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Dad gets to know more girls at party.

Fran felt he was walking near her and she felt his hand grabbing hers and leading her to the covered car.

"This would be the main event." he started, giving her hand a light squeeze. "I know it's not the most normal surprise, but let me reveal first what it is. Go on, remove the cloth," he encouraged her.

"You're serious, right?" she replied.

"Yes, I am," he chuckled, "now look what's under there already."

Stepping forward, she grabbed a corner and slowly pulled off the green cloth.

"Oh my ..." she gasped, the rest of the words stuck in her throat, "Oh my ..." she repeated.

Nick just stood there, taking in her startled expression.

"Is that what I think it is?" she finally managed to say, facing Nick again.

"If you think it's a Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500, then yes, you're thinking right then. One from 1969," he replied.

"It does seem battered up though. What are you planning on doing with it?"

"Well therein lies the surprise, just hear me out a minute, ok?" he said.

"Sure, I'm all ears," she answered.

"Without being too forward, I have a feeling we like each other?" he started questioningly.

"Agreeing so far."

"Hearing about your dad last night got me thinking." he said, coming closer again and embracing her.

He looked her straight in the eyes when he finally asked, "Would you give me the privilege to help restore this beauty to her former glory?"

She just stood there in his arms, not sure if she heard him correctly. Did he really ask her if she wanted to work on that car?

"I know I'm being a bit forward here, but I'd really love it if this was something we could do together, I'll just fiddle a bit and I'll let you do the serious work. But I believe this would be a nice thing to do to get to know one another a bit better."

"I don't know what to say, Nick. It's been since the accident," she said, her eyes getting a bit watery thinking back on those times. Could she let all of that lost passion back in? All the past events went by her again, the hurt and heartaches of the accident, the disappointment of her father having to give up his business, eventually the longing to work on a car. She knew now her dad had moved on, she finally realized that last night, thanks to Nick.

Hugging her closer, he gently brushed his lips over her temple.

"Take it as an opportunity to show yourself you can move on from all of it, you've already proven you never lost your love for nice cars, why not let it all back in?" he questioned her, "I wouldn't know anyone better qualified to help me with this."

He didn't really want to push her, but he was confident she could see his reasoning. He felt her relax a little again, after she completely tensed up right after he asked her to work with him.

"I really don't know, Nick. It's been so long," she slowly replied. Letting her head rest on his broad chest, she inhaled deeply a few times hoping to clear her head. It didn't help much that all she inhaled was his masculine smell, he smelled like the forest just after a rainy day.

She was starting to doubt herself again, should she do this or not? In her opinion trust wasn't the issue, he already showed he could restrain himself and that he wouldn't do anything she didn't want to or didn't agree with. He genuinely seemed to like her. Frankly he was as perfect as one could get for being Mister Right in her eyes.

He stood there patiently awaiting her answer, unaware to himself he had started caressing her back, his nose buried snugly in her hair, taking in her scent once more. It was like an aphrodisiac to him and his wolf.

She stirred in his arms, looking up at him with teary eyes. Cupping his face she pulled him down and planted a firm but chaste kiss on his lips.

"I don't know what I did to deserve you, I'm even more amazed you would trust me enough to let me work on one of your cars. I mean, we only met yesterday," she said.

"Yet it feels we know each other longer then just one day," he replied to her swiftly. "So what's it gonna be, to fiddle or not to fiddle?"

"You're inconceivable, you know that? You don't fid