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Mel wanted to do it her way.

I started getting curious as to where they were going considering they were heading away from town and places to eat. I watched as they turned down a dirt road towards the boat launch. The boat launch is a about a mile in and quite secluded. My curiosity got the best of me and I turned down the dirt road after them driving slow enough to ensure they were far enough in front not to be able to see me.

Jill is a super dresser and the hottest one in the office. She is about 5'7" tall and 110 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, very small perky tits, and a super hot ass and legs. Kim is about the same height but she is a brunette, with a pretty big ass, brown eyes, and 44 DD tits. I figured they were down there smoking a joint or talking and I would just pull up and make like I was checking out the river and maybe get high for free. After about 10 minutes of playing with my car stereo I drove down there at about 40 miles an hour. Jill's car was parked under a tree off to the end of the parking area for boat trailers. I did not see anyone in the car as I pulled up so I pulled up next to the car. Jill's head popped up out of the backseat of the car and she had no shirt on.

I was thinking holy shit they are going down on each other! I jumped put of my car and walked over to where I could see in the window and Kim was naked lying there in front of Jill. Both of their faces were beet red but they made no attempt to get dressed or cover up. I said, "What's up?" Jill pulled her hair back and put it in a ponytail holder and said nonchalantly "we are just enjoying some lunch time fun what is up with you?" I said nothing just came down to check the river for fishing. There was an awkward moment of silence and Kim blurted out, "Phil are you up for some fun?"

Jill opened the door and came at me and moved her mouth towards mine our lips met and I felt her tongue probing my mouth. Our tongues found each other and I was instantly getting hard. I cupped her tight ass like I have been dying to do every since I first saw it. She turned towards the car where Kim was laying on the seat naked fingering herself and said "better get the blanket out hon." Jill and I walked over behind the car where blanket had been laid out and where Kim was now diddling herself with her finger and moaning. Jill dropped to the ground and crawled over between Kim's legs. I got a good look at Kim's box she had a really thick thatch of black pubic hair and really sweet looking pink pussy lips. Jill went down on her like an expert. Quickly licking her hard clit, which drove Kim crazy with pleasure. She was bringing her hips up to meet every tongue stroke while she had her hand buried in Jill's blonde hair forcing her head into her hot pussy.

I was looking at Jill's hot ass while I was rubbing my hard on. Jill turned around she had pussy juice all over her face and said " Phil do you want to fuck me while finish her off?" I got my shoes and pants off and dropped to my knees. Jill was already wet from eating all that pussy. I shoved my dick inside her and man was she tight. She worked out and was very firm. As I was fucking her she began to contract her pussy muscles and milk my cock I was in ecstasy thinking man this chick is awesome eating pussy and still able to milk my prick. I was not sure how long I pumped her for but not too long when I blew a tremendous load up inside of her. Once I pulled out and laid back on the blanket Jill spread her legs grabbed Kim by her head and said eat it bitch! I was like you got to be kidding me! Kim went down and licked my cum out of Jill's hot pussy. She really went down on her and brought her to orgasm many times.

I was getting hard again and Kim said to me we want to blow you.

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