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The next afternoon Brian was waiting outside the club.

Would it bother anyone?"

Everybody said 'No' but me. I said, "Yes it would bother me!" Everybody started at me. " How do you expect anybody to get any work done if we are all walking around here with hard-ons?" Everybody broke out laughing including Valerie.

Then she asked. "Well should I?" We all nodded, so she hung her bikini top by the back door and remained topless the rest of the afternoon, but she didn't take anything to the curb anymore. I noticed her nipples were hard all afternoon. I even grabbed her tits a few times in front of the guys. She didn't once tell me to stop, so I kept teasing her. I'm glad we have a 6-foot wooden fence around our yard. We put it up last summer so Val could lie around the pool and not worry about nosy neighbors.

We finally finished getting that tree down and out of my backyard. Valerie had made a bunch of sandwiches and put then near the pool before she jumped in. She said the water felt great and for everyone to jump in. Well, that's what we did and I almost jump on her. I came up behind her and grabbed both tits; she leaned her head back and moaned as she kissed me. Finally Larry told me to cut it out and leave her alone since they couldn't touch. I looked at Val and winked then said, "Who said you could touch? As long as she OK with it, go ahead and fill her tits up. Just keep the hands above the waist."

This was a new step for us. No one but me has touched those breast. I asked Val if she was all right with it. She just smiled and gave me a big hug and kiss. Then she leaned against the edge of the pool and asked who was first. Larry just happened to be the nearest. I just loved the look in Val's eyes and on her face as each guy felt her tits up. She was absolutely enjoying the felling. Valerie enjoyed being the center of attention the rest of the afternoon.

Once while she was talking to Danny, I got behind her and squeezed those tits as Danny stood two feet away and watched. I then slid my hands down to her hips and pulled her back against my ragging hard-on. I whispered in her ear that I could fuck her right then and there. She just moaned and pushed back against me. She told me later that if I had tried she wouldn't have stopped me. I then reached around and grabbed her pussy. She moaned again and put her hands on mine and pushed harder. Then I felt her begin to shake, she was having an orgasm in middle of the pool just 2 feet away from a man we just meet this morning. She turned in my arms and gave me a kiss saying he loved me.

I had my hands on her hips as we kissed, when I noticed the stings of her bikini bottom at my fingers. I just took hold and pulled. Val's eyes opened wide, she smiled and stepped back leaving me with her bottom. She was now naked. Chad was out of the pool getting a sandwich. I hollered to him and tossed him the bottoms, asking him to put them next to the top.

Valerie then climbed out of the pool and walked the long way around the pool to the food table.

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