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Horny woman gets more than she bargained for.

He gestured for the other four men to circle around him. Kristen saw the men nodding and assumed she and Brendan would soon be leaving to enjoy each other. Then, one by one,the men each leaned back to look over at her, smiling broadly, and returned to the circle. After several minutes, Brendan returned to her. He stood next to her on her side of the bar, leaning against it, looking down at her.

"Kristen, I want you to be honest with me," he said.

"Oh, like I haven't been up to now?" she replied, smiling but annoyed at the delay in trysting with him.

"That comment about taking on the Dallas Cowboys. You really that horny? I mean, is that a fantasy of yours... being with several men at once?"

Kristen started to become offended by the question, to tell him no loudly and clearly. But then her mind went back to the lucky girl in the Jacuzzi, and that same girl earlier in the... pool hall! Each time she'd had two men servicing her needs. Just thinking about it was getting Kristen even hornier, if that were possible.

Feeling the moisture spreading between her legs, she realized that sex with more than one man, even several men, was indeed a turn-on. Maybe her crack about the Dallas Cowboys was a Freudian slip. Maybe sex with more than one man, like in the cable movie, was what drove her tonight... what made her leave the house at this late hour. She looked at Brendan and couldn't believe what she said next.

"I'm really that horny. Several men? Yeah... why not?" She closed her eyes, envisioning it... "Oh, yeah, I'll bet that would be wild. "

"Well," said Brendan, "you've got five willing men right here... right now. How 'bout it?"

Kristen's head was swimming now. She looked at the other four men, still in their small circle by the pool table. They smiled and looked at her and each other and at Brendan. Kristen licked her lips and sighed. She couldn't deny the growing circle of wetness between her aching thighs. She looked up at Brendan, who once again stroked her face with his hand. She was burning with desire, and couldn't deny her need any longer.

"Okay," she smiled up at him, her eyes glinting with lascivious delight, "let's go for it. I'm horny enough to take you all on. I'm game if you all are. "

"Oh, believe me... we are... all of us. "

"All right, then, let's do it. " Then she added, slyly, "Let's see what you guys have. "

Brendan walked over to the door. He turned off the "Open" sign and locked the door. He pulled the shades on the lonely little window and turned off all the interior lights except for one, leaving the room cast in a pale, yellow light.

"Time to play. Everybody ready?" he asked, already walking toward Kristen...

Brendan strolled up to Kristen, every inch of him exuding sex. She got off the barstool and stood directly in front of him, pretending to be defiant and cocky, but her stomach was a playground for butterflies. Brendan grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her to him, mashing his mouth against hers. She opened hers to allow his tongue entrance, and then wrapped her arms around his neck, giving him her tongue in return for his. She practically attacked him, biting his lips and sucking on his tongue, several weeks worth of unfulfilled desires cascading out from deep inside her.

Her lust ignited his, and he lifted her in his arms and carried her to the pool table, his lips never stopping their work on her mouth. The other four men were already tugging off shirts and unzipping pants, but they moved aside to let Brendan lay Kristen on the pool table.

When he had her on the table, he climbed up after her and got on his knees between her legs. He ripped off her shoes and threw them, having no idea where they might have landed, and not caring. Then he lifted her legs up and braced her calves on his chest. His hands groped their way up her legs and his fingers finally found what they sought... the waistband of her lacy, frilly panties.

Kristen's and Brendan's eyes were locked together as he tugged

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