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She said it was standing straight up when he got it out of his pants. At first, Ellen, just stared, transfixed at what was directly in front of her. Then, without warning, she reached up and put her hand around his shaft. She said, Shawn shook slightly with excitement, as she wrapped her fingers tightly around him. Then she started moving her hand slowly up and down along his shaft. Just a little at first, then all the way from the base to the head and back. She told me, that Shawn just sat down, laid back and let her do it, as the others watched in awe. Ellen later told Dee that she certainly had not planned to do anything more than this.

But she felt him throbbing in her hand, then tense, as he leaned back, and then after some continued work shot his cum high into the air. She was so surprised that she just kept pumping, and he shot two more jets as high as the first, covering her hand with his cum, and some splattering onto her leg. She grabbed the towel that she had been wearing, and wiped the cum off her hand and leg, then handed him the towel to Shawn to clean himself. At this point, she thought she may as well keep going, and asked Daniel if he was next. He quickly got up, pulled off his pants and underwear, leaving him only in his socks and tee shirt. She said he came over to her and told her to do that to him, but she told him that someone needed to get her back in the mood. So, without hesitation, Daniel bent down on the bed, and began licking and sucking on her tits. Caressing one with his hand and kissing, licking, and sucking the other. Ellen threw her head back and purred with pleasure. Then, he slid down her belly, kissing his way, dropped to his knees, and put his head between her legs. She later said that she had never been eaten while people watched, and that it got her really turned on, so she let him go on. He licked her gently for a several minutes, as she moved her hips with his movement, then moved up her body kissing her nipples and neck. He then whispered in her ear, that it was her turn.

She reached down to start jacking him off, and he told her again, "no, it's your turn."

Now she knew what he meant. She told him quietly that she had never sucked a guy before. He said, "come on, give it a try, you might like it." Just then, Dee chimed in and told everyone to wait.

She said, "If she don't want to suck you, then I will, and that Ellen could try to get Shawn up again. Then everyone gets to have some fun, ok?!" Daniel didn't have to be told twice. He walked over to her chair and stood in front of her. She grabbed his hard cock with her hand and put it straight into her mouth and starting sucking on it, her head bobbing back and forth. As she did this, he unbuttoned her shirt, pulled it off, then unhooked her bra and let her tits fall free. She moaned as she sucked him and he caressed the side of her face, neck and her nipples. Meanwhile, Shawn had stripped completely naked, and was now sitting next to Ellen on the bed. Watching the action, he was already semi erect.

Without a word, she leaned over and instead of stroking him with her hand, she kissed the head of his cock.

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