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If only you could imagine this...

Eliza strolled up to me shaking her hips and smiling slightly. I eyed her and remembered a few of my fantasies. I smiled to myself and turned back toward Nick who was nearly on the other side of the courtyard.

I turned back to Eliza as she came up to me. "Should I be afraid?" I asked.

She shook her head. "No, not until I get my hands on you." She smiled slightly. She stepped closer and pressed herself against me, before I knew what was happening she had her lips pressed against mine and I felt her tongue push its way into my mouth. Man she tasted good.

I shook her away. "Hey! Stop what's wrong with you?"

Eliza shrugged. "You don't like girls?"

"What? I have a girlfriend, who the hell do you think you are?" I spat. Sometime my moral compass gets in the way of things. I really need to learn to lighten up, it's only a show after all. Plus I was getting kissed a lot, perks of the job and such.

"Oh right, I forgot about her. Sarah, what a joke. When are you going to ditch that sleaze and take a real woman?" Eliza asked.

"There's nothing wrong with Sarah, she's very attractive and she's nuts about me." I think.

Eliza ran a hand up her body and twirled her finger over her breast lightly. "Yeah, but does she want your nuts?" She asked. "Come on Jake give in. I'm going to get you eventually, besides," She turned away and bent over slightly. She looked back at me and ran a hand over her ass. "Wouldn't you like to stick it in here? Slide your hard thick cock inside me, and fuck me." She said softly.

I closed my eyes and tried to think of something to say. But I could only imagine fucking Eliza. I could picture her moaning and writhing on my cock. It wasn't going to happen even if I agreed to her proposal so I looked at her.

"Go away, Eliza." I turned and headed for where my class was getting ready to take roll.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the P.E. instructor was Kate Beckinsale. Did these people read my mind or what? They had all these hot celebrities that I loved working in this thing. And to top it all off, they seemed to be incorporating a lot of sex into the storyline. Again I began to wonder how far they'd take it if I pushed.

I noticed that Kate smiled at me, in a more than hidden meaning as she passed me by saying my name for role. I also noticed her tight ass as she walked by. She gave it a little shake as I looked, although I may have imagined it.

Anyway while we were out playing football, Nick came up too me.

"Hey what did Eliza want?" He asked eagerly.

I shook my head. "I don't really know. She's taunting me, I think she wants me and Sarah to break up."

"Why? She's never had any interest in you. She's was always with the metal heads and Goths." He said.

"I don't know maybe she's jealous that she wants me and she can't have me." I said.

Nick sighed. "I wish I could be you for a day man. Chicks love you, I don't know how you do it. Hey maybe you should teach a class."

I looked at him. "What good would that do? You won't even say hi to a girl man."

"That's not true."

I smiled. "No?"

Suddenly I ran into someone. I was so busy talking to Nick that I didn't see Kate standing there watching the others play football. We fell to the ground and somehow I ended up on top of her. I could feel her body under mine and I froze for a second longer than I had to. Nick was there helping me up and I helped Kate get up.

"I'm so sorry, Ms. Beckinsale. I was busy talking, and I didn't see you." I stammered.

She smiled and dusted herself off. "Don't worry about it." She said. "You know maybe you should play with the rest and not just hanging with your friends."

I nodded. "Right. I'm sorry."

Nick and I darted onto the football field and joined the game.