Victoria and Janet visit the dentist.

"My, my. You have a beautiful body, Laura. Look how hard you made their cocks."

She looked into each of their laps in turn, smiling sheepishly at Victoria afterward as the two men began caressing her bare arms and back, creating visible goose bumps that made her shiver.

"Oh-hh. (gasp!)"

"Guys, why don't you get your cocks out so she can see? You want to see them, don't you, Laura?"

"I- Yes, I,..."

The men started unfastening their pants as Laura watched.

"What's your name?" Victoria asked the older man.

"Rick.", he answered, briefly glancing up as he pushed his pants down his thighs, allowing his hard organ to breathe.

"And yours?"

"Bruce.", the other responded, lifting himself in his seat slightly so he could also push his khaki Bermuda shorts down, staring at Victoria's little green bra and their contents.

"That's a couple of nice big cocks, guys. Aren't they, Laura?"

The Receptionist had been looking from one hardon to the other, eyes wide, hands in her lap and slowly rocking her hips in her seat again, replying in a soft, quite voice, "Yeah, they're,... I'm married."

"That's alright, so am I.", Victoria allowed with a pleasant smile. "Go ahead and play with them. If you want to. Guys, feel free to play with her tits; she doesn't mind, do you honey?"

"Well, I, I guess it's,... alright.", she stammered, slowly moving her hands to either side, lightly touching their phalluses with her fingertips and moving them up and down their rigid, straining surfaces.

"Uuhh-hh!" Laura gasped as each man grabbed a breast that Victoria judged to be small Bs.

"You kids stay here and have a little fun for a while, I'll be back to check in on you shortly, okay?"

They all nodded, the men eagerly cupping Laura's breasts while she uncertainly ran still light fingertips slowly up and down their shafts, stopping on the ridges of their heads and moving back down to their balls before starting on their way back up again. Her mouth was still partly open, a small part of her mind obviously still in shock that this was happening.

Victoria grinned and turned her back on them, walking past the cooler and down the hallway with a confident sway in her hips. She found that she was enjoying this, and not just the eroticism of it, but more the control aspect. She loved directing, being in charge of their bodies and what they did with them, especially Janet. She grinned wider, thinking, "Yes, my little blonde whore from next door.", and giggled. Life would never be the same, she knew, but she wasn't bothered or even worried about it, in fact, becoming more and more happy that they'd gotten themselves into the trouble at Buckner's casino that led to this little revelation. Yes, life would be a lot different from then on, she figured as she stopped in the doorway of the exam room, feeling her hot, moist vagina wetting even further at the sight of what was happening beyond the threshold.
Janet slowly writhed on the half reclined chair, head back, lower lip in her teeth as the good Doctor sucked her nipples in her open shirt and pulled down bra. Her hand was inside the fly of Janet's shorts, working her moaning friend's snatch. Victoria unconsciously rubbed her hip and thigh as she watched this, reminding herself that she had to keep her mind on business. As if this mental reminder prompted her imagination, she suddenly had an idea that would help put the icing on Buckner's cake.

Neither woman seemed to notice as she strolled into the room and, having had some dental work done on herself in the past, easily found the items she wanted before turning to address McNeer in a sleazy, tricky tone.

"Oh, Dr.,... would you be so kind as to help me remove June's shorts?"

McNeer looked up from the shiny wet, swollen nipple she'd been avidly sucking, eyes glazed and replied, "Of course I would, Ma'am."

She removed her hand from the interior of Janet's shorts and unfastened them the rest of the way before both women pulled them down the suburban mom's legs and off.

"No panties.

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