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And the Gargoyle wins.

Stephanie invited us in, and as we walked, I scanned her tight toned body. She had on a plain white t-shirt and a pair of light blue mesh type sweatpants that hugged her ass in all of the right places. As the group of us sat in the living room, every time I had the chance, I would scan Stephanie's body, and I was quickly becoming aroused.

I became even more aroused by what I saw Stephanie do next. She kneeled down on the floor and crawled over to my newborn nephew's carrier and began making baby calls and what not. As I watched her crawl past me, I had no choice but to stare at her ass.

My Sister and I spent about two hours at Stephanie's parent's house before heading home.

That night, I jerked off while thinking about Stephanie for the first time. I got off very, very hard.

I only have one fantasy about Stephanie, and it is derived from the night around Christmas of 2006 when I visited her and her parents.

In the fantasy, My Sister, Stephanie's parents, Stephanie and I are sitting in their living room, Stephanie's Mom asks my Sister if she wanted to go with her and her husband to do a little last minute Christmas shopping.

Stephanie and I are engrossed in a movie and don't want to go. My Sister and Stephanie's parents prepare to leave and her Mom lets us know that if we get hungry, that she left some money on the table to order something with.

The four of them leave, and Stephanie and I continue watching the movie. About twenty minutes later, the movie ends, and a minute after the credits begin to roll, Stephanie clicks off the T.V. and turns to me.

"Are you really going to make a porno?" she asks, referring to the E-mail I sent her.

"Well, I had planned on it, if I got enough people interested in it, but so far it's only me and one other girl that I know who is interested." I tell her.

"Hmm, nice. Do you think I'd be a good actress in your movie?" Stephanie asks.

"I think you'd be a great actress in my movie, but I'd still have to audition you, just to make it professional." I say.

"Would you like to audition me now?" Stephanie asks.

"Sure, I always got a camera on me." I tell her.

"Tell me what you want me to do." Stephanie says.

I think for a second, then begin barking orders at her.

"Ok, stand up, and bend over slightly." I tell her.

Stephanie stands up and leans over the arm of the couch and her sweats tighten up around her nice tight ass. I turn the camera on and snap a few pictures of her doing that.

Stephanie smiles and turns back toward me.

"Now what else do you want me to do?" She asks.

"Do like you just did, but this time pull your sweats down just a little bit." I command.

Stephanie turns around and slides her thumbs into the waistband of her sweats and teasingly pulled the back of them down revealing her nice bare ass.

"Like that?" she asks.

"Yes, very nice." I reply in a sly tone. I snap a few pictures of her ass and switch the camera's function between still and video.

"What now?" Stephanie asks.

"Mmmm, your turning me on now." I tell her.

"Turn toward me and pull the front of your sweats down a bit." I command.

Stephanie pulls her sweatpants down and shows me her nice completely shaven Pussy.

"That's nice!" I say and snap a number of pictures of her Pussy.

"Is that all you wanted to do?" I ask Stephanie.

"Hell no, come over hear and lick my Pussy." She demands.

Stephanie sits down on the couch again and pulls her sweatpants completely off. I hand her the camera and I kneel between her legs.

I begin massaging Stephanie's clit with my fingers, then I lean my head down and begin lapping lightly at her Pussy.

Stephanie turns the camera to me and snaps a few pictures of me eating her Pussy. I shove a few fingers into her and she begins sighing in pleasure. I lick and suck her clit while fingering her and Stephanie pushes my head down into her Pussy.

"Come on lick it!" she demands.

I look up and her and her face grimaces in pure pleasure. Within minutes, Stephanie begins shaking and convulsing in a huge orgasm.

Stephanie lets out a long pleasurable grunt and pulls

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