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Blood and allies.

It circled the trunk just enough to get the termites into line of sight.

When it had offered to find out where the termites had gone, Black had told it only to watch. He had said something about their assault having been a mistake. He had spent many words on saying that. It had admired the movements of his lips, and his voice, and his legs.

Most of his words it hadn't caught on to, being so busy admiring him and being happy. That didn't matter much. They would have plenty of time to exchange new words.

Mistake. That word it did remember. That word was very to the point. The termites had made a huge mistake in attacking its man.

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It smiled. Black had said something about waiting before leaving. While Black was waiting, it would entertain itself with the termites. Its man needn't know. That he worried for it enough to tell it not to attack, was very romantic, but was also very silly.

It was in no danger.

The termites were.


"Zoa, I have its blood." It was Keme's voice.

"Fine," said Zoa, not taking her eyes of the wound she was sowing together. Whether or not their crazy mission had been a success was the last thing on her mind.

"As soon as you're done with that guy's wound you are leaving with me," said Keme. "We'll bring the blood to safety."

"No," said Zoa, pulling the hard string and knotting it.

"We can't stay here, the monster will come after us," snarled Keme. "We are too few to kill it."

"I, and Kamilla, and Jabet, will stay and protect the wounded," said Zoa, and stuck the needle into the edge of the wound. "Lay still please, Kismal. I know it hurts, but you have to be brave a little longer."

"You are the best shooter we have, you are not sacrificing yourself," snarled Keme.

"Leave, Keme," said Zoa. "I'm not going and you can't force me to."

A hand grabbed the neck-string of Zoa's shirt and pulled her to her feet. Zoa spun, her knife already in her hand.

"You can't force me to go," said Zoa calmly, pressing her knife against Keme's throat. "But you can force me to kill you."

"Don't be an idiot," snarled Keme, still holding on to the neck-string of her shirt. "Anyone who stays behind will die. The monster will live to see another day."

Zoa said nothing and kept her knife where it was.

"Fool," hissed Keme and let go.


Lei had a horrible headache and her eyes hurt even worse than her head. The day was as bright as summer. But she was finally home. There was the hive. As light worn as her eyes were it looked more like a big blurry square than a home, but there it was. Lei landed on the ledge and rushed inside where it was nice and dark.

"Black," she called. "I'm home."

"He just left," said a man's voice.

Lei spun to the sound of the voice and grabbed her bow and an arrow.

"What did you do to him?" she accused, aiming at his chest.

"I didn't do anything to him." The man raised his unarmed hands in front of him, displaying his empty palms. "He went off to feed. He promised not to go further than he could hear me yell."

"Black," screamed Lei. "Black!"

"Do you really think I would hurt you, Lei?"

"Stay right where you are, father," snarled Lei, keeping her aim exact.

A thump on the ledge assured her that Black was alive and well.

"Black," she yelled. "I'm in here."

Her beloved came inside.

"This is my man, father," snarled Lei at her father, nodding her head toward Black. "He is wonderful and strong, and I love him. And if you so much as glance at him the wrong way, I will kill you."

"Lower your bow, Lei," ordered her father, still keeping his hands where they were.

"What took you so long?" asked Black, already behind her, and snuck his legs around her for a hug.

Lei shook off his touch.

"Don't disrupt my aim," she snapped. "Take his bow."

"If your father wanted me dead, he would have already killed me," soothed Black and kissed the back of her neck.

"Son," said Lei's father, speaking very slowly, "please don't distract her while she is aiming an arrow at my heart."


"Gather closer," yell

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