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He is caught spying, and blackmailed into submission.

So I take off my shirt and decide at least they can watch me while I do my husband. My other half helps me out of my bra and now showing my breasts to the other two men, I reach over and undo my husband's pants and free his growing hard-on. This always gets my husband hard when I show off. Leaning over his lap, I take his hardening cock into my mouth and start moving up and down... I so love giving him head. The way his cock pulses in my mouth... wrapping my tongue about his thickness and then flicking the underside just enough to make it jump about in my mouth.

Now wanting to be a tease, I get up, turn around and remove my pants, letting them slide over my hips and down to the floor. I step out of them, kicking them to the side and now only in my thong; I kneel between his legs so I can get a better position and then seductively wiggle my ass a little so the others can see how shapely it is. I go back to sucking on my husband's cock. After awhile, I look up and see the other guy still in the couple's OPEN area. His cock is big and I so want to play with it. I bite my lip... hoping.

Looking back towards my husband, in a quiet voice he asks if I am ready to play with the others. I decide to jump in and grabbing a towel to wrap about me as we move to the OPEN couples area. Once in the new area. our stranger starts to grab his things to move out of our way and I quickly decide to ask him to stay. Even to point to inviting him to play with us, stating we wouldn't mind the extra company.

There to the left of us was a doctor's examination table. It was perfect because you could invite many people and they could all stand about admiring the view which was going to be me. So I climbed up and then laid back, closing my eyes for a moment so I wouldn't start to get nervous again. My husband then motions the guy in the area over, and then waves to the stranger outside the area towards us, so he could play as well. Since I knew what was coming, I moved to my right and near my husband's cock so I can keep my mouth busy. Soon I start to feel hands move across my body and then feel fingers begin to stroking my breasts, legs, stomach and then even between my thighs.

Since no one was brave to make the first move, my husband leaned over me and spread my legs apart. Next I felt his amazing tongue start to play over my sweet cunt. Another man moved to take my husband's spot and soon I was sucking on this new cock. While my hand wrapped around the other strangers cock to the left of me... I keep stroking and sucking and then I start to feel the familiar beginning tremors

The anticipation of what may come... just the thought of my fingers around one man's thickness and my mouth filled with another's ... I quickly orgasm and feel my body spasm in ecstasy. God how good it felt to cum and feel that release.

My body takes a few moments to recover and I just ask those about me to let me rest for a few but I still feel their hands caress me. My husband stands back up and so now back in control, I take his cock back into my mouth; next I feel someone between my legs. Then I feel someone press their cock up against the bottom of my foot and start rubbing it back and forth. I just realize I have someone with a foot fetish and go back to what I am doing, trying to concentrate on the cock in my mouth... next someone leans over to nibble on one of my breasts and the next orgasm flows over me and this time everyone has to take a step back.

Due to all the panting and shakes my body is doing, I realize I need water and I want to wrap the towel about me so I can recover before anyone decides to touch my little nub again.