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Four friends start the day where the night left off.

He chuckled pulling his tongue from me "if you like this are going to love my cock"

My answer was merely to reach behind my ass and pull my cheeks apart in a silent, urgent request for him to continue to which he again chuckled and proceeded to drive me insane.

I lost track of time as he clearly ravaged my hole with his eager, experienced tongue. I was breathless and so horny when he finished that I was at a loss for words. I hadn't spoken much since we'd begun but then there had been no need. When I sat back down into the tub I noticed that it was not even two in the afternoon. As I sat down his hand was once again 'there' this time with two probing fingers that were immediately driven into my waiting my delight.

That it was only two in the afternoon excited me because my parents had left the night before on a weekend trip with friends and wouldn't be back until the next afternoon. I had all day and maybe even all night to experience those delights I'd only imagined in the darkest hours. However, the tub was beginning to lose its warmth because something in Mr. Petersons heating element quit. So we got out and headed to the living room.

In his room was a playpen type sofa where the entrance was one corner and the rest was covered in blue velvet pillows to match the upholstery. It was huge and was large enough to allow us to lay head to toe with a foot to spare on each end of us. "Lay face down, I'm not done with your sweet ass yet." I did not hesitate and neither did he by the fact that he was already between my legs and tonguing me before I was even settled. The angle was better for him and for me as I could feel his tongue burrowing into me even further. His arms wrapped around my thighs as his face burrowed into my ass. He was clearly enjoying himself and I was in heaven as I wrapped my arms around a pillow and moaned my own blissful approval into it.

To describe how I felt no words are possible. I had always loved ass play...but it had been adolescent nonsense compared to what I was experiencing at that moment. There were no doubts no fears...just bliss and a beautifully long tongue sliding into and out of my ass. On occasion Mr. Peterson would bury the full length into me and wiggle it about in a circle and slowly remove it and then slowly burrow back in to me. "Oh My God!" was all I could say when he shoved it deep. He certainly knew what he was doing and I was grateful for it.

On one of his rests he would lean his clean shaved cheek against my ass so I could feel his hot breath on my asshole he said "I always had a thing for you. You seemed to know what you were about, that and my gaydar would go off, just a little when you were near me. You have no idea how insane watching your ass made me. Then Ray told me what you two had been doing and I knew I had to see for myself. I'm glad Ray sent you in my direction" he said finally.

I moaned out a low "I'm glad he did to. I had no idea this could be so nice."

Mr. Peterson chuckled "I'm glad to. As for the rest you haven't seen anything yet. Just wait until I fuck you in the ass. You will love it, I promise." With that he repositioned himself at my hole and continued loving my ass for the little while.

It was another half hour before his insatiable appetite was satisfied and he finally withdrew from my ass just as the first of the afternoon thunder storms were hitting.

The thunder outside was a perfect background for the storm inside. We sat together sipping wine as we got ourselves ready for the next round. As the rain poured down my mouth once again found his cock and began working it easily sucking the tip and licking the underside as we both got lost in the storm. When I came back up for breath he handed me another glass of wine and said "I think we need to get you ready for me" and had me lay down again face down.

As I got back into my position I saw out of the corner of my eye Mr.

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