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He began to pump her mouth again as the door reopened.

When he got to work there were the usual stack of e-mails and messages to be dealt with, papers to be edited. He fetched himself a coffee and sat down to his usual routine. At a quarter past ten the first report arrived.

>As ordered.



>I locked the door to the bedroom and assembled my toys. I clipped my nipples.

> As you had mentioned before, it does have the effect of focusing my attention,

>especially if the clips are positioned near the tip. I tied your ribbon around my neck.

>I smeared my dildo with lubricant, had my trusty blue friend handy and

>lay down on the bed. I pushed the dildo all the way in. I turned the vibrator

>up all the way. I held the image of you sitting in a chair watching me.

>You were smiling at me. I felt the passion rise; I almost didn't make it.


>I checked the clock only five minutes! I took a breath and started again.

>Finally I made it. Ten minutes of masturbation, no orgasm.

>I stumbled to my feet and gingerly removed my toys.


>I trust that this report meets with your approval.

Well, she might actually make it. He sent a quick response:


>Thank you.

He had a conference call at 10:30 and then a lunch meeting. When he got back to the office the next report had arrived.


>I'm not getting any work done.


>I didn't think I would make 10 seconds let alone 10 minutes.

>But I also don't give up easily.


>I'm going to need more batteries.

He didn't bother to respond to this one. His afternoon was getting busy. His assistant needed time off to deal with a sick parent and one of his clients called with major changes to his file. It was almost time to go home when he checked his e-mail one last time. There were two more reports.


>This is almost getting easier now.

>I'm beginning to enjoy the high space where the passion floats.

>My nipples hurt from all the clipping and my clit is swollen.

>I'm so wet. I am aching for release. But I am still in compliance.


>I feel like shit. My body is a buzzing mess of energy.

>I can't concentrate. I can hardly walk.

>I have been spilling stuff in the kitchen.

>I have no clue what we are going to do for dinner.

>Please bring home fresh batteries. 'C' size. If I have

>to continue this much longer, I'll need a half dozen.

He smiled; this was having the desired effect. She should be ready for him by the time he got home. He sent his instructions.

>You are doing very well, girl.

>Your 6:00 assignment is for 20 minutes.

>Do not trouble yourself with dinner, I will provide.

>Make sure that there is a bottle of chardonnay in the fridge,

>and there are plates warming in the oven.

>I expect to find you as I left you when I get home.

He tidied up his desk and left the office. He stopped off to pick up some Thai food on the way home and laughed to himself as he purchased the required batteries. He pulled into the driveway at 6:30. The mail had not been collected, and he could tell the outdoor plants needed watering. She must have been distracted today; these details were usually well taken care of. He gathered up the food, locked the car and went inside.


It was hard for her to think straight.