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She yearns for a shower.

Eunice looked at his throbbing erection. "If you do want to go all the way I think we'd better go straight to the fucking."

Tim's penis twitched again at the mention of fucking.

"Um, yeah," he said.

While he would have quite liked to have experienced some of her other extras, in his current state of arousal they would likely constitute the entirety of his service.

He climbed up onto the enormous bed with Eunice. The mattress was very soft and had a lot of give. Eunice settled in the corner on a pile of plush cushions. She opened her legs wide and Tim's penis twitched again as the hairless folds of her sex were revealed to him.

Quit it, Tim admonished his penis. It felt like steam was bubbling through his loins. If he didn't rein his penis back in he was going to ejaculate all over her stomach way before he even got near to inserting his dick inside her.

Tim's erection twitched again at the thought of being inside her.

Eunice's sensual lips puffed up in a sexy pout. Her eyes burned with seduction as stared at him. She was extraordinarily hot, Tim thought. Despite this there was something missing-a barrier, or more precisely, a lack of barrier-that prevented him from rushing over to lie in her arms.

"Shouldn't I be wearing a condom?" he said.

"You want safe sex?" Eunice asked with a hint of mischief in her eyes.

The animal part of him, the crocodile coiled around his hindbrain, would rather he didn't. It wanted to experience her vagina without being impeded by a protective bag of latex. Tim's more advanced cognitive functions stepped in and overruled his crocodile hindbrain. Yes, it would probably feel extremely nice, but what he had to take into account was the knowledge that if she was okay with letting Tim fuck her without a condom, then she must have been okay with letting other clients fuck her without a condom. And if this was the normal state of affairs then there was no telling what manner of nasty ST diseases she harboured within her flesh.

"I think it would prudent for me to wear a condom," Tim said. "Just to be on the safe side."

"I have something better," Eunice said.

She reached under one of the plush red pillows and pulled out a square foil wrapper. It looked like any other foil condom wrapper to Tim. It opened like a foil condom wrapper and the cloudy-clear latex object she took out looked exactly like a condom. It was only when she opened the rubber item out fully did the resemblance end. It was big, much too big, and had a ring of harder rubber at each end. Instead of putting the prophylactic on Tim's erection, she inserted the smaller ring into her sex and pushed it up inside her until the larger rubber ring formed a hoop around the entrance.

"A female condom," Eunice said. "My clients prefer it. Better sensation. Feels more like bareback fucking."

She leaned back on the pile of pillows in the corner of the room. Her legs stretched open and she beckoned Tim on with a finger.

"Don't take my word for it," she said. "Come feel for yourself."

Her stress on the word come sent a pleasant vibration through Tim's body. His cock twitched again. He rushed forwards, eager to bury his manhood inside her before he erupted-prematurely-all over her.
His glans was swollen purple with engorged blood. As he brought it closer her vagina seemed to dilate and open up in eagerness to accept him. He saw the pink darkness within her and the moisture that glistened on her vaginal walls. He felt a strange trepidation, as though he was about to push a delicate part of his anatomy into an unseen cave or even the maw of a beast, where it would be out of his sight and potentially out of his control.

He chastised himself and pushed such nonsense thoughts aside. Man was the violator... the penetrator. He'd argued with enough idiot MRAs online to know men's problems paled into insignificance when compared with the daily harassment women had to suffer.

He was aware this was a commercial transaction, where the pleasure would be one-sided, but he didn't have to be a

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