A first time gay story.


"No, well, we didn't have sex or anything, well do you really want to know?" she asked, impatiently.

"Yeah, especially if I'm going to be going down on you," I answered a little more assertively.

"Don't worry about that, I wouldn't do that to you, but I did give him a blowjob, and he was huge." She said that last part as though she were speaking to herself and forgot I was there. My heart sunk a little, but I knew I shouldn't have been surprised. "You know me," she added.

"All right, just no kisses from you then," I tried to joke around with my corny humor. My dick was already hard again despite having just masturbated a couple years prior to this. The lust in her voice was overwhelming but I certainly didn't have anything I could impress her with.

"Why didn't you stay the night with him?" I asked.

"Well I'm not that bad! I barely know him," she giggled.

I wasn't sure if this would make me anymore likely to ever have a chance with her, but this was going to be the furthest I'd ever been with her so I decided to go with it. I could feel she was about to say something else and I could feel the mood to change, so I immediately started to slide toward the bottom of the bed. I put my hands on her ass under the skirt, first time I had ever got to feel it, and I squeezed. She seemed a little peeved at that, and pushed my head into her. I slid her panties off the bed.

I tried licking her inner thigh areas and the few beads of sweat around there too a little in the beginning to get her more excited and make it more intimate. I started licking the best I could, and moving my tongue around her clitoris. I'm not a pro at this by any means, I just went with whatever I could hear, whenever she stopped moaning I'd try a different plan of attack with my tongue. I penetrated her with my tongue and everything. "Would you find it hot if I went there and had rough sex with him?" she asked, moaning.

"Yeah," I answered honestly. She squeezed her breasts constantly, and I thinks he reached a mild a mild orgasm. She pulled her skirt down back to its normal position, and motioned for me to get back beside her. I felt a little emasculated not getting anything in return, but I would probably have enjoyed doing this for her every day.

She left the next morning without mentioning it, other than "thanks for letting me stay last night, I enjoyed it." I was hoping she'd mention what we did, but I didn't want to bring it up myself. In my mind I wanted it to go further, though I know I was hoping for something that would never happen. Either way I thought she may not be coming over as much after this, but who knows.

A few days went by both with that on my mind, and her being with John on my mind. Out of the blue one day, after just getting home from work, John came out to greet me. "Hey, mind if we talk inside for a minute?"

"Sure," I answered, unsure of where this was going. I followed him into his home.

He said, "I know you and Chrissy are good friends. I just want to make sure you're cool with what happened."

"Right," I answered, not sure if he knows that I know what happened.

"She could barely get it in her mouth," he laughed, while confirming he does know.

"Yeah right," I laughed in response, unsure of what to say from here.

"Don't believe me? I'll give you a peak," he said with a friendly smile.

I became nervous hearing that, but intrigued just how large it could be. I pictured Chrissy being here eager to see it, and wanted to know what she found so hot. I hesitated, and didn't say anything. He noticed that and apparently took it as his cue, and stood up and proceeded to pull down his pants and boxers together. We were sitting diagonally from each other, but he took a step closer to make himself more prominent in front of me. Out came the most enormous cock I had ever seen. I've barely seen anything like that in porn, but it's so different seeing one so large in person anyways. My mouth opened a little at the surprise.

"You can see why she was in awe," he boasted.

"It's so hug

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