And I came. I emptied myself inside her with a long, guttural groan. Every muscle in my body went limp and I fell on her, my weight pinning her on the mattress. She let me lie on her in a daze before slipping out from under me. "Rest," she said, as she walked toward the bathroom, my cum starting to leak from her pussy.


We were in her kitchen, our 6:30 dinner reservation long forgotten.

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