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Chapter 3.

"Oh, you can't. Someone may come. You wouldn't dare," she gasped and gasped again when she found me easing her lips apart and pressing forward.

I pushed slowly into her. She wasn't wet when I started but she most certainly was before I was even halfway home. I fancied I heard a little splash as my groin slapped against her. Then I was withdrawing and zipping up.

"What are you playing at, girl?" I demanded. "Hitch your panties up. Someone may catch you like that and then what would they say. For shame."

Her face had turned that interesting red again and she was very hastily hitching her panties up.

"You've been tagged," I said. "You'll be thinking of me for the next couple of days, wondering what it's going to be like."

"No, I won't," she flatly contradicted me. "You'll never get anywhere near me."

About then I heard approaching voices, her friends coming to see what had happened to her. I shooed her away and she went quite willingly, apparently wanting no more of my company.

"What happened?" I heard one of her friends ask her.

"I copped a lecture on the perils of dropping lighted cigarette butts in dry grass," Brenda answered. "And may I point out it wasn't my butt."

There was some general giggling and the girls went on their way.

The team finished up winning their game which inevitably led to post-game celebrations in the gym. This was another event that I'd normally avoid but I thought I'd show the proper school spirit and wander over and be seen.

I strolled around, congratulating the coach and any team members I bumped into and then drifted outside for a while. I knew how my students acted. If they do something once, they'll do it twice, three times, etc.

After waiting awhile the side door of the gym opened and three young ladies popped out. Giggling and chatting they slipped around behind the gym, two of them lighting up even before they turned the corner. I settled back to wait for them to finish their cigarettes.

Finally the girls returned, chatting away. I was pleased to see that Brenda was a pace or two behind the first two. I arrived at the side door moments before the girls and very courteously open the door for them. The girls smiled their thanks as they entered, eager to get back with the crowd, not even noticing that I closed the door behind the first pair and was escorting Brenda elsewhere.

"What? What?" she was protesting. "I wasn't smoking. Smell my breath."

"I didn't say you were," I said bustling her along to the door I wanted.

"Um, the girls. . ." she said, indicating the door they'd just passed through.

"Probably won't even notice that you're no longer with them," I pointed out, opening my selected door and ushering her in, flicking on the light as I did so.

"Ah, what's this place?" she asked, looking around, confused.

"This is the nightwatchman's room. The school sometimes has to hire one when we have special events and around exam times. Don't want little bastards creeping into the school to find exam answers, do we? This is where he hangs out between rounds."

"Fascinating. Why am I here?"

"Oh, come on, Brenda. You can't be that dumb. I told you earlier that what I did was only a placeholder until I could get you alone. Now we're alone."

Blushed easily, that girl.

"You're kidding. You didn't really mean that. You were just stirring me up. Teaching me a lesson."

"And now we'll see how much teaching you require in this area. You can start by taking your panties off."


Why do you bloody think, I felt like asking, but I was all smiles and sweet reason instead.

"Because once your panties are off you'll be very much aware of it. You know what it means is going to happen. With your panties off, every time you take off another piece of clothing you'll be so much more aware of what's about to happen to you. You'll find it erotic and stimulating.

Ah, I can take your panties down for you if you don't quite have the nerve."

"I can do it," she snapped, then I could see her biting her lip as realised what she'd just volunteered to do.

She looked at me and then a