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Glacier Bay nears.

So here I was, a nineteen years old "stud," with a three gals that were over sexed and who was I too pleasure first, as I took Elna to be the one I should "be with." I mentioned this and Elna told me to "do whom ever I wish or whom ever "comes on to me" at the time and worry about the other two when the time CUMS!"

I told her that I want to keep her happy first and foremost. She just held my arm and kissed me tenderly and said, "That is why you are the one that is going to keep me happy till you tire of me or go away to school." I told her that even when I go to school in Milwaukee she can come up and visit me as there is a bus from home there.(remember she does not drive.)

As we stood there her right nipple started to drip milk and run down her belly. She reached up and dried it off with a towel and then Elna spoke up and said I need to try some if she did not mind.

DD told me to lay down on the two person lounge and she leaned over me and hung her breasts over my face and I sucked very gently on them. She told me to suck harder as she need to be emptied of her milk and as I was doing so her hand went to my cock and started stroking it. Elna came over and lay down on the other side of me and sucked on the other nipple and cupped my balls as DD keep stroking me. Sally walked over behind DD and started to finger her pussy and clit. DD started to moan and wiggle her ass for Sally. With us two on her nipples and Sally in her pussy she screamed with pleasure as she blew a load and collapsed on top of us two.

After a while we all went in the cottage and washed up and I got to towel each of the gals off. DD was first and she held my cock firmly as I toweled her breast and body off. Sally walked over to us and took me away from DD and grabbed the towel out of my hands and pushed me to the bed. She was still wet as she got on top of me and rubbed her wet cunt up and down my now harding cock. Elna came over and flung her leg over my shoulder and planted her pussy above my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and started to lick and suck as Sally inserted my now rock hard cock in her and slid up and down with long strokes. As I was licking and sucking I felt my cock get harder and felt a load shot into Sally causing her to bite her lips and add her juices to mine. As sally rolled off me DD mouth clamped on to my cock and started to suck the last drops out of me and them she licked my shaft to get all of the love juices that were running down to my balls. While all this was going on Elna had exploded in /on my face and between them I was covered with their and my juices.

After another shower and toweling off, without sex this time, we started supper as it was now after 7:00 PM. I went out to start the charcoal for the hamburgers and sweet corn as the gals got the rest of the food ready. By the time we were done with supper DD mentioned that she needed to be emptied again and was wondering who up for the task.

I looked at Elna and said that I thought we should get to bed as between work and all the "MESSING AROUND" today I was tired and my cock was getting sore. She agreed and Sally took DD hand and off to the other one of the bedrooms they went. We did not see them till morning just when we were ready to drive back to town for work.

As we left we said we would be back on Friday evening to stay the weekend. DD said Steve would be coming up Saturday morning and bring steaks for all. Elna mentioned that we might be bringing another gal with us, I had forgotten all about that till she said something. They all said that that was OK as there were plenty of beds and food.

We got back to town about an hour before Elna had to be to work so we stopped at the house to freshen up and change clothes. I found a letter from my parents with pictures of the car and its hail damage. The front and back windows were gone and the top, trunk and hood looked like someone had taken a ball peen hammer to it.

I took Elna to work and got to the plant about five minutes

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