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Playtime and cinnamon buns.

Whatever she had learned before, she put to good use. The body was more realistic than ever. He could see her firm nipples in detail, making his mouth water and his fingers itch. She looked down at them, then back up with an inquisitive look.

"We've shared data on last night with each other. I can synthesize a much more realistic..." and got no farther as he took her in his arms and began to kiss her.

Her arms went around him, and he felt her body shift against him. She was warmer than he remembered, and smoother. Her pants came free as he undid her belt, and slowly slide to the floor. Her own hands, far from idle, were already pulling off his shirt and undoing his own belt. He moaned as her hands grasped his ass, and she rubbed her naked body against him.

He reached for her breasts, taking one in his hand, and squeezed it slowly as he worked his way towards the hard points at the end. Her hand guided him, insistently, as she began to breath faster, groaning softly as he enjoyed her.

Another hand worked its way down her stomach, and he could feel her own hand trailing much the same path along him. She grabbed his cock with a single hand, and began to stroke it as he parted the sweet lips of her pussy.

She started to slide down his body as she continued to pull on his hardening member. Her lips parted, as she delicately licked the tip, and felt his hands come down over the back of her head. She ran a long, low lick from the balls to the tip of his cock, enjoying the shudder she felt through his hands and body.

She opened her mouth, and began to slide him back into it, inch after inch. He could tell she loved it. He was getting longer, and harder, and knew it wouldn't be long before he was going to explode in her mouth. She stopped, and moved away. She stood up, and took his hand.

"Please come with me," she whispered in his ear. "I have something special for you".

She almost giggled at his puzzled and disappointed expression, but he followed her just the same. The others were right, after all, she thought. A human man would follow anywhere she led, if she just went down on him.

She opened a door slightly, and again brought her lips close to his ear.

"Please don't make any noise, but there's another here that wants to have you even more than I. She's already busy, but I think that once you see what's going on, you won't feel left out".

Then with a soft slap on his behind, she pushed him into the next room. Her delighted giggle was muffled by the closing of the door. He turned to see where she had gone, but there was nothing there. He felt a little dissapointed, things were going so well, but maybe she was playing games. Well, games it was, then. What was behind door number one?

He walked forward, hesitantly, into the near-gloom. He could just see two people on the bed, and it was pretty obvious what was going on. There was a woman spread across the bed, clutching someone above her as he pushed in and out of her in that age-old rhythm. He could hear her moaning and gasping beneath him as they went at it.

"Oh gawd, Jer, do it. Do it to me, fill me up with that hard thing" He started a bit, since she obviously didn't see him enter the room. He felt his hardon stiffen slightly as she moaned in pleasure. "I've wanted this so much. I want you, Jer, give it to me!" He could hear her pant with each slap of the body on hers. Her legs were locked around the man's back, pushing him into her with each thrust. Her breath came in gasps as he began to speed up.

Jer? what was going on? He was Jer! who was that? He looked more closely at what was going on on the bed. Behind him, the door silently opened and closed. It was T'ress. He started to speak, but she put her hands to his lips, and shook her head. The 'no' was understood.

She groaned as Jer watched the other making love to her.