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"It's the solemn duty of Congress to prevent the destruction or corruption of the Constitution of the United States. Sound bites and photo opportunities may fool the average man in the street, but members of Congress are too well informed and sophisticated to fall for the so-called sizzle over substance."

"Thank you, Senator, for voicing your beliefs so succinctly," smiled Naomi. "I doubt that the American public will appreciate your characterization of them. The lack of respect so many elected officials display for the intelligence of the hard working, taxpaying citizens of this nation is appalling."

"Mrs. Wilson-White, your conduct before this committee has been contentious and disrespectful. I will not only vote against this committee approving your nomination for Secretary of State, but I'll strongly urge my fellow Senators to do the same," promised the very irate Senator. "There's a price to be paid for pride and arrogance."

"I welcome the opportunity to have my nomination voted on by the full Senate. I've seen firsthand the tremendous respect and appreciation the people of the United States and the world have for President Hammer. She and her husband support me unequivocally. That's an honor beyond anything you might imagine," stated Naomi with obvious pride.

"You're in for a serious disappointment if you believe that the United States Senate will bow to the desires of a woman using her Office to promote her and friends' businesses," predicted Senator Bentley. "We place the welfare of the country above personal wealth and power."

"Who are you trying to convince, Senator? Me, your constituents, or yourself?" mused Naomi. "President Hammer always has the best interests of the nation at heart. It shows in everything she says and does. You can do your damnedest, Senator Bentley, but I feel I should caution you. Gwen is loved and respected around the country and around the world. She's known worldwide as the Queen. It's not an official title, but a heartfelt one applied to her by people who now number in the billions. Her husband is loved by most, and feared by some. He's known simply as the Warrior. It will not go well for anyone who insults or maligns our Queen."

"Now you're trying to threaten me with this warrior and queen malarkey?" marveled the lawmaker. "Believing and repeating that hogwash points out just how unfit you are for any official position. It's simply another strike against your chances of becoming Secretary of State."

Gwen and Steve were attending the State Dinner in Berlin as their friends testified before the Senate. Steve still had small bandages over several stitched cuts in his face. He also had yellowish discoloration surrounding several bruises on his forehead and cheeks. It had been suggested that he disguise his disfigurements with makeup, but Gwen insisted that he display them without any camouflage at all, as badges of honor, and Steve agreed with her. Without exception, each person to whom he was introduced stared at him in amazement at the obvious effects of the truck bomb. There was no doubt that he had narrowly avoided death.

The ovation had been loud and long when Gwen and Steve had been introduced as they entered the room. The determination and fearlessness of the couple inspired everyone in attendance. Gwen was incredibly beautiful in a fairly modest red gown, while Steve's banged up face seemed to make him appear even more powerful and desirable to the ladies present.

Chancellor Braun was effusive in her praise of the American couple. She spoke at length of the wisdom and fortitude they had shown in the steps taken to end the potentially deadly international stalemate that had existed the day Gwen assumed the presidency. When she described the events surrounding the recent terrorist attack, her voice cracked several times, making her emotions evident.

For her part, Gwen thanked Germ