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Coed makes moves on professor.

I tried to protest, but only managed a strangled gurgle. Mark bent down and murmured,

"Didn't Mummy ever tell you not to speak with your mouth full?"


Mike laughed, spitting at my defenceless backside, hitting the top of the crack. I felt the gob of spittle slowly dribble down.

"'Specially when it is full of prime meat!"

Mike continued and the two young men laughed. I felt Mike's finger roughly rubbing my man hole and entering me, making me jump and projecting myself forward so my face was pushed into Mark's crotch, his pubes scratching my face and making him gasp in delight. I felt his finger working my ass as I gurgled and spluttered and then screamed as he slid his hard dick up into me.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Mike sniggered in my ear as he bent over me a little, the hairs on his stomach tickling my lower back.

I felt his hands on my hips as he hauled me back, impaling myself on him, making it feel like a red hot rod being stuck up my hole. The urge to shit it out was overwhelming and I started writhing in discomfort and pain, sobbing in agony.

"That's it bitch! Nothing like a spit roast!"

Mike grunted as he started thrusting away, slapping my ass and giving a whoop of triumph.

The air was just filled with the creaking of the bed and muffled cries and wet sweaty bodies slapping together. I was pinned between them, my body shunting to and fro as they took their pleasure. Whether out of kindness or just for his pleasure, Mark allowed me the chance to regain my breath from time to time by pulling back and telling me to worship his dick. I took the chance eagerly and rolled my tongue over the head, trying to take as much time to be able to breathe. I swirled my tongue around the head under the rim and along the slit, tasting his pre cum which was leaking badly, making him gasp and groan, grunting that he would make a fine cocksucker out of me, calling me his bitch and whore.

Suddenly after what seemed an eternity there was a knock at the door and almost immediately it opened. I couldn't turn my head, but looked as far as I could in the direction of my escape route. It was Peter! My heart rose in hope. Thank goodness. He didn't know I was still here. But my hopes were only to be cruelly dashed as he just crossed over to the small table in the corner.

"Need a smoke!"

he muttered and picked up a packet of cigarettes before leaving, with a glance in my direction and an evil wink. Mark suddenly pulled me hard into his groin and I felt his cock swell. I gurgled and spluttered again, gagging on him. He pulled back and grasping his cock with his hand started jerking it hard it over my tongue. I heard myself gurgle as the first load spattered against the back of my mouth and Mike laughed, moaning, too. Load after heavy load squirted across my tongue and he callously pulled back so he could send a couple of ropes over my face before sitting back slowly regaining his breath, his big cock hanging slowly deflating, dribbling sperm onto the sheets. I heard another strangled grunt from Mike as he hauled me back and held me hard against him, his cock swelling in me as he suddenly cried out in ecstasy, his cock shuddering in me, unloading the contents of his heavy young balls, blasting his seed deep into me.

I must have collapsed onto the bed because the next thing I knew was the two young men holding their cocks in front of my face telling me to clean up the mess I had caused. My jaw and my ass ached, but I obediently lapped at the semi limp cocks thrust into my face, licking, swabbing and sucking them clean.

Eventually the two youths had enough and stood up, zipping up and looking down at me.

"Fuckin' clean the slime off my fuckin' bed!"

Mark shouted angrily and I lapped at the pools and drops of sperm on the sheets, sucking on them rubbing my tongue over them. Something in me was stirring. I tried to fight it, but somehow I had been turned on by all this. I had been raped! I had been verbally abused and yet ...

I suddenly heard Mike laugh cruelly,