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My tanned hide was for his pleasure, not mine. He watched me tidy the kitchen and then directed me into the bathroom. When I saw the enema bag hanging from the shower rod I lowered my head, embarrassed and humiliated. I hated when he gave me an enema. I was happy to give one to myself in privacy, but to have him, my Lord, administer one. OMG!

"You're going to feel this one. It's going to cramp. You will hold it inside of you despite the discomfort for at least ten minutes and then you will eliminate. I'll give you a fifteen minute break and then I will administer a second enema of cold, clean water. You will hold that for at least twelve minutes before elimination. Afterwards, you will be plugged until your next spanking. If you eliminate before your allotted time I will administer a third enema of crushed ice and water. Questions?"

I silently shook my head. He raised his eyebrows and I lay on the floor, legs up in the "diaper changing" position. My cheeks were as red as my ass by this point. He inserted the nozzle and I felt a comforting warmth enter my bowels. And continue. And continue. My stomach began to cramp and he halted the flow, allowing the liquid to move its way deep inside of me. I glanced at the bag and almost cried. I still had half the bag to go and I knew he would make me hold the entire contents of the bag. After a moment, he continued the flow. I concentrated on breathing. Finally, he removed the nozzle and set a timer. I hoped he would leave, but he didn't. He just leaned against the door and watched.

The cramping began. I closed my eyes, trying desperately to hold in the offensive liquid. Milk and molasses. Ten minutes. I heard the clicking of the timer. I counted to ten and then counted again. Time stood still. Finally, the timer went off and I looked pleadingly up at him. He nodded. I scurried up and barely made it to the stool before he contents of my bowels gushed out. I was crying, mainly from the humiliation of him watching me.

My Lord is true to his word. After the second enema, when I was good and clean, he inserted a large black plug. This usually hurts like hell, but because of the cleansing, it slid right it. I am going about my daily chores but feeling the plug with every movement. A constant reminder that I am his and he will use me when and how he chooses. The plug a place holder for his cock.

"Girl!" I hear him call.

I stop what I am doing and go into the living room. He smiles at me and pats his lap. I assume the position, bracing my hands against the floor.

"You make me so happy, Girl."

I am content as his commanding hand lands heavily on my bottom. Fire spreads across my cheeks. He alternates from one globe to the other. After fifteen minutes of this, I'm crying, but can't help thinking of how sore his hand must be. He stops, gently rubs my stinging bottom. I feel his hand between my legs, his fingers gliding over my dripping slit.

"Spread your legs."

I do, knowing what he has planned. I take a few quick breathes and ball my hands into small, tight fists. The first slap to my nether lips is sharp and quick. I gasp, but don't move. By the fifth swat, though I'm beyond crying. Reality no longer exists, just a haze of beautifully painful pleasure. He grasps my engorged clit and pinches. Hard. I can't help myself. I explode, squirting my submission into his hand. Somewhere I hear his delighted laughter.

3:00 p.m. My bottom stung, my clit tenderized and my asshole was sore. After the last spanking, my Lord had removed the plug and fucked my ass. It was glorious. He bent me over the chair in the living room and pounded away. After the anticipation wearing the plug for over an hour, I came immediately. Luckily, he lasted longer. He fucked me mercilessly with hard, strong thrusts and finally, grasping my swinging tits, he emptied his load deep inside my bowels. When he pulled out, he had me suck him clean, which I happily did. Now, I was on the bed, lying on my back, awaiting his pleasure again. Seriously - could this day get any better?

"Your bottom i