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What was noticeable was how well Jessica walked in them, without even the slightest stagger. Jaslyn also noticed that her good friend had a very sexy, girlish sway to her walk. The walk wasn't bad, only about 15 minutes or so until they reached Jessica's very nice apartment.

"Your family would be amazed at this place," Jaslyn said as she walked around the very large space. "This place is gorgeous and the furnishings, they aren't cheap - I know. The fact that you can afford something like this is great, it means you're doing well. They must be proud of you."

"I wouldn't know," Jessica said with an icy tone creeping into her voice. "Aside from my mother, we haven't spoken in years. It's not really something I talk about, can we not ...?"

"No, we can't," Jaslyn cut her off. "I spilled my guts to you for a good part of the night and it felt great. I needed to do that. Now, it is your turn. I am your friend and I just got you back into my life. Say what you need to say and I won't judge you - I promise."

Jessica sighed, a very BIG sigh and let it go. "You and your family were always there for me, thanks for that. I hope you can say that when I finish. Here's the short form - my Nana left me money for when I turned 18, so I could get away from her idiot son. She knew my daddy was trash. Short and sweet - my father stole my money and gambled it away - and more besides. He got into a lot of trouble and he's in jail now - I actually had the conviction to charge him with fraud. The rest of the family stopped talking to me, but it was a wake-up call for my mother. She's 2 years sober and in the process of divorcing him."

"Wow, and I thought my life sucked," Jaslyn said as she whistled through her teeth. "I wondered why you didn't go to college, you were a good student. I was dumb enough to marry Butthead ..." Jaslyn giggled, still a bit under the influence "... but you could have gone on to achieve something fabulous."

"That isn't the worst part, well, kinda ... sorta ..." Jessica seemed to be having trouble explaining, so Jaslyn grabbed both shoulders and told her, straight out, that whatever it was, she could handle it. "It's how I make my living, Jazz," she smiled weakly at her friend, using her long-unused nickname.

Even before Jessica said it, Jaslyn had figured it out. "You're a hooker?" She half-stated, half-asked. Jessica nodded in the affirmative. "Oh wow, you were going to work tonight?" Again, Jessica nodded. "I took up all your time, oh shit, I didn't know."

"I took the night off," Jessica chuckled a bit. "I can afford it every so often. For a chance to be with you, I'd take a week off if I had to."

"You missed me that much?"

"Uh-huh. It's a little more than that." Jaslyn now understood it, but in the moment, it had taken her by surprise. Jessica pulled her close - and kissed her - really kissed her. "I wanted to sleep with you from the moment I saw you walk into the bar. I've had a thing for you since high school. You were hot then and you're hot now and in that outfit ... okay, shutting up now!"

"You've had a thing for me for that long?" Jaslyn asked in astonishment. Jessica nodded and Jaslyn shook her head. "Wow, I had no idea, but babe, don't worry. I'm not angry or disgusted - I'm flattered. You're fucking gorgeous, more now than ever and lately, I haven't felt sexy in that way. I mean, I know I'm attractive, but I ..." As if to silence her, Jessica kissed her again. To her astonishment, Jaslyn kissed back - she really kissed back.

"Jazz? You kissed me back."

"I know. Kiss me again."

Jessica did and Jaslyn leaned into the kiss as she returned it. Her arms went around Jessica's neck as they embraced and Jaslyn lost herself in one of the most intimate moments of her entire life. The two young women continued kissing for around 4 hours - likely only about 4 minutes, but it felt so dreamy and erotic that Jaslyn let herself lose all sense of time.

"So, do you s

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