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She tried to speak, but was only able to let out a shapeless moan. She tried to infuse her moans with a sense of desperation, hoping to elicit some form of sympathy from the Dirt Room Woman who were carrying her to the machine. But they seemed incapable of either understanding or concern.

Dr. Norost had provided Maisie and Piper a short "tour" of the measuring machines before having their eyes taped closed. One machine looked like a large table whose surface was constructed with a tight metal lattice. The lattice though was made of a myriad of tiny interlocking cylinder each with its open end facing up. The cylinders could move vertically independently from their neighbors so that when Maisie was draped upon the table she seemed to sink into the surface until she reached some equilibrium in which her body was supported by the thousands of cylinders she lay upon. Still, with her weight so distributed across so many cylinders, more than half her body lay above the surrounding surface. The Dirt Room Women arranged Maisie's unresponsive body, pulling her arms and legs into a spread eagle fashion. They adjusted her head so her open mouth was pointed straight up.

Meanwhile, a second surface, similarly constructed, was suspended above the first. With a press of a button, the suspended surface slowly descended, sandwiching Maisie in between - another array of thousands of cylinders now also pressed down from above. Those cylinders that were not impeded by Maisie's flesh continued down until they mated with those from the bottom surface completely concealing Maisie's body within. With the ring gag holding her mouth open and the angle that her head had been arranged, a large number of the cylinders had descended into her mouth and pushed against her tongue. Maisie's panicked breath whistled through the interstices of the lattice of cylinders as she fought off waves of claustrophobia.

She'd felt this way before occasionally, when her mind had awoken from a dream but sleep still lay heavy upon her body pushing her down, preventing her from moving, filling her with terror.

Maisie heard a compressor activate with a chugging and a wheeze and a burst of air flushed throughout the machine. The air drove small dull spikes forcefully like tiny pistons through all the cylinders surrounding Maisie's body, each pressing, but not quite piercing her skin. A scream erupted from her chest. She felt as though she were lying on a bed of nails, except equally in all directions at the same time. There was no longer up or down. Her heart pounded and blood flushed into the capillaries closest to the surface of her skin, elevating the prickling sensations further.

She still could not force her muscles to answer commands. Her breathing continued to grow more panicked. Some cylinders had slipped deeply into her open mouth pressing her tongue down. More still pressed against her nose and upper lip making her feel suffocated. Each breath forced her chest to expand, pressing further against the activated spikes.

She could feel the spikes all around her like some advanced tech, soft-core, iron maiden - pressing against her taped eyes, pulling against the shells of her ears, lancing her hardened nipples, her belly button, her sex, insinuating their way within the cleft of her buttocks. She could even feel them pressing firmly on the soft webbing between her fingers and toes.

She was held thus for a long moment as the machine's sensors recorded the position of all the cylinders and spikes creating an precise representation of Maisie's body. Just as she began to get her anxiety under control, she heard a hum around her and what started as a tickling sensation rippling across her skin turned quickly to something more severe as an electrical current was applied to all the spikes.

Ants! A memory flashed through Maisie's head of a childhood picnic and a hill of fire ants.

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