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Elena's further explorations.

Tongue stroked the underside and slowly she began to bob her head, letting his cock penetrate her throat with each down stroke.

It wasn't long until she could feel his body tense and she lifted her head till just the tip was between her lips and allowed him to empty his load in her mouth. Dutifully she swallowed it down and began to lick his cock as if she were cleaning him while he straightened the vehicle back out from his orgasm. Well if that made him almost lose control she couldn't wait to see what would happen next. She approached his cock from the side, parting lips up around the side and allowed her fangs to sink into the blood swollen member. Instantly she was rewarded with blood filling her mouth and she began to drink her fill.

Freddy hadn't enjoyed road head that much in a long time, and it had been quite some time that anyone had caused him to almost lose control of his car. He was still in the fog of post orgasm when she bit into him and didn't quite notice it right away but after a few moments began to feel that something wasn't quite right. As they passed a street light he stole a glance downward and eyes went wide at the sight of his thigh and her chin covered in his blood while Clara fed. This time he really did lose control and the vehicle jerked towards the side of the road till a tire caught the sharp drop of a ditch and caused the Samurai to roll violently. It came to rest against a large maple tree, Clara appearing at the side of the road and taking a moment to admire her handiwork. Pity, he'd had a decent cock but humans were just food. She snapped her fingers and was rewarded with the vehicle going up in the flames. Now for that want to be warlock, she wondered if perhaps he would be nearly as much fun.

Pete was starting to get tired of this, the fog had started to soak his clothes and that was letting the wind in. The tent was very tempting, hell if Freddy was still there he'd even think of heading home but no the bastard had left him behind. He put out the candles that hadn't yet gone out from the wind or the heavy fog then made his way over to the pile of camping gear. The tent was pulled out and he started to try to put it together, but it was slow going thanks to his lack of experience and tents never really tending to co-operate. Not helping things was his body starting to really feel the chill, fingers shaking as poles were slid into the sleeves of the tent.

Clara strolled through the woods towards the field watching a beam of light bounce around. Well it looked like the would be warlock was facing reality and she half mused as to whether or not he'd even survive if left alone. Of course that wouldn't be any fun and she wasn't going to chance that somehow he'd survive, humans were remarkable in their ability to wiggle out of bad situations. And of course she couldn't have that now could she? Time to slip into character, this one seemed to crave a submissive play toy, ugh men.

Pete heard the crunching of leaves and the occasional snap of a small branch as something approached him from the road. He hurried with the tent, haphazardly throwing the rain cover over it and hoping the couple of tie downs would stay in the wet soil. Hands shivered as he fumbled with the zipper, trying to open the tent, fear of the unknown causing all sorts of images to flow through his mind. Once the door was open just enough he scrambled into the tent and curled up in a fetal position, his mind fooling him into thinking the flimsy tent material was shelter. As he lay there the footsteps came closer, then stopped and a few moments later a definitely female voice called out.

The demoness paused for a moment or two to work on her demeanor, he was expecting something she was not and she had to get into character.