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The sequel to 'The Boss Would Like to See You'.

I'd known I was gay my whole life but I figured it would feel good even from a girl. And it sort of did. We made out for a long time, which I liked doing with her. I put my hand on her boob, which was okay or whatever. Then she got on her knees and took my dick out. I could almost have cum just from the idea that someone else was touching my cock. Only I never even got close to cumming, almost lost my hard-on a few times. It was so embarrassing that when she choked and almost threw up I finished myself off with my hand. We broke up a week later and I had discovered that I was really, really gay.

The third thing, the circumstance that would eventually lead to me and my father having sex, was my dad got transferred. He'd been a detective in the Homicide department of the city police but he was moved to Vice. At the time I didn't know what that meant. What I saw was that the buzz cut he'd had my whole life was gone. He grew his hair long. He stopped shaving, going days without and sometimes growing a full beard. The suits he always wore were out and he dressed almost entirely in jeans and t-shirts that were just tight enough to show off his chest and arms.

It was like he changed from Clark Kent, only not into Superman but into this bad-ass biker type. Before then I'd never really noticed my dad. He was just my dad, I loved him, but just like everyone else's. The change was startling, especially since I wasn't seeing him every day. His black hair reached his ears on top, longer on the sides. He must have started working out or something, too, because I'd never noticed how built he was. Or maybe it was hidden all that time under suits. I don't know for sure. All of a sudden I couldn't stop noticing him.

When he had the apartment it was even harder for me not to watch him. It was a small two bedroom and I saw a lot of him without a shirt. It could've been just me getting older but I couldn't get his thick, hairy chest out of my head. All that dark fur covering the most perfect muscles. And big arms like I knew I wouldn't be able to get both of my hands around them. He was thirty-nine at the time and he was the best looking guy I'd ever seen in real life. He became the star of most of my jack-off fantasies. Now, at forty-one, he was even sexier.

"Hey, Brian!" Von yelled out. I hadn't seen him in a while, not since Christmas. He came over and slapped my back before sitting down next to me. "I heard about Colorado. Damn, kid, that's some good work." He was talking about my football scholarship to CSU.

"Yeah, thanks," I shrugged it off. I had mixed feelings about that and didn't want to talk about it.

We ate, talking and laughing together. Lisa and Von were more like my brother and sister than cousins and it was good to hang out with them. Eventually Von had to go to work. Lisa and I braved the pool one more time then Dad said it was time to go. We stayed long enough to have some of Aunt Paulette's desert then I went inside and changed, this time without getting molested. I left the wadded up t-shirt that was stiff with my cum in the bag and went shirtless.

We went back to Dad's house. I showered and changed into a pair of loose basketball shorts. Then Dad had a turn and changed into a tight, threadbare t-shirt and sweats. We settled onto the couch to watch a movie and took a nap. We had a late dinner, Dad made spaghetti. And the whole afternoon and evening he was checking me out. Of course I was doing the same thing. The tension kept ratcheting up between us.

Around ten Dad suggested we go to bed. I was right behind him on the way to his room. I'd stopped using mine since the first time we got together. It was crazy how much I loved having sex with him and how it kept getting better. I pushed off my shorts and jumped on the bed, already hard, and watched him undress. He climbed on with his big cock jutting out of his groin.

He got between my legs and fell atop me.