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Her aureoles were big and dark red, and her nipple was big too-about the size of my thumb, though not too long. When my mouth latched onto her nipple and I sucked it deep in my mouth, she let out a groan and her body stiffened a s waves of pleasure coursed through her. I wondered if I could make her come without ever touching her pussy.

But I wanted to touch her pussy. I loved the scent of her moist cunt, I loved the tangy taste of her juice, and most of all, I loved making her come while ramming my cock deep into her hungry cunt, looking her in the eyes all the while to let her know how much I wanted her to cum, and to see how much she wanted to give herself to me.

My aunt had taught me that-look a woman I the eye as you eat her or fuck her or suck her, and she'll want to give you everything she's got.

My right hand was now sliding slowly up between her legs, pushing them apart slightly, relishing the feel of silky hose, until I got to the top of her stocking and felt instead the warm naked flesh of her inner thigh. I wished I has more hands more tongues, more cocks to enjoy every single inch of her hot body.

She was reaching up behind her back now, unsnapping her bra to give me better access other incredibly hypersensitive breast. As the second one came free of her light blue satin bra, I switched sides, taking the new nipple deep into my mouth, and sucking hard. Her hand came up and started massaging the boob I had just relinquished.

My right hand moved up a few inches over the warm flesh of her thigh and touched the crotch of her smooth panties. They were literally dripping wet. I slid them aside and ran the flat of my fingers over her swollen pussy lips. She groaned and stiffened again, and I loved the fact that I was giving her so much pleasure.

My aunt had also taught me to make the woman I was with cum first and I would always be completely satisfied so I wanted to get my tongue inside Susan's cunt and make her cum.

Just as I slid my finger into her dripping and inviting cunt, the lights on the stage went on and the guy and girl came out onto centre stage. They began talking, though we couldn't make out the words. Apparently they were practicing their lines. I didn't think they could see us, but I was afraid they might hear us, because I was rotating two fingers in Susan's drenched pussy and she was moaning louder and louder. But she saw what was happening too, so she clamped her mouth shut and let out long and sexually arousing "mmmmm" sounds.

I stopped sucking her engorged nipple and put my face down into the deliciously scented sauna of her cunt, pushing her skirt up and exposing to my sight the loveliness of her silky stockinged legs, the exciting border at the top of her stockings, the smoothness of her thighs, and the sight of her swollen red pussy lips which were begging to be kissed.

I as I drove my darting tongue into her cunt, she let out another stifled moan, leaned back, and wrapped one nyloned leg around my back. One of her hands went to my head and caressed it, pushing it gently deeper into her love hole.

I licked her wet slit from top to bottom, then side--to-side. She was pushing her mound towards my face now, and as I quickly glanced to one side where I could see her red fingernails digging into the carpet.. I tongued my way up to the top of her snatch and burrowed my tongue deep between her puffy cunt lips until I found her clit, which I began to lick as I slid two fingers deep into her pussy, looking for the g-spot and feeling the smooth slickness of the inside of her vagina.

She was pressing harder now, pressing my face into her pussy, tightening her silky leg around my back , and huffing and puffing as she got close to orgasm. I knew just what to do. I stopped licking, raised my face, locked my eyes on hers, and whispered, "Baby , I want you to cum now!", and as I did so, I pumped my finger quickly in and out of her pussy. "Cum baby, cum, come on, give it to me , give me everything."

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