Becca tries anal sex and gets more than she bargained for.

"No need to thank me," she said, getting up, "You can thank me by coming next door and taking a proper cock in the ass. I have a treat set up just for you."

She went over to her case as I sat up, feeling light headed.

"Is my asshole back to normal?" I asked trying to see for myself.

"Of course it is, stupid girl," she replied, "It wasn't stretched that far."

I watched as she slid her wet yoga pants down. She did it so slowly, that her gooey pussy juice clung to the fabric and left strings of her cum clinging to her legs. I'd never seen a woman get so wet from pleasuring another person. She really had got off to it.

She saw me looking and shrugged, as she stepped out of the pants and left them in a wet heap on the floor. I swear I could smell her scent from three metres away.

She picked up her skirt and slipped it on, without panties. She winked at me. I giggled. She put her bra on and her white blouse and went to the bathroom. I sat on the edge of bed waiting for her. She was gone a few seconds and came back looking pristine once more. Her hair was immaculate and she'd obviously wiped between her legs as the slimy mess was gone. She was dressed and ready for filming. I guessed the training was over.

"I can't go in there looking a mess. Can I?" she laughed.

"You're still leaking," I said, looking at the dribble of her juice running down the inside of her leg.

"Fuck it! You see what you do to me Becca," she said, "You've got me all wet and horny. I might as well put my lubrication to good use."

She went to her case and pickup up a silver object. It was about three inches long and looked like a miniature torpedo. I recognized it when she got nearer, it was metal butt plug. It was shaped like a tear drop, tapered one end, then fat in the middle and then wasted in at the neck with a flat section at the other end. The flat end had a red coloured gem stone in the shape of a heart.

She put one leg on the bed and bent forward, holding the butt plug out to me.

"Would you mind, sticking this in my ass Becca?" she asked, lifting her skirt to allow me access, "Stick it in my pussy first to lubricate it, it seems a shame for my juices to go to waste."

I took the plug from her. It was super smooth and felt cold and heavy. The fat section looked wider than what I had taken in my ass, but the wasted section was only thin. I put it against her wet cunt and pushed. Her fuck hole sucked it inside after it got past the fat taper. There was very little friction and it slipped in easily. I twisted it around to coat it in her slime and then pulled it out with a loud sucking noise as her pussy let it go.

"Do I just push it in your ass?" I asked, lining it up with her puckered, pink hole.

"Yes its fine. I've had bigger things than that in there," she laughed, "I like the feeling of it inside me, holding me open. I may as well get some pleasure while you're taking an ass fucking."

I pushed hard and watched her butt hole spread open further that it should. She didn't even flinch.

I kept pushing until her ass hole gave way and pulled it inside. It was mesmerising. She picked up the towel, hitched her skirt up at the front and spread her pussy lips open. She was still dripping wet. She used the towel to dry herself, pushing the material inside her cooch to mop up as much as she could reach.

"That should keep it from dripping for a while," she said, "I really don't like wearing panties, I like to feel free down there. Besides I want to have some fun myself."

She moved off the bed and bent over in front of me, showing me the gem stone poking out from between her crack.

"Fuck! That's sexy," I said, under my breath.

"Glad you like it," she replied, moving back to the case, "I've got one for you too."

She produced another silver butt plug from the case. This one was different to hers. It had a long furry tail attached to it. The tail was black and about two feet long.

"Bend over," she commanded.

She lubed it up as I bent over and put one leg on the bed, parting my cheeks.

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