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Cousins continue their affair.

She reached down and pulled at his tiny cock trying to get him hard.

"This it? This all you have for Mommy's calves?" she said bitterly. "Loser."

She wore khaki shorts that exposed her middle-aged legs; for 51, Laura was built, hard and lean, leggy and lovely. And she loved using those legs at times like this. She squeezed hard and looked at her feet, grimy and dirty from walking around the house barefoot. She smiled and let go of his tiny prick.

"OK, no more ballbusting...for now!" she said, rolling her calves off his 'nads and twisting around to face him. "Time to clean Mommy's dirty feet!"

She rammed the hard soles into his face and he screamed.

"Mom, balls are killing me...don't do this...please, your feet fucking reek!" the boy yelped.

"Don't you DARE swear at me, boy!" Laura bellowed.

She pummeled his face with her feet,slapping him senseless before prying his mouth open with one foot and inserting her grimy toes of the other inside. He had no choice; as tears ran down his face and his hands cupped the muscular calf of that leg, her son bathed his mother's sweaty, dirty toes with his tongue,swabbing them clean.

"Suck 'em like cocks, you little fucking homo," she growled, glaring down at him now, curling her toes to ram them deep into his crying face. "I think you like sucking cock anyway, dontcha, ya little faggot son of mine!"

The boy moaned and too to sucking each one of his mom's toes like little pricks, his tongue scouring the bitter grime between them. Laura groaned and switched feet, and when that was clean, rubbed her dirty soles all over his nose and face, making him lick those clean as well.

"Should be ripe as hell after being in shoes and socks down at work all day, plus walking around here barefoot," she laughed. "You do a good job, you just might go to bed tonight with your balls intact."

But she knew better. When she was satisfied with the cleaning, she stood up and leaned her son against the kitchen counter, pressing a hard thigh into his crotch, cooing at him.

"Feel nice, Mommy's thigh on your cock and balls, huh?" she growled, pumping it until she felt him get hard despite the tears streaming down his face. "You like Mommy's big, nasty thigh on your cock?"

"No, Mommy, it's sick, sick, sick!" the teenager screamed in his mother's face angrily.

"Then I guess you won't like this, either!"

Laura hauled back and rammed her thigh as hard into his nuts as she could, the boy screaming in agony and collapsing on her shoulder as she stood close to him, jamming that thigh up his nuts again and again, trying to ram them back inside his body. She held him up in her arms now and pulled back that leg to smash into his groin again, the plank-hard thigh squashing his nuts flat. She did it two, three, four times until he was nearly out and on the last time, used the point of her bony knee to really barrel that lean leg into his nuts, feeling the mush of them mold around her punishing knee. She finally stopped, and he rolled to the floor, screaming in pain, his hands over his groin. Laura walked around him, taking shots with her feet where she saw an opening, slapping his hands away and pounding his punished balls with her soles and toes.

"Fucking loser..." she growled, kicking him, walking around and kicking him some more. "You're losing those nuts tonight, son of mine!"

"No, Mommy, please!" he screamed in high-pitched tone. "Not again!"

"They'll come back, they always do, and they better," she hissed, pulling him up to sit on a kitchen stool after pulling his pants and shorts off. "Sometimes I think I should cut the fucking things off, but I'd rather do THIS!"

The boy sat in the kitchen stool, unable to fight as wrapped him in a reverse headlock, his mouth at her sweaty armpit, and swept one leg up, slamming that foot down onto his balls which rested against the stool seat. She ground down cruelly and brutally hard, her teeth clenched in concentration as the boy's screams vibrated into her armpit.


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