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After Vegas, Lee drops Carol off and calls Lora.

I could smell her perfume and it was arousing me even more. She unbuttoned my blouse and kissed my stomach with small butterfly kisses. I felt her hands on my thighs and looked down. She was caressing my inner thighs and the long thicket at he juncture of my thighs her fingers gently opening my legs.

She knelt in front of me. She kept her eyes on mine as her hands slid my skirt up. Looking down, she smiled as she saw that I had no panties on, having left the cotton panties upstairs. I looked up at boss did he want to see more or did he want to get sucked. He motioned to me to carry on.

She leaned over and I felt her tongue on my really sensitive pussy. Her tongue was smooth against my lips, parting me gently. I opened my legs wider and watched as her tongue flicked across my clit. Her tongue was diving in and out of my pussy now. Using a finger, she teased my clit as she sucked. I moaned again. She knew just what I liked! Her finger started to fuck me faster and her mouth closed around my clit and sucked harder. I moaned and bucked, her mouth sucking down every last drop.

Suddenly I caught the boss's eyes he wanted Sheeba to come towards him. He was still sitting and then he dropped his pants and underwear down to his ankles and stepped out of them. Arching gracefully away from his crotch was the largest piece of man meat I had ever seen and even after all these years seeing it was really arousing. It was semi-erect and it already looked to be almost ten inches long. Sheeba's tiny hands grasped the base as she fit her gorgeous lips around the head and started to blow his pipe. He groaned as she started to suck more and more life into his massive member. She worked the knob with her mouth as she jacked the base with her hands, and it just kept on growing and growing in her mouth. After a few minutes she had him fully erect, and it must have been twelve inches of meat jutting out from his crotch. Her head was bobbing up and down on just the upper half of his stalk, it was so damned big. She finally popped her mouth off of him and stood up and stripped for her him.

Her underarms were a revelation. Even the boss's eyes popped as she first stood before him. Her shoulders were uncovered and her arms pressed to her sides but even from that angle the crop of hair in her luxuriant armpits were impressive. I was sure all 12 inches of his monster prick would have got hidden under her arms. She slowly raised her arms as hair kept spilling out of her furry armpits. It was really seductive as more and more jet-black hair sprang out from her underarm forest. The boss eyes were strained as he gazed at the gleaming hair in her buttery armpits.

I fingered his balls as she bent down and licked his rod and she began to stroke his tool. She held it in her hand and then she ran her tongue along the length, long slow licks. She sucked on a ball as her fingers stroked the tool, then she ran her lips over the shaft, kissing the tip. She sucked on the very end, and ran her tongue over it. The head glistened with wetness, then it slid slowly into her mouth, she moved down the shaft until it filled her mouth, her hand stroking the remaining cock. I watched intently as her head bobbed up and down. The boss was moaning loudly, his hips moving with Sheeba, his hands in her hair, and then he thrust forward, pulling her to him, driving his cock down her throat. Boss was pulling back and ramming his cock in and out of Sheeba deep down her throat then out and in. I looked at Sheeba's mouth going down on one of the biggest cocks she'd ever seen as she sucked him down to her throat.

I was starting to feel my own juices starting to flow, knelt down beside her.