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Will sat stoically in first class.

" I groaned as she quickly let go of my hand and wrapped her fingers around my erection. She ducked her head and gave me a little kiss right along the slit of my cock-head, her tongue flicking out to lap up a little of my already pooling precum.

"Oh, God, Mom!" I moaned, my cock still sensitive from my mother's loving attention.

Mom-Carrie giggled and stood up. Grinning like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar, she said, "Sorry....being a good girl has never been my strong suit. I better scoot along before I piss your mother off something terrible."

It took a moment for me to say anything as I was focusing on not cumming again on the spot. "Wow...does this and you and Mom and Dad?"

I didn't think I'd made any sense at all, but Mom-Carrie seemed to understand the gist of my question. She shrugged her shoulders, making her heavy breasts roll underneath her robe and replied, "Well, that's really up to you and your mother, Tommy." She wrinkled her nose at me and then winked sexily. "But I sure hope so. I bet your cock would feel wonderful inside me and I'm already wondering what having you and John at the same time would be like!"

She headed for the door, but paused after opening it. Mom-Carrie looked back at me with a more serious expression and said, "I'm happy that you and your mother are ready to take this step now. My only regret in becoming my son's lover and wife is that I waited as long as I did." Dad's mom licked her lips and added, "If I had known exactly how wonderful it was going to be, I'd have fucked my son the second he turned eighteen instead of losing three years of the greatest love a woman could ever know."

She moved into the doorway, but stopped and came back. "One more thing, Tommy. I'm proud of you. You've grown up to be a fine, loving man and our family is all the richer for having you become a greater part of it. I love you, son." She stopped and giggled. "Maybe I should said, 'I love you, grandson!' Damn, this does get complicated, doesn't it?" She laughed and disappeared into the house while I sat there feeling more stunned than before.
I sat and finished my beer, suddenly feeling tired and a bit overwhelmed by the evening myself. I couldn't even recall how I had hoped the evening would go. Finally, I got up and headed on inside. My cock had reduced itself to about half-erect, not quite willing to surrender the hope of more fun and games. As a concession to it, I didn't even bother to tuck it away, assuming I was the only one still up. I walked quietly upstairs, pausing for a moment outside Mom's door and wondering if I should go in. In the end, I decided not to push things and made my way down to my own bedroom.

I closed the door behind me and turned on the light only to jump two feet straight up as I heard, "So, what the hell, Thomas? Did you fuck both our moms tonight?"

I took a deep breath and turned around to find my sister sitting on the window ledge, looking as lovely as Mom and Mom-Carrie in a light blue jersey cloth nightshirt that ended somewhere around mid-thigh. Her long, blonde hair hung down her back, gleaming as if it had been brushed a thousand times. Blonde hair aside, Polly was a taller and slimmer version of her mother -- incredible tanned legs and huge, firm breasts that were proudly molded around her nightshirt. Not for the first time did I notice that her nipples looked just like her Mom's. "Jeezus, fucking scared me and no...I didn't fuck my Mom or yours."

Polly smirked at me and replied, "Well something happened, Tommy. I could hear you moaning from my room and Mom came up stairs humming happily like she'd just been fucked by Daddy." She paused and said, "Did you propose to Molly tonight?"

I gave her a broad smile and nodded. My sister gave me a funny look -- something akin to a mixture of fear and envy. "Well? What happened?" Polly growled, leaning forward and making her heavy breasts strain against her night shirt.

I let out a long sigh and said, "Mom said yes!

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