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A loving but unlikely couple fight to save their marriage.

Nothing! You've always treated me like a princess. I'm the one who should be sorry Frank and I am... I feel incredibly guilty... sick that I cheated on you. I love you my darling and only you. You've been my one and only since the time we met. Yes, most of the guys were after me... trying to get into my panties... but there was this one big, quiet boy... not a boy... a man... who treated me with such respect. I fell in love with you then Frank and I decided that you would be mine. You never stood a chance my darling.

I've never stopped loving you Frank... even when I was being so crazy bad. If you can forgive me I promise on my life I'll never hurt you again... I'll be the best, most loyal, most loving wife in the world... I swear."

Frank shook his head sadly. "Gabby... I love you so much. I don't think I'll ever stop loving you. And I do forgive you. I know you need more excitement than I cant provide, but I can't forget what just happened. I can't get it out of my head and I can't trust you. For all I know you may go back to Alejandro... or some other smooth dancer may come along and sweep you off your feet..."

"No Frank...I will never ever happen again."

Frank placed his fist on the table and opened it. Inside was a carving of a bear dancing with a ballerina. It was exquisite. The bear was solid and powerful, lifting the ballerina into the air. She appeared to be floating, so delicate she was almost translucent and although she was tiny everything about her spoke of Gabriela It was hard to believe that hands the size of Frank's had crafted this wonderful work of art.

"Gabby I carved this for you as a symbol of our love, our relationship but now..." Frank slammed the small sculpture on to the table so hard that it splintered into pieces. Gabby's small scream turned into a sobbing groan.

"It's broken Gabby... you've broken our wedding vows... broken our marriage... broken me. It's not like it was a one night stand. You've been doing this for weeks. How many times did he have you? And how do I know he's the first? Or the last? Even if you'd come home tonight without having sex with him there would have been some hope. But now... it's over."

Gabby could barely get out the words. "But I love you...with all my heart."

"No you don't," Frank stated sadly. "If you did we wouldn't be having this conversation."

He continued in a matter of fact manner. "I'm going away for a couple of weeks... right off the grid. No internet, no smart phone coverage... so you won't be able to contact me. Take whatever you want from this place. I'll sell it when I get back and split the money. I know you've never liked living here. The studio is yours and I'll buy out your share of the business at a fair price.

Gabby looked aghast. "No... no.. no. I don't want any of that. I just want a second chance. I just want to be with you!"

"I'll sleep in my den tonight and I'll be gone in the morning." Frank stood and walked towards the stairs then he turned back to Gabby who was slumped on the table, crying bitterly.

"By the way," Frank growled, anger showing in his voice for the first time. "I noticed you weren't wearing any protection when Alejandro was fucking you. I'll have myself checked for STDs. You should do the same."

Gabby spent a wretched night in the king size double bed. She considered going down below and cuddling up to her husband but he'd made it abundantly clear that he didn't want to touch her. She couldn't face going to him, only to be rejected again. Eventually completely cried out and exhausted, Gabby fell into a restless sleep. She was determined to wake early and talk more with Frank, convince him of her sincerity, but by the time Gabby woke the house was empty. Frank had gone.

1st September 2009

Frank also had slept very little.

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