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She rubbed some water on her arms and then allowed her wet hand to drip and rub water across her neck and chest in an effort to adjust her skin to the change in temperature. She took some further steps in and then suddenly, was gone from his view.

He came out of the shadows and peered over the balcony's edge. She had submerged herself and was gliding beneath the surface to the far end of the pool. Just before she reached the back end of the pool, she came up for air and treaded water for a few minutes to get her bearings. He was amazed at his luck once again as he watched her swim and float around the totally empty pool for awhile. Here he was on this perfect July day, able to watch her totally uninhibited in the way he had been dreaming about since he first saw her.

She had swum back over to the steps of the pool and was preparing to exit the pool. He watched her adjust her suit under the water before standing up and smiled to himself at her modesty which seemed ironic considering the size of the scraps of fabric barely covering her. As she slowly walked up the steps of the pool, her hands trailing behind her in the water, his cock grew hard once again and his lust for her grew.

The material of the bikini was unlined and so thin that, once wet, it clung to every curve of her breasts and pussy. He could see her hard nipples clearly and the line between her pussy lips where the dripping strip between her legs pressed. The wet material was plastered to her skin such that she appeared to be naked save for some slick, black oil that had been strategically painted on her body.

"Man, she is so beautiful, so perfect," he thought. "What I wouldn't give......" The sun bounced and popped off the beads of water that glistened on her oiled skin. She was tanned but only enough to produce a healthy glow to her usually alabaster skin. He could see her lips also looked wet and shiny and knew that she had on the glassy lipgloss she seemed to favour in the summer and he wondered if it was scented and what it would taste like if he were to run his tongue over her lips before sucking them into his mouth. Her hair was also black and short. The water had molded it to her head and although he usually preferred long hair on women, he had to admit that this woman could wear her hair any way and still attract attention. The short style gave her a rebellious air and individuality that he admired. It also enabled her long, elegant neck to be exposed at all times and he allowed himself another brief daydream about his hands closing around it, feeling the soft warmth of it, as he kissed her. She also had tattoos on her body and he had noticed that her toenails and fingernails were always painted. This woman really took care of her appearance and seemed to be aware of every nuance that it could convey to others, no matter how subtle or obvious, and this sense of self-awareness and deliberate intention revealed a part of who she was that violently aroused him like nothing else he had ever known before.

She had wrapped her towel around herself, collected her things from the bench and was walking towards the outdoor showers near the gate at the entrance to the pool. Once there, she removed her towel and placed it with everything else on the grass near the edge of the shower area and turned on one of the showerheads.

He could hear the beat of the water from the shower pounding on the concrete but he could not see her anymore. He moved over to the end of his balcony where he had a better view but realized that there was a possibility that she might see him from where she was. He stood very still and tried to stay in the shade of the balcony and prayed that he could continue to watch her for as long as possible unobserved.

She was standing facing the water coursing over her body and had her eyes closed with her face raised to the sun overhead.