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Can anyone forgive anyone?

His parents were proud of their up-and-coming youngest son, but his brother was disappointed, hoping he would do something to make the world better, not make money just to make money. Bob had kept the lighter, determined to own the joke.

He gave a cigarette to his gorgeous companion, who had cat's eye glasses and curly auburn hair, a look he was partial to, and tried to light it for her. The wind blew it out instantly. He cupped his hand to try to keep the flame alive, but it was no use. The wind had really picked up.

The woman pulled close and he breathed in her heady scent. His cock got hard quickly. Then she touched the end of her cigarette to his and breathed in, lighting hers up.

After that she didn't pull away. She looked at him with amber eyes that seemed to glow, drawing him in. His mouth went slack and his cigarette fell. As she moved her cigarette aside he leaned in and kissed her.

Banker Man crumpled to the ground, a look of bliss on his dead face. Demie finished her smoke and then disposed of the evidence, though she kept the Zippo.



I woke up to a nasty stench, making my nose wrinkle as I sat up. What was that? It seemed to be coming from the living room.

'Oh shit,' I thought, 'Demie didn't kill someone here again, did she?' I threw my robe on and dashed into the living room. No body, but the stench was terrible and there was...something...sitting on my couch.

Feathers covered the...woman? Her arms seemed to also be wings, and those ended in nasty looking talons, as did her feet. I could see boobs protruding out between her chest feathers, but the stench kept me from admiring those. Her face was harsh, leathery. "She looks like a hundred miles of bad road," my grandpa would have said.

Her head snapped around to look at me, and I paused, noticing hawk-like eyes and feral teeth. "Umm...can I help you?" I said uncertainly.

The creature rose up onto her feet and approached me with a lumbering gait. I could practically see the stink lines radiating from her, and did my best to hold still and breathe through my mouth.

She stopped a footfall away, sniffed me, and then spoke, seemingly with great difficulty, her voice a cross between a large bird and a piano being smashed to pieces: "DEE...MEE?"

"Uhh...she's not here. could come back later?"

The creature jumped and flopped back onto the couch. Crossing her wing arms, she looked defiantly back at me.

"Okay..." I said, "You just wait here, I guess." I headed back into the bedroom and changed.

She was still there when I came back out. That smell!

'Well, maybe she'll smoke up with me and mellow out,' I thought. I went to my stash...

...and found that Demie had used it all up! Fuck!

I called in sick to work. I didn't know what would happen if I left this creature here alone, and I needed to get some more chronic before Demie got back. I texted Monday and waited.

"sure com on over," was the reply.

"Okay," I said to the...whatever it was, "Can you change shape like Demie? You have to come with me to get something she wants, and you can't go outside like that."

The creature raised one wing arm and revealed a bracelet. She touched it and suddenly she was a severely slim woman in jeans, army boots, and a tight tank top. The leathery face remained but now she had unkempt mousy brown hair instead of feathers.

The smell remained, though. "Can you please shower before we go? I'm sorry, but humans don't smell like that."

The creature got up from the couch and breezed by me, heading into my bedroom. I heard her mutter, "Hmph" as she went. Then I heard the water running in my bathroom. I let my breath out in relief.

I wrote Demie a note: 'Dear Demie...'

Dear? Why did I write that? She wasn't dear to me...

...or was she? We'd had sex quite a few times over the last few weeks, and even with casual relationships feelings can start up, but she was a murderous demon!

Shaking my head, I continued: 'I'm taking your bird lady friend to

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