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Watching in the mirror, I watched as she lifted the dress up higher, showing us both her sheer black panties. She shifted slightly, opening her legs just a few inches, an incredibly erotic sight. "Well, do you two believe me now?"

For a few seconds neither of us could speak. Without taking my eyes off the mirror, I managed to find the words. "OK, I believe you. But is your underwear a matching set?" Stepping back to stand immediately behind her, I reached up and grasped the zipper on the back of her dress, then slowly pulled it down to the small of her back. Then slowly, I slipped the straps off her shoulders, and watched as it slid to the floor, pooling round her feet. She stepped out of it, kicking it towards you. She shifted slightly, pushing one hip out, "well?"

I leant forward, kissing her gently on the shoulder. "Yes, all black, with small pink bows. A matching set indeed"

Sue gently pushed her panty covered bottom back into me, feeling my hardening cock. She moaned her appreciation. I reached for the clasp on her bra, and as I unclipped it, her hands flew up to hold the cups against her breasts. I kissed her on her shoulder again, then reached round and gently pulled her hands away, taking the bra with them. Sue's hands returned to her breasts, now cupping them, offering them to you, still in your chair. I slid my hands under hers, feeling the softness of her breasts, and the hardness of her erect nipples against my palms. I pulled her hard back against me, grinding my erect cock against her, pinching her nipples. One of her hands slides between us, grasping my hardness through my trousers. "Oh God Adam, I can feel his hard cock!"

You're sitting forward on the edge of your seat, your erection plain to see, watching another man strip your wife, caressing her body in front of you.

Still kissing her neck, and shoulder, I slowly move one hand from her breast, sliding it down over her flat stomach, diverting to trace a finger over her hip, then back, into the waistband of her panties. Sue scrabbles at my belt buckle behind her, tugging my trousers down as I slide my hand down over her mound, and gently into her. "Christ, you're shaved!" I gently bite her earlobe. "and you're wet too...Look at yourself in the mirror." Because the mirror is right next to your chair, she can see exactly what you can. Just wearing stockings and a suspender belt, with heels. Her panties pulled to one side, as I stand behind her, finger fucking her.

She moans loudly as my thumb rubs over her clit. "Adam? Adam, he's got a finger in me. Oh God. He's fingering me...!"

One handed I manage to pull my t shirt off, and kick my jeans away. Sue can feel my naked body against hers, as she grips my aching cock. As you strip off too, she cums, digging the nails of her hand into my thigh. It's a long, shuddering climax, I can feel her cunt contracting against my hand, now wet with her juices. As she recovers, she reaches out to grasp your cock too, before turning round to face me. For the first timee, we kiss. Not like 2 adults who have just met, but like lovers, open mouthed. Her tongue thrusts into my mouth, as she pulls you closer, now wanking both of us.

She breaks off our kiss. "You made me cum, now it's my turn to return the favour..." Glancing at you, she drops to her knees. Still holding my cock, she slowly licks her way along the underside, from my balls to the tip, tasting a drop of precum.

You kneel behind her, and as Sue takes my entire length in her mouth, you pull her now wet panties to one side, and slide your cock into her smooth cunt. She sobs with pleasure as you set a pace, slamming into her, grasping her hips. As you fuck, she matches your thrusts, sucking me deep into her mouth, cupping my full balls in her hand.

All too soon, I can feel my impending orgasm coming.

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