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A new years eve, party for two.

But something was different. What was different is that I was looking at myself a lot more than I usually did.

Normally, the only attraction of the bathroom is that I can get off standing up and I just shoot my load in the sink so it's no big deal to clean up. But tonight--or I should say 'this morning' by this time--the mirror was a big attraction. I looked at my body more closely than usual. I looked at my cock--all six-and-a-half inches of it, standing hard and proud at a more than 90-degree angle from my body. The shaft was hard and my cock bobbed as I moved. The helmet was a deep shade of purple.

I slathered on some lotion and began stroking my cock gently. I realized that I was really trying to tease myself a little and it just wasn't working. I just couldn't summon the will-power to go slowly. I gave up that idea, grabbed my cock firmly and began pounding. It felt so good to be hard and building to an orgasm like that. As I got close to an orgasm, I did something that surprised me. I didn't plan it or even consciously decide to do it. But on some unconscious motivation, I grabbed the bottle of lotion with my left hand and shoved the bottom of it deeply into my mouth while I continued wank furiously with my right hand.

Almost instantly, I shot arc after arc of creamy white cum onto the counter next to the sink. I was grunting around the bottle in my mouth and quivering all over by the time I was done shooting my load. It may have been the most intense orgasm I had ever had. My heart was pounding and I sank to my knees on the rug in front of the sink, letting the bottle of lotion slide out of my lips and onto the floor.

After a minute of reverie, I opened my eyes to see the strings of fresh cum I'd shot across the counter. I rose up high on my knees and began licking the counter and didn't stop until I had gotten all of the cum.

Much of this was really weird if you think about it but I decided not to think about it. I decided that I'd been through a lot that day and I should just give myself a "free pass" from psychoanalysis. I went to bed and slept very soundly until about 4:00 in the morning when I woke up, hard, and stroked myself to another orgasm. Sated, I fell back asleep, wet from my own jism, until the middle of the morning.

Part 3: A Cautionary Story

It was great not to have to go into work the next day--and not just for the ordinary reasons. I don't know if I could have faced my colleagues, not to mention my boss, so soon. I just spent the day putzing around thinking about my date with Stephanie that night. Steph and I had been going out pretty seriously for about six months now. She was really pretty and fun to be with. I was a lucky guy. We'd been having sex together for about the last four months. Sex with Steph was great. It was fun and uninhibited. I was really looking forward to the evening.

We had dinner at an Indian restaurant near the movie theater we were going to. It was within walking distance of Steph's apartment and the evening was warm so we walked. It felt so great to just be doing normal things with her. For much of the night, I managed to put yesterday's events out of my mind.

We went back to her apartment and had a bottle of wine and made-out. I was really desperate, I think. There were moments when I could see that, "What's gotten into you?" look in Steph's eyes. I guess I was trying to prove something. And I was on my way to doing it. I was hard and ready to bust a nut. She suggested moving to the bedroom and I was eager to take her up on that.

Refilling the glasses and moving to the bedroom sort of changed the pace for a bit but when we lay down on the bed, I was getting revved up again. Then, for some reason I'll never understand--maybe the universe just hates me--Steph decided then was the time to tell me something about her friend Jennifer.

"Oh, Jason.