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Chapter 125: My Internship Has a "Final Exam"

It was this sort of item that made me respect the AKE team most. They had analyzed Master and Mistress needs and wants and matched them with lessons for the slaves. Mr Kustensky's reputation for producing "high end" slaves was well-deserved. I suspected his Accounting Department would also show positive results from his facilities as a consequence. As I prepared to return to Albert's School, I made sure to cement friendships with many of the team, and they were even prepared to offer a "scholarship" to help with the training of an occasional slave that did not "work out" at Martin's Enterprises. It was an altogether professional operation, not just a "bind, beat, and bonk" game like so many trying to pass themselves off as a real "House of Slavery."

There were few auctions at the facility. For the most part, AKE had a large family of buyers and potential buyers, developed by careful advertising by word of mouth. Today's social media would enable this much quicker, but with less selectivity.

AKE had an extensive and sophisticated accounting system for the slavery facility. They knew exactly what their "investment" was in each slave. Mostly, they marketed each trained slave among the most likely buyers. Depending on general economic conditions, negotiations over a sale would go rapidly or slowly, but AKE always cleared a profit.

The evening before my departure, Chef prepared a bit of a banquet for the staff and there were a few speeches from the senior trainers, accompanied by an almost endless flow of toasts. In the Corps, I had learned how to "manage my alcohol intake" to prevent any embarrassing outcomes, and I enjoyed the evening thoroughly. Then, one of the staff charged with monitoring the slaves mentioned that they'd picked up some chatter from the slaves about me. Of course, everyone knows how fast and efficient a slave grapevine can be, so this was not surprising.

"Among the remarks," the staffer continued, "there were comments about what some slaves would like to do to you, if they got a chance. So, we've set up their chance. As we speak, a pair of the most vocal and opinionated slaves is being installed in your suite. You are going to have to deal with them until someone comes for them in the morning. As I believe they say in your United States, Enjoy!"

She left it at that: a pair of slaves, with who knew what plans, and I was stuck with them until breakfast.

Well, I knew there was surveillance in my suite, as there was everywhere a slave might be found. So, I knew that the cavalry would be available for anything untoward. Thus comforted, I made a short speech of thanks and gratitude for everyone's help and instruction and, promising a full report on the battle ahead, retired to my suite.

It was completely dark when I opened the door. I paused before entering to avoid any rapid attack, and then turned on all the light switches at the entryway. Light flooded the suite and I saw the two slaves, gowned in sheer material held by a simple waist sash, standing tall against the foot of the bed. The pose was similar to Natasha's, varying only in placement of the legs since there was no slit in either skirt.

Still, slow and rhythmic movements of the arms suggested delights from the breasts beneath the gowns. The slaves and I held our poses for a long moment, and I can still see the scene in my mind's eye. Without a word or sign, it was clear that I was to be subjected to a full syllabus of the erotic arts.

"Ladies," I began, "you seem to have an evening and night of pleasure planned for me. Unless you have some question for me, you may start our adventure."

They both giggled and broke their poses and the most intense night I'd had since joining the Marines began.