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Mike inherits a home full of fuckable monster girls - Part 2.

"Everyone stop, or I'll..." Sebastien's eyes grew wide as Mike's body unfolded. Arms and legs covered in blades whirled around, reducing him to a pile of sand. Kali's mind jumped into a snake long enough to see that this Mike was, somehow, simply a mannequin dressed in his clothes.

"Where? Where is he?" Her consciousness spread out across the yard, her remaining snakes swiveling their heads. The rain had grown thicker, the melee being lost in the thunder. Frustrated, Kali called down the lightning, aiming for anyone emanating heat. The cyclops was able to dance away, quickly returning to the porch. The goblin had pulled Beth to safety, and the centaur took shelter back in the garage. The gargoyle had pinned the spirit to the ground, and Lily was caught in a vortex of wind that caused her to tumble through the air.

"Where! Where are you?!?" Colored runes appeared all across the yard, focusing on a point twenty feet in front of her. The ground split open, revealing a large stone sundial that rose from beneath. Giving up on her snakes, she looked to the skies, wondering if he was about to descend from up above. Where was he going to come from?

The remaining Sebastiens looked to her for guidance, pointing at the sundial and yelling, their voices lost in the wind. She turned around to see that another Sebastien was running toward her, his head bowed low. The crack in the Geas had grown even smaller, and the storm was beginning to rage out of control up above. The situation was devolving quickly, and she still couldn't figure out what Mike had planned for her.

Sebastien ran past, dodging the lone Iwa by her side, then put his hand on the sundial. It suddenly occurred to her that this Sebastien didn't carry a cane, nor did he have a mustache. Her jaw dropping in surprise, she sent the spirit barreling toward him, to stop him at any costs, and was shocked when a banshee stepped out of his body, her hair wild and her blank eyes wide with rage. She let loose a scream that could be heard above the roar of the storm, a scream that tore the Iwa to shreds. Kali grabbed her ears in pain, desperate to block out the sound.

"What?" She was in disbelief. What had just happened? She commanded the snakes, the remaining spirits, anything, to stop him.

Mike lifted his face, his lips blue with from the cold and his goggles aglow with runes of their own. "It's time for you to get the fuck off my lawn." He grabbed the sundial and gave the whole thing a twist, and Kali felt the whole world get yanked out from under her.


The plan had been complicated, but Beth has spelled it out masterfully. After activating the first rune, Mike needed to cross the yard to get to the pedestals under the lions where the other runes were hidden. It was decided that Lily would divert everyone's attention long enough to set up the next part of the plan, which involved having the mimic become a mannequin dressed like him. Naia had taken Dana, imprisoning her in the fountain in case she went feral. The fairies then used their magic to turn Mike's clothes white, to make him blend in with all of the Sebastiens running around. He had held on to Zel's side, his body hidden from view when they had burst out of the garage, praying he could hold on long enough to fall off just past the bushes.

The true genius of the plan had been allowing Cecilia to hide inside of him, the cold from her magic masking his presence from the snakes. While everyone's attention was on the mimic and Zel, he had moved across the yard and had activated the next two runes. With the goggles on, activating the runes was much like trying to catch a specific bee from the hive. His fingers dodged dangerous magic to touch the right ones, their magic falling into the dirt and gathering at the center of the yard. Running past the vodou priestess, he grabbed the sundial, feeling a surge of power through his arms.

"It's time for you to get the fuck off my lawn.

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