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Instead of entering the Jacuzzi, Gary and Hannah entered the dry sauna which was just heating up, and I followed. We sat there with towels around our loins, Hannah's breasts were fully exposed and soon a dripping rivulet of sweat ran down between them. Her nipples were already standing out and clearly hard. Hannah sat beside Gary on a wooden bench just below where I had gone to perch, stretched on the higher bench behind them. For several long minutes we drew deep breaths and relaxed. The room grew quiet, and I thought I could almost hear all of our hearts beating in anticipation of what was to come.

As the ambient air temperature rose, Gary and Hannah used their hands to explore each other's bodies. I swung one leg over her head, so that she could lean back and let me massage her face and scalp. I stroked her hair and massaged her shoulders. I felt her body relax as Gary fondled her and I continued stroking and caressing her shoulders and head. I combed her hair with my fingertips as she leaned back into my lap, softly rubbing the back of her head against my groin. Soon enough we all started to heat up with the sauna. It was Gary who suggested cooling off under the shower nozzle just outside. "Wait just a minute" Hannah said. Without speaking further she pulled Gary's towel away from his waist, leaned over his lap, and started licking his cock and balls. From where I sat I had a bird's eye view. My own hard cock twitched at the sight of her, lapping at the head of his dick and taking it partially into her wet mouth. After a few minutes she turned around to face me, holding Gary's balls in one hand, and started nibbling on my own rod.

"I'm so fuckin' horny. Let's go soap each other up and get more comfortable, guys." We followed her outside the sauna and we all stood together under the shower, Gary and I both lathering her with soap. She was reveling in all the exquisite attention we were giving to every part of her. We took our time, and lingered over every erogenous zone we could find on her body. "Mmmmm... You guys are SOOoo good to me. I just love this." We both smiled, and squeezed her closer to us. She enjoyed being spoiled, there was no doubt about it.

Hannah held a cock in each hand, stroking us both gently at the same time while we continued to lather her all over. Then we sat her on a low wooden stool under the shower nozzle and shampooed her hair, while she murmured her appreciation and seemed almost to be in a daze. Cupping our balls in her hands, she nudged us together in front of her and bestowed grateful kisses on the tips of our cocks. She looked so sexy seated on that stool, the cool drizzle matting her hair against her face, her head tilted back looking up at us both, her tongue flicking from one cock to the other, smiling impishly while she squeezed our balls.

For a brief moment she put the tips of our pricks into her mouth at the same time and we all three laughed at the comic effect produced, with her lips so far extended to encompass both of us. "That is definitely a 'first' for me" she spoke with a garble as she giggled, her mouth fully stuffed. We acknowledged that it had been a first for us as well.

She pulled out hard cocks out of her mouth and "crossed swords" with them for a moment, which caused us both to tense up, and then she mocked our homophobia, "Whassa matter, you guys? Afraid I'm gonna turn you queer?" We laughed nervously, but she relented by letting our cocks go, wrapping her arms around us and hugging us tightly.

I moved around to her backside while she remained seated, and we each washed one of her breasts, lingering to knead and massage those soft globes of flesh, rubbing our palms across her extended nipples.