A charming first time. High Quality Sex Pics

The cast of Spring Break goes on vacation again.

The same look of desire I thought I saw the other night was in his eyes again and his breathing matched my own. I bit my lip and leaned toward him waiting for him to close the distance and kiss me.

He bent down and brushed his lips against mine giving me a chaste kiss. He pulled away slightly and searching my eyes to gauge my reaction. The seconds that passed after that first kiss felt like an eternity. I reached up and clenched his shirt in my fists as I pulled him down for another kiss.

There was nothing chaste about this kiss, I put all of the pent up desire and want into my lips as I pulled him closer to my body. He dropped his hips slightly as he pressed his body into mine--his tongue probed my lips and I deepened this kiss desperate for his touch. His hands grabbed at my ass, my hips, and finally my breasts as he caressed me through the fabric of my shirt.

I was moaning into his mouth as his touch drove me wild. I needed more of him and could feel his growing erection pressing into me. I released his shirt and sent my hands lower to feel his bulge through his pants. He let out a groan as I struggled to undo his belt.

Once I had his belt undone and was moving to unbutton his pants, we heard a noise in the office. Both our heads snapped up and we quickly moved away from each other waiting anxiously for another sound or movement. Lucas fastened his belt and smoothed his shirt while I readjusted myself.

When no other sounds came, he finally turned to face me.

"That can never happen again. I'm so sorry. I should know better. I don't know what I was thinking. You must be half my age, not to mention the fact you're an intern."

"Please, don't. I'm not that much younger than you and I wanted that as much if not more than you. I don't see the big deal, we're both adults and it's not like anyone saw us. I'm sure we just heard the building settle or a paper fall or something."

"It doesn't matter. This is wrong. There are boundaries and rules for a reason. I've been trying to keep you at a distance since I heard you got one of the intern spots. All this proved is that I should have been trying harder and protested when you were assigned to the team."

"You don't need to avoid me. My internship will be done in a couple of weeks and then you'll never have to hear from me again."

"Allie, wait-"

I didn't stop to hear what he would say as I left the building in a hurry. I called one of the team members with some lame excuse why I wasn't coming and went home to figure how in the hell I would stay away from Lucas.

The rest of my internship was pretty uneventful, and I did everything in my power to avoid Lucas--I was the last one to enter meetings and the first to leave, I took all the assignments that sent me offsite, and went out with the team anytime I was invited. Lucas didn't seem to care when I would flirt with other guys on the team or if I would respond to his questions with one word answers. I was trying to act like I didn't think of him for the entire day or that I replayed our make out session over and over as I touched myself and it seemed to be working.

On the last day of my internship, the office threw a little party and all of the partners, including Lucas, came down to thank us for working so hard over the summer.

I was talking to one of the senior partners who was incredibly boring but very sweet. He was complementing me on my application and was saying he was glad I lived up to the high expectations. I could see Lucas moving toward me from the corner of my eye and tried my best to ignore the butterflies in my stomach and stay focused on my conversation. He reached us and said he needed to ask me some questions before I left.

"I thought you could use some rescuing. Bert can be a little dull."

"Thanks, but I was actually enjoying his company. If you'll excuse me."

Lucas grabbed my arm as I was turning away and pulled me back towards him.

"Allie, I've hated how awkward things have been over the past couple of weeks