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He looked ashamed. They ate all the food, and I and cleared the table washed the dishes and poured them some coffee. I mistakenly thought if I was nice to them they would go on their way without hurting me.

Sam went outside and came back with a bottle of whiskey. He passed the bottle around and even the boy drank from it. Then he handed it to me. I nodded a no but Sam scolded me and said, drink when I tell you to."

I brought the bottle to my lips and had my first taste of whisky. It burned as I swallowed it. Sam and David laughed at me as I tried to shake off the taste. They passed around the bottle and we drank it till it was gone. I hated the taste and it made me warm like when the wood stove was burning too hot. I walked past David on the way to try and get me some coffee to wash out the taste of the whisky they had forced on me when he reached out and scooped me around the waist and dragged me down into his lap. Laughing at me,. he stuttered "ssiiiittt heeeeerr baabayyyy."

I tried to wiggle out of his grasp but my effort only caused his smile to turn to a frown and he forced me harder into his lap. He untied my apron and tossed it across the room. He started to kiss me. I was so shocked I tried to turn my face away. He got mad and grabbed my hair and forced his lips against my sore cut lip. He kept kissing me hard and trying to force my mouth open with his. This was strange to me. My husband doesn't kiss like this. He pushed his wet smelly tongue into my mouth. I though I would get sick. It tasted of whisky and chewing tobacco.

I started to feel his maleness bulge under my bottom and I started to cry. I knew where this was going; I was going to be raped in my own home buy three men, at least two. Tears ran down my face as I felt the big man undoing the buttons of my little cotton dress He opened it wide, exposing my bloomers and my corset. Sam got up and walked over to me and started to rub my breast through the corset. Tim got up and left the cabin, leaving me with his two older brothers. The twins then started to grope my chest and pinch my nipples till I squealed in pain.

"Pleeaasse, please don't do this!. I beg you!. I am a married woman, a good Christian woman. Please! No! I cried.

Sam slowly untied my corset and removed it, smiling broadly as he unwrapped my breasts as his prize. David actually slid his hand down into my bloomers and blatantly touched my sex. He stuttered to his brother, "Shheeee iss dryy, Saaaamm, maaayyy neeed some larddd." He laughed. He put his big fingers to my sex in ways I never dreamed of. He stroked my womanhood with his thick finger till, God forgive me, I started to feel a tingle inside myself and I was getting wet down there. I was so ashamed I let my head fall and lie still on his chest. While he assaulted my womanhood and his brother roughly squeezed my swelling breasts.

Sam started to mouth my nipples like a baby nursing on its mother. Never have I thought that men do these things to women. I was shocked to see this big man's head against my chest trying to get milk from my dry breast. Fear, shame and excitement had me paralyzed. He nibbled at my tits with his teeth making me jump. My jumping and wiggling was having an adverse effect on his brother's maleness as his groin swelled. I could feel it stretch beneath me. David had his finger inside me just a tiny bit I was wet and it was starting to feel good. I was still afraid for my life.

Sam suddenly pulled out a knife. I saw the flash of the blade and I screamed. David stopped what he was doing and held me tight while Sam cut off my bloomers and all of my clothes leaving nothing but rags on the floor and me totally and shamefully nude in his brothers lap.

Sam stepped back and admired his handiwork and my naked body. "Not to bad he barked."

I didn't want to look at them; I tried to avert my eyes. Their stares were burning into my soul. Let's take a look and see what we have here."

Then David grabbed my thighs and pried them apart exposing my private areas He dropped to his knee and looked int

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