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And the hugging gets much more intense.

r I responded, "What?"

She laughed and leaned forward again pulling her robe more open displaying her naked breasts "Front?" she then turned around and bent over showing off her luscious bare ass, "Or back?"

"I like both." I responded.

Smiling, she replied. "I gathered that, but do you have a preference? I mean one is almost common viewing almost everywhere and the other isn't."

"I think all I have to do is go down to the beach and see plenty of girls wearing thong bikinis. "

Rose turned around again. Spread her legs a bit, bent over and reached behind her to spread her ass cheeks. "Like this?"

"I like that a lot." I replied.

"I'm glad," she said turning around, "after this morning I thought you might. I wasn't certain the last time we were together and didn't want to push you too hard too fast."

"What about last time made you think I liked playing with your ass? Was it how I described my oral fantasies?"

"Well, that and when I sat on your face in the bedroom and asked you if you wanted me to turn around. You said yes and when I positioned my ass right over your tongue you didn't hesitate at all. I wanted to go further, but I wasn't sure if I was reading your response correctly and didn't want to make you run away."

"You know, I felt the same way and wanted to make sure I went really slow. You seemed to respond with enthusiasm every time I went near your ass, so I pushed just a but further."

"I loved your finger in my ass this morning. Feel free to explore all you want. I may explore you too if you like." She blushed a bit as she said this.

"That sounds good. What other fantasies are we going to talk about before we start probing each other?" I asked.

It turned out that neither of us had ever done anything like this before with anyone. The ass play was strictly a fantasy based on some of the stories we had read. We each had held this fantasy for several years and had many pleasant evening thinking about what could happen.

Rose also shared that she had heard of a spot somewhere inside her vagina where if touched can drive a woman wild. I told her that I had read about that spot and what it was. It is called the g-spot and is a rough patch of skin inside the vagina on the front wall about two inches up. It's too far to reach with my tongue and from what I understood very difficult to find, but like Rose said the g-spot when stimulated give a woman the most intense orgasm she will ever have. It is said to be the backside of the clitoris.

"We can try to find it if you like. Would you like to sit on the couch with me and I can finger you while we talk? That might be fun." I asked

Rose almost ran to get a towel and lay it over the couch; she then sat down and spread her legs. I sat next to her and slipped my finger inside her already wet channel and started to explore.

"I see you're already wet, I thought I might have to lick you first to get you ready." I joked.

"Later," she said. "You can lick me anywhere you like and for as long as you like."

"Even from the back?" I asked.

She seemed to get much wetter on my hand when I asked that.

"Definitely," she responded. "I'm counting on that."

We continued talking about fantasies as I fingered her looking for that elusive spot. I wasn't thrusting and I was avoiding her clitoris. She seemed to stay wet based on our conversation alone. She started to slowly stroke me too and I think we both felt the slow building of arousal. It was as if we each wanted to see just how far we could go before we called a halt to this.

Turns out we lasted much longer than either of us expected. We were aroused, but below our threshold. We would have to remember this technique for later. Rose went into the kitchen to refresh our drinks. I followed remembering what we talked about earlier.

Rose set the glasses down and turned around with a questioning look on her face.

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