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Father and daughter forced to conceive to stay undercover.

Then her heart plummeted. The window was double glazed, with no means of opening it! There was no catch, no nothing. What was worse was that as she gazed despondently out of the window, she could see that the ground below her fell away as a steep cliff and she could see waves breaking across rough boulders that littered the base. Even if she could have opened the window, it would have been suicide to attempt an escape!

Shoulders slumped, she turned away from the window and was aware that her body was insistently demanding relief. Shuddering slightly against the indignity of it, she once again squatted over the bucket. She was in full flow when suddenly she heard a click and the door to her cell swung open, revealing Mistress S. Unable to stop, she was forced to relieve herself under the impassive gaze of the woman she must now call Mistress, who stood watching from the doorway with arms crossed. When she had finally finished, her Mistress walked into the room and by means of the chain linking her wrists, yanked her upwards.

"Follow me," was all she said.

"Where are you taking me?" Kristy demanded, forgetting that she was in no position to make demands.

Mistress S swung around and slapped her sharply across the face.

"No talking unless I give you leave to do so, and no questions, slave," she said coldly. "Such disobedience will be marked in the punishment book. I suggest you keep your mouth shut from now on. You have already earned a higher degree of punishment than any slave I have known so far!"

At the mention of punishment, Kristy shivered. There had been mention made of this last night but in her fatigued state, she had forgotten. Now she was left dreading what lay in store for her. Meekly she followed Mistress S out of the door. They stopped briefly as her Mistress opened the next door on the right and then Kristy was pushed through. When she saw that it was a beautifully appointed bathroom, her mouth opened to deliver a stinging tirade, but a glance from her Mistress made her shut it quickly and stifle what she was about to say. She allowed herself to be pushed into the walk-in shower.

Mistress S took hold of the chain running between Kristy's wrists and quickly attached it to a hook which descended from the ceiling. Kristy now had to stand on her toes to relieve the pull in her arms. Next, the chain was detached from between her ankles, to be replaced by 2 double sided clips, one on each cuff. Mistress S attached the other ends to rings set into the floor. Kristy was now suspended with her legs forced wide apart.

As she turned away, Kristy once more forgot herself.

"What the hell are you doing to me?" she demanded.

Swiftly Mistress S turned back, and slapped her hard across the face. Tears started in Kristy's eyes, blurring her vision, so she did not see her mistress turn away and pick up a hose that had lain out of sight. She gasped as a jet of cold water hit her body, her nipples immediately hardening in the chill. She tried to twist away but suspended as she was, there was little she could do to avoid the water.

Impassively, Mistress S played the water over Kristy's body, adjusting the pressure as she directed it against her breasts, causing Kristy to feel as if she were being stung by thousands of tiny needles. Mistress S moved closer and this time directed the water upwards into her pussy. The pressure of the water forced her lips open and up inside her. Finally, her mistress walked around behind her and directed the stream of water across her back and down her legs before turning off the flow and storing the hose out of the way.

She released Kristy's ankles from the floor rings and told her to turn around.

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