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Maddi has to keep a diary as part of court-ordered therapy

.. you know what I like Samantha."

I sat on the edge of the bed and beckoned her over to me. She crawled over (staying on her knees where she knew I wanted her) and sat with her face inches from my pussy. I smiled. I loved this moment, right before a girl sucks on my ass. Having my ass eaten is my favorite way to start.

I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her face to my asshole. She stuck out her tongue and circled my anus. I moaned my encouragement. She pushed her tongue against my hole, lightly at first, then harder. My ass squeezed her tongue and she buried her face in my ass, pushing her tongue in hard now.

It slipped in, "Oh God, that's it you little whore, move it around, argh, Oh God, yeah, do it..." She pushed her tongue in as deep as it would go, then she swirled it around, "God that feels so good..." She started to kiss my asshole then, a wonderful French kiss for my ass. She sucked on my hole with her mouth while she flicked he tongue around.

She reached up and took one of my vibrators. Removing her month from my ass she slowly pushed it in, when it was buried to the hilt she slowly pulled it out, then back in, out... I shuddered I with pleasure, she knew my first orgasm was coming and she turned on the vibrator. Then she moved her face up to my cunt, which was by now dripping wet. She let her tongue hang out, looking into my eyes. Then she put it to the bottom of my slit and licked straight up to my clit, taking it into her mouth she sucked on it. Pulled it gently with her teeth, "Put it in me bitch, do it now..." I handed her the vibrator and she turn it on. Sam pushed the tip against my clit and spun it around. "Oh God, don't do that... argh, its too much..." She pushed it against my clit harder.

So I slapped her, hard. She fell back on the floor, smiling. She knew I couldn't stand the thing right on my clit, but she also knew how much hotter I get when I'm angry. I took my little love machine back and shoved it right up my cunt. With both vibrators in me now I fell back on the bed and lay back, loving the incredible feeling.

Sam got up and put her mouth back on my cunt, licking me around the vibrator, then back down to my ass, "Oh God yes you fucking whore, ah, God, lick my ass, yes... God it feels so good..." I came hard, Sam sat back and let me twist around on the bed, lost in my own little world... but not for long, this was just how I liked to begin.

I reached down and changed the setting on my little lovers to low. Then I put on my strap on and patted the bed. Sam got up and obediently lay on the bed. I sat on top of her and pushed my rubber cock in her face. She went to work on it like the pro she is. Its wonderful for me to watch a little bitch girl like Sam suck my cock.

She licked from the bottom of the shaft up, took the head in her mouth, sucked on the balls. God that gets me hot. With both vibrators still buzzing inside me I could have watched her for hours, but I had to get to work. In more ways then one.

"That's enough bitch..." I moved back to the foot of the bed. "...turn over." Sam rolled over on her stomach like the good little slut she is and held her ass up for me. Her ass is so beautiful. I reached out and slid my hand down her crack, across her ass and down to her bush, I wanted to lick her so bad, but I couldn't do it because it would be like submitting, and I never be submissive in bed. Not for one minute.

But Sam helped me out. "Lick my ass please boss..." Her acting is great.

I slapped her on the ass hard as I could. "What was that bitch?"

"Please, lick my ass, I want to feel your tongue on my ass."

I slapped her again. "You want me to lick your dirty ass! You whore... I think you need a spanking!"

"No Wendy please..." God! She used my name! Now I was pissed, and as I said that gets me HOT.

I moved up to her side and ran my hand over her ass gently, "You know, maybe I will have a taste..." I ran my finger over her asshole slowly. Then I pulled back my hand and smacked her ass again and again.

"Ah! No, please Wendy!" That bitch.