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Housewife meets the young landscapers again.

We banted with a few jokes and the boys kept looking back at my legs, I was wearing a knee length grey skirt and a white blouse but with the lowness of the rear seat my skirt had ridden up a fair bit, they obviously enjoyed the view, of course I played up to them a bit crossing my legs etc. and improving their view, then Polo blatantly asked me to lift my skirt right up so they could see all my legs, I was shocked for a second and then I though here are two young handsome men wanting to see more of a 45-year-old women I blurted out.

"Only if you force me." and there is my secret Sue. I am a bit of a masochist I get more sexual pleasure when I am forced into it and my sexual high increases when I receive pain as the same time, I don't mean getting beaten, just forcefulness turns me on,

"Wow!" I said, "That's not for me," but everyone to their own.

Sarah continued with the story, after blurting out "only if you force me" Polo stared at me for a few moments and I'm sure he understood immediately, he got up from his seat and clambered into the back with me kneeling down in front of me he grabbed my legs pulling me forward on the seat which raised my skirt even higher then grabbed my knees and pulled them wide apart so my panties where plainly on view for him. With Gilberto watching in the mirror, Polo's hand wandered all over my legs, eventually getting to the edge of my panties and tried pulling them down, but sitting on them made it difficult. He put his hand in his pocket pulled out a penknife; opened it and pulling my panties to one side sliced right them and pulled the bits away from me.

At that very moment, Gilberto had pulled of the road, had stopped the van, and had turned around so he could see all. Polo was already playing with my pussy and holding it open for Gilberto to see everything and give approval to my well shaven pussy.

"Sue, I have to tell you it was so exciting with two young men really into doing these things too me". Polo then undid my safety belt and ordered me to undo my blouse, I was a bit slow to do this and he grabbed my hair and shouted now!

This was getting even better.

I undid my blouse and then Polo got his knife out again and cut my bra in the middle,

then pulled the pieces to one side exposing my breast to both their gaze he grabbed my nipples and with some force twisted and pulled them, which caused a little pain which is exactly what I wanted. He then pulled me off the seat put me down to the floor and he sat in the seat, but not before dropping his shorts so I was kneeling before him staring at this half hard beautiful penis, he grabbed my hair hard again, I pulled my head towards it, I got my mouth around him. I could feel his erection growing in my mouth within a second and he controlled the pace by holding my hair. A few minutes of this and he pulled me off him, then pulling me up from the floor, he raised my skirt to waist level, had me kneel either side of his legs, so my pussy was directly in line with his engorged manhood. He supported my weight with his arm he lowered me on too him, very slowly, I was so wet.

He went in an inch and just held there for a few seconds, what a wonderful feeling and slowly he dropped me until the whole length was deep inside me and, as you know he is a big boy. He started pulling and twisting my nipples again to give me the pain I craved to add to the delicious sexual heaven I was entering. I must have come two or three times before I could see the expression on his face telling me he was getting close, the pace suddenly quickened and he explode inside of me and I came again at the same moment...Supreme bliss.

"I have to say it was one of my best sexual experiences of my life, so far that is.

By the way, your nipples are sticking up from your t-shirt you enjoyed hearing about it as well."

"Yes, I am getting quite hot myself." Sarah leaned over and started feeling my nipples through my t-shirt just stroking them.

I am not gay, but I like woman's bodies as well.

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