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She slips into bed with her brother.

She was ready and willing to do anything (and everything) he desired.

Kneeling in front of her he freed the heavy cock from his silk pants and held it just out of reach of her mouth. Gripping the base firmly, Master squeezed and slid his hand upward. Using his free hand to hold her head, resting her cheek on the ottoman, he squeezed out a huge amount of sticky precum which he knew she loved to taste. Instead of feeding it to her, he wiped his drooling cockhead over her cheek and nose painting her face with his essence. As she was straining her open mouth to capture him it was easy for him to glide his full length between her eager lips.

Finally allowed to DO something she greedily bobbed her head as much as his hold would allow and sucked him as deeply as she could.

As he released his hold and allowed her to hungrily devour him, Master spoke to her. "You may have noticed that your ass is stretched a little further now. This is because you expressed to me that the last toy I bought for your ass was not thick or long enough to give you the fullness that you crave.

"I will give you a little time to appreciate this and I will help you feel it more directly before I walk you to my bed and use your sweet little holes to satisfy myself."

Slipping back into her mouth, he picked up the flogger and began randomly swatting her back and ass as he slowly fucked her mouth.

Master gazed down lovingly at his wife... She was completely his now. She was grinding her hips, her whole body quivering with the overwhelming sensations he had created in her. Reluctantly pulling his dick out of her mouth, he stood behind her again. Turning the flogger around in his hand he used the large metal handle to strike the base of the toy jutting from her ass.

She moaned at the spasm of surprised pleasure that jolted through her core like lightning. He did this several more times, enjoying the reaction it provoked in his slave. "Look at how wet you are, baby!" he purred as he gripped the saturated satin covering her pussy and pulled it aside. Running his fingertip from her clit, up between her lips to the opening of her pussy he collected her nectar on his finger. Pushing it up inside her, he was amazed at just how full she was.

"Oh my God, little one! Do you feel how full you are with this toy in your ass and just my finger in your pussy?"

"Yes!" she panted.

"Yes... what?"


"And do you enjoy this feeling?"


"Answer me, Pet."

"Yes..yes! I love it," she cried. "Does that make me bad?"

"Of course not." he said, unsnapping the cuffs. "It just means that you enjoy the things I do to you as much as I enjoy doing them. Now then, let's get you over to my bed so I can fuck you good and hard.

"Hands and knees," he instructed, pulling her leash and leading her across the carpet to their bed.

After she was on her back with her hands cuffed to the bedposts Master straddled her chest and once again placed his cock before her mouth.

"Lick...do NOT suck...just the tip, slave."

"Yes Sir," she murmured breathlessly as she began swirling her tongue round and round the velvety head of his thickly veined cock.

"MMMmmm!..." she moaned, as he reached down and squeezed her clit. With some difficulty, she managed to control herself and not suck him into her mouth. "That's my good girl," Master said as he rewarded her by gripping the back of her head and sliding his length into her mouth like he knew she was craving.

"Now to finish her off," thought Master to himself, "then I can take my pleasure from her as planned."

Continuing to fuck her face using long slow strokes, he reached behind him and slid his finger deep into