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Saved from domination and abuse by a Japanese lover.

It's not that I'm a weak woman. You know I'm not, just the opposite, really, and I think only a strong woman could ask to endure what I'm asking.

I believe I need to be dominated. I need you to strip me naked and tie me to the four bedposts bottom up by my wrists and ankles. It would be best if I'm stretched tightly enough to prevent my being able to thrash around much. Then you can begin to enjoy exploring my reaction to the switches by striking across my ass at a slow rate at first. You should probably leave enough time between strokes to allow me to completely embrace the sting and letting it begin to fade away before striking again. You'll gradually work your way up to harder and faster strokes over the course of the next ten minutes or so.

I would guess that by that time, you'll probably have worn out the first of the switches and will need to select another. And up to this point, both of us will most likely have considered this a fun and playful experience.

But we need to move well beyond that point.

You will have warmed up your "swinging arm" by now, so let loose your inhibitions and inflict pain, my master. Give it to me! Let the strokes be hard and fast so the torment won't have time enough to subside before the next stroke is given. You'll know you've reached the required force when I'm begging, pleading,demanding that you stop. I'd like to think that I'll be strong and brave enough to endure it stoically , but I know I won't, so just be aware that I'm forgiving you in advance for disregarding my entreaties until such time as you, and you alone, have decided to end my suffering.

Of course, by then, my bottom will be right properly welted. I'll be in tears and will be grateful for your comfort. I'll be most interested to see your physical condition at that time. I won't be surprised, and I won't be angry, to find you've become rather aroused. In fact, I hope you will be, because once I stop sobbing, I suspect I'll be soaking, dripping wet, ready and willing to give you some awesome fucking, my master.

Does calling you "my master" please and excite you, darling? Because I hope to be able to call you that a lot from tonight onward. Quite a lot.

I look forward to seeing you tonight.


To: Wife

From: Husband

Got your email just as I was eating lunch. Thought it might be some kind of spam, but it was too well written to be from anybody else but you.

Wow. I don't know quite what to say. I re-read it several times to make sure I was really getting it.

What you had to say was really shocking at first... but then I realized that I had a monster hard-on thinking about doing this.

I don't know how or why you came to want to be my personal pain slave, we'll talk about that later, but after thinking about it for a time, I'm more than willing to give it a shot. I think I'll really enjoy bringing you under my control and laying some welts onto that tight, pretty little ass of yours. Maybe I'll think it's even prettier when it's crisscrossed with purple bruises and is so sore that sitting down becomes a chore for you. Yes, I think I'd really like to see that.

I agree with almost everything you wrote, but I request, no, I REQUIRE, a few changes.

First, no point in getting the neighbors upset if they happen to hear you screaming, so you will go visit that adult toy store over at the strip mall this afternoon and buy yourself a ball gag. If a woman is working there, you will tell her you need to buy a ball gag because your husband will be whipping you tonight. And, guess what? If it's a guy working there, you'll tell him the same thing, and you'll make eye contact with him when you do it.

Second, you will not be tied down, at least for this first time we do this thing.

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