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Allison straightened her hair in front of Lilith's apartment and knocked on the door. Lilith froze at the sound, she begun to say "Oh" Mary anticipating the next word, leaped up with demonic speed, and covered Lilith's mouth with her hand.

She gasped in desperation "Please! Don't say that."

Lilith nodded as Mary let go and bolted into the closet, she was about to close the doors and hide when Lilith waving both her hands at her said, "you don't know my mother, she opens everything!" Mary instead grabbed some jeans jumping into them, as Lilith had an idea.

She grabbed Mary's arm tugging her to the window throwing it open, as the sound of more knocks came from her door.

Mary climbed onto the ledge as the window slammed behind her self-locking. She found it pretty much ended there, she had nothing but a half-foot ledge to stand on. She looked up and down nothing to climb too. She sighed and stood half-naked on the ledge, she thought to herself, Eternal youth, endless perverse pleasures... Where did it mention being stuck on a third story apartment ledge.

Lilith ran to the door, as she heard her mother call out "Lilith it's me your mother." Allison was growing suspicious as motherly instincts kicked in. She wondered, was her daughter with a man? She had no idea her daughter had changed her lifestyle a little since she left home.

She put her ear to the door just as Lilith opened it. "Mum! For me?" Lilith asked in her bubbly innocent persona, kissing her mum on the cheek as she took the cake "You shouldn't have."

Allison smiled as she walked in waving her finger "I'm your mother, of course I'd make you a cake."

Mary was beginning to enjoy the feeling of the cool breeze blowing across her bare chest. Nice sunny day, quiet peaceful... perhaps eternal ledge standing should be added to the sales pitch?.

Bill had sat at his apartment window for ten years, his crippled arthritic legs immobilising him shortly into his retirement, so much for golf he thought. He hated the view from what he now considered his cell, his wife liked it. For ten long years there had not been a single big-breasted women with open curtains for her husband to gawk at.

Bill thought his wife was an evil bitch, he wished he would just die already. He had been tossing his medication out the window for the last five years hoping to speed up the process. But it was taking its damn time considering the lectures his doctor gave him about his blood pressure. Movement on a ledge across the street caught his attention.

He squinted he old eyes, and adjusted his glasses, he could tell it was a woman. His shaky old hand reached beside his chair, his fingers brushed over binoculars', no too small. His fingers grasped the special ones, the BIG ones, too heavy for regular use. He held it too his face, hands shaky after ten long years of waiting.

Mary's demonic senses pricked, the sweet smell of... desire, "that's nice" She said to herself. She scanned for the source as her eyes locked onto an old man at the window across the street. She waved, jiggled her breasts and bounced them up and down, lapping up, feeding on the sexual arousal it caused.

Lilith managed to lean against her bedroom door frame, as her mother begun the search, opening cupboards draws, motherly curiosity and concern driving her to seek clues to what her daughter does not tell her.

Mary was really enjoying the old man's attention, his binoculars' pressed against the glass of his window, his old tongue wetted his lips. Mary's show of breast jiggling had rapidly evolved into a full blown ledge version of a pole dance. Her hips gyrating thrusting them as she played with her hair and bounced her plump bum up and down the window.

Lilith stole a look towards the window and spotted Mary's round ass pressed into it and dragging up and down the panes.