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Cassie is snatched off the street, bound, hung, and fucked.

The black guy began by scooping it off of her chest and eating it. Then he thought the better of it and began smearing the spillage around her large breasts. She could feel the cool air on the exposed crotch of her damp panties under the party dress, and the men, too, were breathing for shallowly and rapidly.

After Taylor (for that was his name) had covered her breasts in risotto and other foods he could no longer restrain himself and used his broad mouth to clean her bosom. The other guy, Alan, had moved the top of her dress down to give Taylor better access. He came around the front and resumed feeding her with reckless abandon. She gulped the tantalizing mix as best she could, though she was having trouble catching her breath. The men were now standing on either side of her, their cocks bobbing within her peripheral vision.

It was at this moment, with a mouthful of risotto, that she turned her head to address Alan's dick directly. She stopped chewing and opened her mouth, food running to her chin. Alan reeled a bit and moved his swollen cock within reach of her mouth. Experimentally, he spooned warm risotto over the top side of his hardon, and she moved forward to meet it. He eased into her mouth, filling it hugely.

The mouthful she already had was displaced around his cock, and he groaned as he pushed it into her mouth. The food enveloped his dick and gushed out around it past her lips, some even landing on his swollen balls. She greedily gulped the mess as best she could, her tongue swirling around his meat in an effort to consume all of the delicious meal.

When she had recovered every morsel, Alan groaned "Dude, you gotta try the risotto!". She obligingly turns her head the other way, eye to eye with his formidable cock. Taylor simply scooped from the serving dish and shoved it into her mouth, making a mess of her face. Without preamble, his cock slid into her mouth, and in, and in. When she learned how to move the food around his cock without swallowing it, she toyed with him. His eyes rolled back into his head and he swayed on his feet.

And here she is, dimly aware that she should be in fear of her life, and all she can think about is getting their cocks deep into her hungry snatch.

Alan is now pumping vigorously at his dick, the skin of which is being dragged back and forth by the stickiness of the food and his own pre-cum. He is watching her lips sliding over the cock of his friend. He slows for a moment and unbinds her from the chair. She's still as helpless as before, though, and together they hoist her up onto the massive table. The remaining ropes prevent them from removing the rest of her dress but her soaked panties are removed immediately, exposing her excitement to both of them.

She is now on her back on the table, the trays having been moved to the side. They begin to spoon out the ni__oise on her breasts, her midriff, her thighs, and finally her pussy. They dive in, avidly slurping up every last smear. When Taylor settles in between her thighs, Alan spoons a light sauce onto and between the breasts of the squirming girl, then up her throat and into her mouth.

The sauce is divine and she gulps at it greedily as Taylor slides two fingers into her sopping snatch, clamping at her clit with his teeth. Alan straddles her middle and lays his cock in the sauce pooling between her tits. He pulls them together over his member and begins sliding it back and forth, jabbing her throat gently with each stroke. Taylor is tracing out a figure eight over her g-spot, which has firmed and moved to the very entrance to her womb. As he pulls her clit and the glistening lips of her pussy into his mouth, swirling his tongue around her most sensitive parts, she finally gasps "Cock! I need your cocks, both of them, NOW!"

Alan climbs off the table and moves to the end above her head.

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