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Two finally come together during a holiday weekend.

He wants us to show up and for you to do everything he wants you to do without question. If I step in or if you don't do what he wants, the deal is off, we leave, and are out of business. So if you were going to go, you need to do what ever he asks." She sat there thinking for a minute and said, "Let's go and see what happens." Once again that strange gnawing returned to my stomach and I found myself with an immediate hard-on. At last her innocence was coming in handy. She agreed to go because she had no idea of what the possibilities were with someone who had had as much fun as Jim.

The week passed slowly and I avoided intimate contact with her in order to build up her sexual appetite. Friday soon arrived and she prepared herself by wearing the sexiest thing I could find to buy her. She was quite hesitant as she put on her garters and push up bra, neither of which she had ever worn before. We pulled up in front of Jim's house and I told her again what the rules were and what the consequences would be if she didn't go through with it. I had told her numerous times that week how much the business meant to me and what it would mean for our financial well-being. I gave her a final chance to back out and with no word of not going forward, we headed up to the door. I think in the back of her mind she still thought that Jim would never do what he was asking. She felt that no one would ask such things of a married woman. Here she sat worried about kissing and fondling when little did she know of what Jim was capable of. And for that matter, neither did I.

We knocked on the door and Jim quickly answered. "I'm glad to see you both here. I trust your husband told you what the rules were?" My wife shook her head yes in disbelief of the new Jim she was seeing. He put his arm around Nicky and ignored me as he led her into the den. He offered her a drink, which she took. I was surprised because she hadn't had a drink in years. We all sat down and finished our drinks in silence. Jim stood and said, "Enough of the pleasantries, lets have some fun." He walked over to the stereo and turned on a slow song. He then went over to Nicky and offered her his hand. They slowly went to the center of the room and started in a slow circle. At first he was quite the gentleman, but soon started to lower his hands onto her ass. I could see her stiffen up as his hands kneaded her tight little ass. Instantly I felt like I would explode as my cock swelled against my pants. The song ended and Nicky made an attempt to sit back down. Jim held he tight, "Where you going? There are plenty more songs and a hole evening to enjoy." The next song started and he became more bold. They continued to dance in a circle as he slowly undid the buttons on the back of her dress. Once again she tensed up but made no effort to stop his advances. Once the buttons were all undone he stopped the circling and let me see that the back of her dress was completely open. He then rubbed his hand over her panty-clad bottom, squeezing and pinching, occasionally hard enough to cause a cry to come from my wife. He then reached up and undid her bra, causing her arms to close tighter to her chest to protect what no other man had ever seen before.

When the song ended he led Nicky over to the couch and sat down while leaving her standing.

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