An arranged meeting between two "Friends" goes too far. High Quality Sex Pics

Stranded with angry warbots.

Rick was in seventh heaven being befriended by the trucking tycoon. I couldn't help thinking it was me Al was interested in and not Rick by the way he kept looking at me.

"No! I am not going nude. If you want to that's up to you." I told Rick emphatically.

After meeting Al and Dora he was more determined for me to take my clothes off to impress his new found buddy.

Rick kept whining on how it was only for a week, we would never see these people again when we left for home. I did not want to spoil our week so finally I agreed to go topless which satisfied Rick's demands. Rick knew Al would be duly impressed seeing my bare boobs.

We had arranged to meet at the shuffleboard court the next morning. Optimistically we set off, Rick completely naked and I wearing only the tiny bikini bottom barely covering my pussy and leaving most of my ass bare.

Al's eyes light up when he saw us approach. My large bare breasts were jiggling unrestricted in the sun. Very few had seen my breasts bare and I was super conscious of my nakedness.

Although they are large my breast still maintain a pleasing shape unsupported and my large pink nipples were magnets to Al's eyes.

"Hey, great to see you!" Al laughed.

I thought I detected a slight stirring from his cock but put it off as my imagination.

Dora was completely naked as usual and she cheered as my husband came closer also naked. Jokingly she grabbed his hanging cock and gave it a playful tug. Rick laughed but was mortified.

Everyone seemed in a much better mood since I had partially submitted to his or her wishes. I noticed how closely Al watched my bare breasts sway as I took my turn shooting my discs down the court.

Rick and Dora were pretty well absorbed in each other and Dora was becoming overtly more daring in spite of our presence. She was constantly grabbing Rick's cock and each time she held it longer before letting him go. Rick being normal was semi erect!

Al seemed oblivious to his wife's shenanigans, so occupied was he with the free movement of my unfettered breasts.

As the sun approached midday Dora suggested I accompany her to the spa. She had booked a massage and she was sure they could accommodate me as well. It was her treat!

I had never had a massage before in my life but everyone pressured me to try it.

The spa was quite elegant, decorated in a pastel pink complete with a waterfall and palm trees.

There were several female clients having their hair done and receiving manicures and pedicures, all were naked.

The attendants were all males attired in skimpy loin clothes concealing their manhood.

Dora went to the reception desk and arranged our massages. We were ushered through to a private room containing a pair of specially constructed massage tables.

"You have to take your bottoms off." Dora advised me as she climbed on one of the tables to lie on her stomach.

Not wanting to argue I slipped off my bikini bottom and got on the other table just as our masseurs entered.

"I am Miguel and this is Pedro." The taller one announced as they prepared to treat us.

Miguel was going to be my masseur. He seemed rather young, perhaps not as old as me but seemed quite confident in his duties.

I closed my eyes as he began.

His fingers were magic dancing across my back and arms working out the tension. As I fell under his spell his hands worked down to my buttocks. Without hesitation his fingers worked embarrassingly into my butt crack and forward into my wetness. I moaned softly as he found my clitoris and gradually his fingertips entered my passage to find that sweet spot that triggered my orgasms.

I didn't know what had come over me; I was getting off with a stranger finger fucking me!

It was a beautiful orgasm releasing days of tension. I did my best not to moan too loud to alert Dora that I was cumming.

As I sat up on the table Dora saw my natural bush of ginger rd hair.

"We will have to do something with that," she said.

I had noticed that most of the females had shaved their pussies and those that hadn't had trimmed their bushes into closely cr