Younger brother gets the upper hand on busty sister.

It hurt like hell but it gave me a chance to grab and squeeze those huge tits of hers.

Fast forward a few years and I am in college away from home. I decided to come home for a visit and I stopped at Jeanie's house on my rounds. To my frustration she was wearing short shorts and a shirt that was cut off at the shoulders. This gives me a chance to describe Jeanie to you. First and foremost she isn't a twig. She is "voluptious" whatever that means to you, to me it is thick where it counts and curved so nicely. Her 38dd chest sags like it should but the nipples are placed... well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. She has medium length brown hair and a face that tells you she can be trouble. Sexy is the right word, she is pretty but when you see her, love is not your motive, you want to fuck her and if she looks at you right you know she wants you too.

I could see her breasts hanging when she lifted her arms and she wasn't wearing a bra. Damn! We did our usual small talk.

"How's college? Meet any pretty girls you little perv?"

"Perv? Whatever..."

"I still remember you oogling my boobs when you were a kid. HA! Ya perv!"

"That's it!"

I raced over to her on the couch and the fight ensued. It was all fun but this time I refused to let her get the upper hand, or knee for that fact on my cock. She tried but I was stronger and I deflected all of them except...

"UGH! Damn..."

"There you little fucker! How does that feel?"

We were both red faced and starting to sweat and now felt like my balls were in my stomach.


I reached for her tit and to my amazement the nipple was in view having fallen out of the arm of the shirt. I seized the moment and leaned forward taking the nipple between my teeth and biting.


"How does that feel?" I mocked her.

"Oh you are so dead you fucking..."

I bit down again but harder with more tit in my mouth leaving a ring around her large areole.

"You are such a fucking perv..."

Her hand moved to the waistband of my sweats.

"I bet you are turned on you asswipe."

She yanked them down to find my engorged eight inch cock.

"I knew it you fucking pervert! Two can play that game!" and she bit down on the head of my cock.

This took it to a new level. It hurt like hell but lust now controlled the game and we weren't turning back.

"Ouch, damn Jea..."

She bit down again, looking me in the eye as more of my cock disappeared beyond her teeth. It didn't hurt as much and her tongue flicked the head.

"You want to play dirty huh?" My hands went to her waistband and yanked her shorts down. We were now sideways on the floor in a 69 position. I put my mouth over her clean shaven pussy and bit down.

"MARK! What the fuck are you doing!!!? You fuc... ki.. oh wha..."

I put my mouth between her legs again but this time I didn't bite. I flicked my tongue over her slit, grazing her clit.

"Oh, my fucking... you want to play that way you fucker..."

She engulfed my cock into her mouth sliding up and down giving me the blowjob of a lifetime. She had eye contact the whole time. My thick cock slid in and out of her mouth and she licked all around it.

"Fuck.. oh man... you did NOT! Just... Jesus..."

I returned the favor, er, retaliated. I licked down one lip, down to her asshole, where I licked circles around and up her other lip ending up with her clit between my lips.

"YOU ... Mark... ohhh ooh, that is NOT fair!... Gawd, "

All of the sudden she sat up pushed me on to my back.

"YOU are dead little brother, you fucking PERV! I swear to GOD I am going to kick your..."

I flew up in a rage and through her on to her back.

"YOU are the perv big sis. You have wanted my cock all along haven't you?"

I was between her legs, my hard cock pointing straight at her pussy.

"YOU WISH! Get the fuck off of me you ox"

"Not happening. Admit it sis, you want it, have wanted it, you are thinking about it right now aren't you SIS?"

"FUCK YOU!" She said mockingly.

I didn't he

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