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I pulled out a banana Popsicle, long and slim and oh so wonderfully phallic.

Stepping out of the way with a satisfied smile on my face, I watched as my uncle opened the refrigerator door and pulled out a beer. I peeled off the wrapper of my frozen treat, gave it one big lick from base to tip, staring right into my uncle's eyes, then ferociously bit an inch off the top.

"Nighty-night, uncle."

I turned on my heel and left the kitchen. I was not too convinced my uncle wouldn't cry himself to sleep that night, in utter frustration.

The next morning I got up fairly early for me, the infamous sleeper, and took a shower straight away. Stepping out of the bathroom, clad only in an impossibly small towel and drippy long hair, I ran into my uncle who was coming out of his room with some travel size toiletries in hand. He smiled nervously, and I gave him a sultry look. The steam escaping the bathroom door around me could not have better suited what I was convinced was a very erotic image.

"Good morning, uncle. Bathroom's all yours. I even warmed it up for you."

I swear I could detect a rosy blush on his cheeks before I turned away and headed for my bedroom.

At breakfast my uncle began telling my father of his business plans for the weekend. He had a few meetings early the next morning in Santa Barbara, and a business dinner that night. He would be staying in a hotel there for tonight and the next night, driving back to our house the morning after the dinner, and leaving on a plane back to New York the next day. I was greatly disappointed on hearing he'd be gone for two days. I'd assumed he'd be at our house the whole week, with a few meetings in LA and plenty of time left around the house, where I could continue my torturous teasing.

"Santa Barbara, eh?" My father was thinking. You could practically smell the wood burning. "Pity you'd have to go by yourself. Why don't you take her with you?" My father gestured towards me. My heart leaped.

"Uh, well I don't think it would be much fun, and the company's already made hotel reservations for one room." My uncle was politely trying to say no way in hell. Alas, my father was determined to have two nights alone in his house for the first time in months.

"Oh that's no big deal, I'm sure she'd find plenty to do in Santa Barbara, and she can just get one of those roll away dealies. You really shouldn't have to go by yourself, it's no fun traveling alone, and it's a few hours drive from here. Yes, that would be very nice for all of us. I mean, both of you."

I think it was pretty obvious to my uncle that my father would not take no for an answer, not without feeling offended. My uncle agreed, and told me we'd be leaving that evening after dinner. I went upstairs and packed, slipping in two books to read on the way: Anais Nin's Erotica and Nabokov's Lolita.

As we hit the road, I made myself comfortable, my right foot propped up on the dash, revealing a creamy expanse of inner thigh. I pretended I didn't see the frequent glances my uncle gave my exposed flesh, trying to hide my giddy smile. I pulled out Lolita first, leaning the car seat back a bit, stretching out the leg on the dash, and pretending to smooth down my skirt. The window was open and a salty breeze would blow in from time to time, lifting the edges of my flirty miniskirt and giving my uncle a peepshow of my white panty lined crotch. My heart was skipping in my chest. My entire body was aflutter, excited about my naughtiness, anticipating the night ahead. In truth, I didn't really expect to have sex with my uncle on this trip. I merely wished to either know he still lusted after me, or torture him viciously as he tried to deny it. I figured the torture should come first, then perhaps later he could have a chance to redeem himself.

Once we were about three quarters of the way there, I tucked Lolita

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