Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight.

I killed my first person - a balding, middle-aged dwarf who smelled strongly of ginger, of all things - and while I felt like throwing up, I didn't let it slow me down.

With seven of us, it didn't take long to work our way through the hideout. More and more of the dwarves we came across started surrendering when we walked through the doors, covered in their friends' blood and armed to the teeth; Alistair had Zev tying them up with scavenged ropes and torn strips of linen from their own tunics, promising to come back for them once we were done. We couldn't risk them coming behind us as we fought Jarvia.

We finally came to a door that was by far more ornate than any other we'd seen; with some quick charades with Leske, we confirmed that this was the likely place Jarvia would be. It wasn't the door to the office I'd met her in before.

"Look, if the game's anything to go by, there's probably ten or so dwarves in there, including Jarvia. There's going to be a lot of traps." Faren gave me a funny look, and I just waved him off. Not the time.

"It's a good thing you brought me, then, yes?" Zev smirked, and I grinned. "I'll go in right behind Alistair and deal with the traps. Just don't move much until I tell you it's safe."

Alistair nodded. "Faren? Leske? Could you two focus on keeping attention off Zevran? Morrigan, Leliana, take out any archers. Sierra, rear guard in case we missed any reinforcements, okay?"

We all nodded our agreement and braced ourselves for a nasty fight. We weren't disappointed. Alistair opened the door with the expedient of a booted foot; the splintering pieces flew into the room and knocked over a nearby dwarf, who screamed as he fell. Zev entered right on Alistair's heels and ducked down, scooting over to disarm a tripwire so obvious even I noticed it. Alistair didn't wait to talk before taking a swing at the nearest dwarf, and several more came charging towards us when it became apparent we weren't coming further in.

Leliana began picking off targets, while Morrigan had half of the dwarves we could see screaming, dropping their weapons, and scratching at their own eyes. I wondered if she'd been working with Solona, because I hadn't seen quite that level of creepiness from her before. Faren and Leske were fighting side-by-side with a couple of dwarves, and after a few moments, Zevran joined them when he was convinced we had some room to move, but still shouted a warning against venturing further in.

I felt quite useless; we had very little space, and all around me were people fighting, but I couldn't even reach the front lines, never mind fight. There weren't any mages, except Morrigan, and I didn't think she'd thank me if I started using her mana for shields, so all I could do was wait.

I'd heard Jarvia's gravelly voice when we initially entered, but hadn't managed to lay eyes on her; I knew she was supposed to be good at stealth, and it made me nervous. I saw some movement off to my left and realised a bald male dwarf was trying to creep towards Leliana, who was distracted raining arrows down on the other side of the room. I pushed past her and met the dwarf's swing with my crossed blades, deflecting the sword back towards himself. Unbalanced, he tried to recover, but I was faster. Mentally thanking Sten and Duncan for their training, I angled one dagger into the armpit of his chain armour, while the other ostentatiously went for his neck. He blocked at the neck, but the other dagger bit in deep. I twisted it, as Zevran had taught me, and then pushed him away, certain that he was dying. He stumbled a few steps, dropped his sword, and collapsed, a pool of red forming underneath him.

I swallowed thickly, still not used to such things, but fortunately the nausea I knew would come hadn't hit me yet.

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