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Crossing the line.

I remember wishing I could stroke it and cum. There was pre cum oozing from the tip. I wanted to dip my finger in my clear cum and taste it. Everything seemed like it was moving in slow motion and then speeding past me.

Once I was wet and ready to be shaved, mom applied the shaving cream, massaging it all around the base of my cock. I gritted my teeth and tried to think how not to cum. My cock was twitching and pulsing. Mom was on her knees and looked up at me,

"Are you having a hard time with what I'm doing? I know how exciting this must be for you, feeling mommy's fingers touching you, are you enjoying it?"

I nodded. When I was completely smooth, cock and balls, she rinsed me off with the shower hose.

"You're so hard G, I wish your father was still like that, you need to dry off and meet me in my room with your girdle and stockings"

She had me sit on the edge of the bed as she began cutting my toe nails and filing them smooth.

"I'm not gonna make them look like a girls toe, but just smooth and short so you don't ruin your new nylons."

I was able to lay back and relax. My cock finally relaxed too, resting half swollen against my thigh. When she was done she opened a bottle of lotion and began squirting the cool lotion on my legs, and my lover belly where she shaved me. It felt amazing. The higher her hands massaged, the harder my cock was becoming. Soon it was as hard as before and once again oozing from the tip. Still on her knees, she looked at me and said,

"G, you absolutely can not tell your father about this, right?" I nodded and said, "Of course mom."

"Your legs are still a bit tacky from the lotion, and your penis is wet, Oooooooh, I wish your father was still that viral."

I watched as mom stared at my hard cock, nibbling on her bottom lip. Mom reached out once again and rubbed my thighs to work in the lotion.

"Your stockings will stick to your legs and it will be harder to get them on," she said.

With every back and forth movement of her hands, my cock twitched, and swayed, my pre cum was running down the shaft and the head was shiny. Mom was struggling. Her hands laid motionless on my upper thighs as she stared dreamy eyed at my cock.

"Lets dry that off," mom said, as she reached for a tissue and began dabbing and wiping the wetness from my cock.

My cock was throbbing and pulsing. I tried so hard not to cum but I was so close.

"Mom, PLEASE, Please let me cum, PLEASE!"

I was begging, I felt so vulnerable, it felt so good to be vulnerable, in her hands. Mom grabbed my cock and squeezed the shaft.

"Does G want mommy to stroke his cock and make him cum? Are you a naughty girl with a hard clitty that needs release?"

I was trembling trying told back. Mom asked again.

"Are you a naughty girl with a hard clitty that needs release...tell me or I'll stop."

"Yes I'm a naughty girl with a hard clitty that needs to cum Mommy, Please Mommy, Please!" I whimpered.

With that mom began stoking, milking my cock. Spurt after spurt of my hot cum flew everywhere. Mom's hands were cover in my arousal. She was still on her knees as she stared at my dripping cock. I watched her as if in slow motion as she lowered her head and licked a drop of cum from my thigh, then from her hand, before she rose, she kissed me on the lips and left the room.

I was exhausted. I quickly fell asleep in mom's bed, but tossed and turned dreaming naughty thoughts. It felt warm and cozy after I squirmed under the covers. Her scent surrounded me and I wondered if she had masturbated in bed that morning. I was feeling aroused again, and reached down to fondle my cock.

I remembered the last thing I heard before I fell asleep was the shower, and wondered if she tried to wash off what she did, or what I sprayed on her.

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