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Brother helps his strung out sister.

Li couldn't let that stand, so she moved some pleasure symbols into the job area and mixed them around a bit. If she's going to fuck, she might as well enjoy it, Li thought! She made the hooker a bit more choosy, too. She would now refuse the sickest of the sick.

But would the hooker make enough money turning away men? She should, but where was all the money going? The mind is an incredibly powerful thing, exerting total control over the body.

The hooker's body no longer needed heroin. Her brain was rearranging itself, rid of the habit entirely.

Then there was the student. She was too idealistic about the profession. She thought only of the money and not at all of the pitfalls. Li left her with a dread of certain aspects of the job, hoping the girl would steer herself clear of the obstacles she would face. Li also fortified the girl's sexuality, confirming its place in her life. For good measure, she programmed the girl's mind to refuse drugs, knowing that her little girl needed a living mother, not a strung-out hooker.

Li then released the two from their lock, wanting to see how they would react.

At first, they appeared just the same, waving at the cars and flaunting their bodies. Li wondered if she had made a mistake. Perhaps these two were already too far gone for even a symboler's intervention?

The hooker waved at a car and it pulled over. The two women walked over, leaning down revealingly and looking inside. Li grabbed a snapshot from the hooker's eyes. Inside the car were two black guys from nearby. They wanted some action. They had pretty nice bodies, really, and looked clean.

After some talk and settling on a price, the hooker suggested they go to her place. Li quickly jumped up, not wanting to miss the action. She scurried out the door, still wearing just her silk nightgown. Out the front door and onto the street, she projected a field around herself. No one would notice her as she ran up the street, following the car.

They stopped in front of an apartment building at the head of the block. Li had caught up, panting from the run and chilly. Her nipples were already hard from the cool air, though the close-up sight of the hooker changed the reason a bit. Li loved the sight of a large-breasted woman, and the hooker's DDs were braless and outlined sturdily by her top.

The four couldn't see Li as she circled them, taking in the scene. They left the car and walked to the building. One of the guys grabbed the hooker's butt as she unlocked the door, and she turned to slap him for it. Li stopped her impulse, instead allowing the man to fondle the hooker's ass through her dress.

Li reached her mind into the mans and enjoyed the feeling with him. The hooker's butt was not firm, but warm and pliant. The naughtiness of it, though, excited her. She couldn't resist a grope of her own. As the four subjects moved inside, Li instructed them all to not notice her at all, neither by touch, sound, or sight.

This done, Li reached out to feel the hooker's body. It was pliant, like her ass. Her huge breasts were firmly secured by her top, but there was enough room under the top for Li to reach her hand up and inside. The hooker's tit flesh was smooth and warm. Li ran her fingers around inside the spandex, finding one of the hooker's nipples and pinching it. It was erect and wrinkled, feeling like a hard prune. Lee then moved her hands down to the front of the hooker's skirt. She passed her hands over her ass and around,

between her jiggling thighs, to her cunt.

Li felt so naughty, fondling the woman without her knowledge. Here she was, a hooker walking upstairs with a John, and Li was rubbing her cunt and tits without her knowing. The game had to come to an end, though, as the hooker opened an apartment door. The apartment was just a studio, dark but clean, with a king-size mattress on the floor.

The hooker stopped inside, turned to the men, and lifted her top over her head.