Alien bacteria infects geek with craving for sex.

So five days a week, Marie would drop a hint that she was interested in Jarod and each day, it would sail over his head, unnoticed. Today would be different.

Jarod woke with his cock hard as a rock, painfully so. He took a cold shower to try to ease the problem. Having relieved himself more than once last night, he was incredibly sore and dreading another go at himself. He also found his mind stuck on an unfamiliar subject for long periods of time, sex. Not that he never thought of sex before, he was a guy after all. But for him, the near constant mania about sex was unusual. He went through his morning routine and arrived at Blockbuster at five after ten.

When he entered the store, he was distracted. His cock was rigid yet again, the cold shower having given him only an hour of relief. His thoughts were obsessing about sex. He registered, barely, that someone was talking to him.

"Hi Jarod," Marie called. "How was your night?"

Jarod looked up and... saw Marie in way he had never seen her before. The five foot eight brunette with wire rim glasses, small perk breasts and an unremarkable figure was the sexiest woman he had ever seen before. All he could do was look at her. At her face, her breasts, her hips, her mouth and hands. She was so incredibly hot. His mouth hung open and his cock, already rock hard crossed over to painfully hard.

Marie watched Jarod, not believing what she was seeing. He was looking at her, really looking at her. There was lust in his eyes, wonderful lust. It wasn't love, but she would take what she could get for now. It took her a moment to notice that he was not moving, almost enraptured. "Jarod, earth to Jarod."

"Uh, Marie, you look so... good."

"Thanks. You're not looking so bad yourself." She had not failed to note the prominent bulge in his pants.

"Thanks. Uh... would you like to... uh... have dinner..."

"Tonight? I'd love to. Right after work?" She was not about to let his being tongue tied be the reason to not have this date.

"Yeah. Tonight. Right."

"We'd better get to work. We don't want to have to stay late."

They worked through the day. Jarod had trouble keeping his mind on what he was doing. He just could not seem to keep his mind and eyes off of Marie. His cock stayed hard the entire day, and he was feeling intense desire to fuck Marie. It took all of his control to not jump her in the store itself. He just knew that dinner was going to be hell.

Marie could not help but notice the attention she was receiving. The usual depression and anger she went through the day with were gone today. She was floating on a cloud all day, anticipating her first date with Jarod. The customers were not blind to the events either. Most had known the pair for years and were amused that the geek and the gamer were finally paying mutual attention to one another. Before they knew it, the shift was over and they went out to Jarod's car.

"So, Jarod, where are you taking me to dinner?"

"Uh... how about... Franks Diner?"

"Okay, that sounds good."

At dinner, they seemed to not be able to have a conversation. Jarod was totally tongue tied, not able to get his thoughts past how much he wanted to fuck her. He would respond to her questions and comments, but would leave the conversation hanging. Marie, while she was keeping up the one sided banter, had her thoughts on what was to come. She knew the look that Jarod had in his eyes. That was a, "I need to fuck," look. Almost a virgin (that's how SHE thought of it), she was wondering about going to bed with him. She knew he wanted it, and she did too, sort of. But did she want it on the first date? Of course, there might not be another date. This did come out of the blue, after all. By the time dinner was finished, she had not made up her mind yet.

As he started the car and turned towards Blockbuster, he asked, "Would you... ah... like to come... uh... home with me... tonight?"

It almost felt like another person was answering with her voice. "Yes. I'd really like that."


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