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She smiled and as the pose lifted her breasts high and strained them against the fabric. She could feel that her nipples were erect. She didn't care. She turned her head to the left and looked at the camera as another volley of clicks rang out.

"Fabulous," said Sally. "Now. I think, can you sit up on the back of the couch?"

"You mean right up here?" asked Sarah, touching the top of the back.

"That's it," Sally answered. "Not in the middle, at the end here." She gestured with her right hand.

Sarah climbed awkwardly into position and sat down on the back of the sofa with her feet on the cushioned seat.

Sally assessed her. "Ah, don't sit on your skirt. Let it drape out behind you and down the side of the back."

Sarah raised herself and with her left hand pulled the skirt out from underneath her bottom. She smoothed it as best she could out to the sides and hanging down behind the sofa back. She felt the air around the undersides of her thighs. Looking down on herself she was perfectly modest. From below, she was completely exposed.

"Excellent," said Sally, "but we're going to need to get a bit of light under there. She took the camera from around her neck and laid it carefully on the small table. She moved two of the reflective silver sheets close to Sarah, level with the seat of the sofa and angled so that they reflected light up under Sarah's skirt. She put one on each side of Sarah and aimed lamps at them. Sarah felt the warmth from the reflected light on the underside of her thigh. Sally moved more lights and reflectors to eliminate shadows on Sarah's face. She picked up the camera and got down on her knees again. Her head was level with Sarah's waist.

"OK, knees together, that's right, hands in lap, looking sweet. Little smile for the camera."

The shots came. The camera was pointed at the top half of her body.

Sally sat down on the floor and aimed the camera. "Not low enough," she said. She looked around and found a small wooden box which she placed on the floor. Then she took a cushion from the other end of the sofa and placed it as a pillow on top of the box. She lay down on her back, resting her head on the pillow, about a foot above the ground. She aimed the camera again. "Good," she said. A volley of shots. "Just right."

The camera was pointed at Sarah's face, but straight up her skirt as well.

"Now, head right back, touching the wall, that's right. Ah, put your right hand on the top of the back there and lean on it a bit. Good. Now, turn diagonally a little. OK. And let's put your left foot up on the armrest."

The armrest was about a foot lower than the back of the sofa and the position separated Sarah's legs. OK. Unasked, she moved them a little further apart. The hum of excitement in her groin was constant now.

Sally fired off more shots up Sarah's skirt. Without waiting to be told, Sarah pulled her skirt a little higher. Now she leant forward, put her left elbow on her left leg and cupped her chin in her hand. She spread her legs wider again. Looking down, she could see her striped knickers and her stomach tightened involuntarily. She could feel herself growing rapidly wetter down there. She smiled at the camera and assumed some different expressions: a little kiss with the lips, then open-mouthed surprise, then a laugh.

"Fantastic," said Sally. "Fantastic, keep it going." More shots.

"You're a natural," said Sally again and raised herself to her feet. "Lean back against the wall and pull your skirt right up to your waist."

Sarah did so and pushed the skirt as much as she could behind her.