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A natural progression.

" They then went upstairs.

I got up to pee (first floor toilet this time) and Amy went to the kitchen to get a couple of Cokes for us. She was already on the loveseat when I got back.

"Did you wash your hands?'

"Of course. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, no reason."

"Whatever. I can't wait to watch Letterman. Korn is playing tonight."

"Cool. I like them."

"Me too."

At 11:35 Letterman came on. Just as scheduled, Korn played their song A.D.I.D.A.S. (All Day I Dream About Sex). Kind of ironic, I thought to myself.

After the show was over, Amy reached over and hit the power button on the remote, turning off the TV, then reached over and turned off the table lamp. The only light came from the kitchen lamp over the stove and the moonlight through the window. The clock on the table read 12:40 A.M.

"Okay buster. You got yours; now it's my turn."

"What are you talking about?"

"You know goddamned well what I'm talking about."

"I know, I know. I did say I owed you one."

"Or three."

"Then you'd owe me two."

"Whatever. Come here."

I scooted over closer to her. "Did you realize we never even kissed earlier today?"

"Shut up." With that she leaned over and basically stuck her tongue down my throat, not that I minded. She had such soft lips, I thought to myself. We played tongue tag for a few minutes (damn she was a good kisser!), then I slowly moved my right hand under her t-shirt (University of Georgia Bulldogs; yeeech). Her breasts were so soft; not as in flabby, but her skin was so soft, it was almost like baby's skin. Her nipples were definitely hard; they weren't very big, and didn't stick out very far, but they were definitely hard. And that scent. You know that scent; the one that radiates off a woman when you're making out with her.

She let out a few soft moans as I felt her up, first with my right hand, then with both hands. Finally, she said "This shirt has got to go," and threw it on the floor. Once again I was treated to the sight of her breasts. This time, however, I didn't just look at them.

I bent my head down and licked, ever so gently, the circles surrounding her aerolae. I always did this with girls because some girls like it rough and some like it gentle. I thought it best to always start off gently. Then, if they liked it rougher, I could always move on from there. Amy was one of those who liked it rougher, I found out.

"Bite my nipples."

"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you."

"No, I like it. Now bite them."

"Okay." So I bit them, gently at first, then gradually bit down harder. Amy moaned "Yes! God I love that."

Hearing her moans, I reached down toward her crotch and felt her through her sleep pants (Old Navy, gotta love 'em). She was soaking wet.

"Amy, you're really wet."

"I know; I always am, but I'm super wet now."

"Do you want to take them off?"

"Don't ask, dork, just do it. You have to be more assertive when you're with a girl."

"Okay. Lay back on the loveseat, so I can take them off."

"That's more like it."

Amy lay back on the loveseat. I reached over, untied the knot, and pulled them down towards her ankles. This time it was her turn to lift her ass up to get her pants pulled down. After removing them from her ankles, I threw them on the floor (I know, we didn't have much respect for our clothes at the time).

She had a nice little landing strip (she's completely shaved now, but this was '97, before it was part of the culture for girls [and guys] to be hairless "down there").

"What do you want me to do?"

"Get me off, that's what!"


"Are you seriously asking me that question?"

"I meant with my finger or my tongue."

"How about both."

"Alrighty then."

Now I'm definitely don't have a 10" penis, an ability to come five times in a row, or anything like that, but I knew from the first time I did it (and still do now), that I can eat a girl out with the best of 'em.

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