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My body shook, and I pressed my hand harder to my mouth as my orgasm entered my body powerfully, taking over every inch of my being.

I nearly screamed into my hand, and my toes curled inwards as the feeling of my orgasm spread throughout my powerless body.

Lizzy carefully sat up, holding my body gently.

I was face to face with her.

She held my shoulders gently as my orgasm started to disappear.

'You taste so good. I could eat you all night,'

My body was limp and spent, and her figure started to become out of focus, and I couldn't understand her words.

'Katie? Katie?' Lizzy called my name, slightly shaking my shoulders, rocking me.

Her words and figure were nothing but a blur. She seemed farther away from me now.

She shook my shoulders a bit harder.

'Katie, Katie?' she continued to call my name.

I gasped into reality, with my mom hovering over me, calling my name, shaking my shoulders.

'Katie? Katie! Wake up!' my mom called out.

I slowly came to, opening my eyes from my dream.

I reacted suddenly.

'What? What's wrong?' I asked, holding my head, sitting up.

'Sweetie... It's okay, just relax...' my mom said, pushing the hair out of my face.

'Relax? Mom what's wrong? You sound scared or something,' I said, fully awake now.

'Just... Here... Drink this first, you sound parched,' my mom said, handing me the glass of water she was holding.

I took the glass, tilting it to my lips, allowing the cool water to enter, and soon coat my dry throat.

'Thanks mom... Now, what's wrong? Why did you wake me up like this?' I asked, putting the glass down.

My mom sat down beside me on the bed, and she took in a deep breath.


My heart suddenly jumped out of my chest. I swallowed hard.

My mom placed her hand on my leg.

'Sweetie, why didn't you tell your dad and I what happened?' she asked, her eyes filling up with tears.

'Mom... I ... I was scared... I didn't know how to react... How.. How did you find out?...' I asked shakily.

'Oh Katie... I don't think you want to know...' she said, looking down.

A thousand thoughts ran through my mind all at once.

'Mom...' I said, trying to find eye contact with her.

She was crying, and she looked into my eyes.

I asked again.

'Mom... How did you find out?' I asked once again, holding her shoulder.

'Sweetie... Your friend.. Lizzy... She..'

Automatically I started to cry too. What did Lizzy say?

'Lizzy... Mom, what did she tell you?...' I asked, wiping my tears.

'I.. I just got a phone call ten minutes ago from her parents... Apparently Lizzy never went home last night...' my mom said, looking at me.

My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach.

'What?... What do you mean?... Mom where is she?' I asked, becoming very worried.

'Did she come here sweetie?' my mom asked.

'Yes, she came over late last night and got me into bed,' I said, playing last night in my head.

'Her parents knew that she was over here because Lizzy had told them...' my mom said, wiping her eyes.

'Where did she go after she left here?..' I asked, tears rolling down my cheeks.

'She... She went to Nathan's...' my mom looked earnestly at me.

'No... No... Please tell me she didn't ...' I trailed off. I was lost for words.

'That's where she went... That's why she never came home last night...' my mom began to cry once again.

'Where is she now mom? Oh mom is she okay?' I asked, getting out of bed.

'Sweetie sit back down...' my mom ordered.

'Mom tell me where she is! What happened to her??' I began to raise my voice.

My mom pulled me back down to the bed.

'Just breathe... I'll tell you...' my mom said.

I tried to calm down, but it seemed nearly impossible.

'She's in the hospital... So is Nathan...' my mom looked at me straight in the eye as she told me.

'What?... How... How did they end up there?..' I asked, in complete shock.

'After she left here, she went to Nathan's, and he was in his backyard with a few of his friends...'

I looked down, not wanting to hear the rest.

'She ap