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Letting the side down, so to speak. Riffraff lowering the tone.

It was so twisted it was fascinating! It made her head spin. Sharon wanted to get inside that woman's brain. She wanted to know her story and understand her, if any coherent understanding was possible. How could a person like that come into being? What had shaped her? What did the Normen do to their women that could turn someone into an individual as deluded and heartless as that?

There was a paper in that creature. Maybe a whole important series. Sharon doubted she herself would be the one to write and publish such a study, but it would definitely be a project worth undertaking for someone, some day. Provided they were brave enough to take the subject on.

Now finally they'd almost reached the base of the antenna array. A steep ramp would take them up inside the guts of the tower. There was no gate or guard. Anyone who wanted could just stroll right up. Careless of the Normen, but big beacons like that largely looked after themselves. Dated as it was, it was still a sophisticated piece of cosmic technology, not easily sabotaged. Gerrod better know what was doing, when he plugged himself into it.

Then just before he was about to step up on the ramp, another Norman hailed him. A bigger, taller chap than Gerrod, with two swords slung across his back. Sharon's heart leapt into her mouth. The call had been polite, though. It was not a challenge. The weapons stayed sheathed.

The two robots conversed in an accelerated machine language of low pulses and murmurs, so she couldn't follow the conversation. The gist was clear enough. The Norman was offering a coin purse to Gerrod. He wanted to buy one of his women.

Gerrod didn't turn him down. He accepted the purse with a nod and then handed over Polly's leash. The other robot dragged her away around a corner. Sharon was too appalled to do anything, absolutely frozen with shock and horror. Polly struggled ferociously, and screamed beneath her gag; her new owner paid no attention. Barely looked at her. He took much swifter strides than Gerrod had, forcing Polly into a stumbling jog. Sharon's last glimpse of her, before they vanished from sight between the buildings, was Polly's bulging eyes as she stared back at them over her shoulder, desperate and astonished, confused and pleading.

"What the hell?" Sharon gasped, "Why did you-"

He cut her off. "Hush," he said. "Change of plan. I'll explain in a moment." Then, turning aside from the tower's entrance ramp, he led her further along the road to the doorway of another large building. It looked like an inn. And it was, when they went inside. Gerrod gave some of the money from the purse he'd just acquired to a Norman behind the counter, then took Sharon upstairs to a room on the top level of the building.

"Why have you done this?" Sharon demanded, as soon as he'd locked the door behind them, "How are we going to get Polly back?"

Gerrod shrugged. He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her around, then gently guided her toward the foot of the bed. The slick polished floorboards creaked beneath their feet.

"You need to untie me," Sharon said. She turned around again and sat on the edge of the mattress, holding up her wrists to him. Soon as he released her, she would wrap a sheet from the bed around herself, and make him put on another one. She couldn't think clearly while they were both naked, she felt like she could barely breathe. She couldn't stop looking at his horrible erection. It was actually harder to be naked with him, and bound, in the privacy of this room than it had been out in the crowded street. More humiliating and scary.

He took hold of her hands and then held perfectly still for a long moment, studying the knots with a strange troubled expression. He did not loosen them.

"What's the matter?" she asked, "What are you thinking?"

He pulled her to her feet, jerking her upright with so much suddenness it made her stomach swim.