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Father and daughter forced to conceive to stay undercover.

" I said, letting my horniness get the better of me.

"Wait, that would basically mean I'm fucking you. I'm still your father."

"Daddy, I just fucking blew you. It doesn't matter anymore, we don't have the time to mess up one more time. Every day counts. Just fuck me if you have to." I said, laying back on the bed, my naked pussy facing my father.

"Okay, baby, if that's what you want." He said, coming closer, all the while staring at my puffy pussy lips. He lined up his cock, accidentally rubbing his cock up and down my sopping wet slit. I bit my lip hard, letting out a soft moan.

"Are you ready, baby?" my father asked once again, making sure I was okay with it.

"Yes daddy. Now make sure you get my pregnant. Our lives may depend on this."

With this, my father pushed the head of his cock into my pussy with a pop. I immediately gasped at his size, as his enormous manhood pressed hard into the entrance to my pussy. Slowly, my father pushed further into my velvet walls, moaning as he slid all the way in.

"Oh fuck!" I yelled. "You're splitting me in half, daddy! You're too big." I felt like I was being filled up like I had never been filled before. My dad's giant cock was stretching my pussy and splitting me in two.

"Sorry honey, but we're almost there." As he said that, I felt him bottom out in my pussy, his balls slapping against my ass. He kept still, allowing me to adjust to his size before slowly pulling partway out and pushing in again. He began to pick up a rhythm, slowly getting faster and repeatedly pushing deep into my tight pussy.

"Fuck, baby. You're so tight" he said, as he finally started to pick up a real speed. He began to pound deeper and deeper into my pussy with every push, splitting me further than before. His gigantic cock was making me go crazy, I'd never been fucked so hard in my life!

"Oh fuck Daddy your cock is so fucking huge!" I yelled as my father pistoned in and out my tight pussy with his enormous shaft.

"Daddy, are you close?" I asked. As my father continued pounding his daughter's tight cunt, I realized he wasn't actually doing anything other than fucking my pussy. He was afraid to touch me.

"No baby, I'm not there yet." He said, still working his cock in and out of my pussy.

"I think I know why!" I screamed, grabbing my father's hands and placing them on my firm breasts.

"Oh fuck, your tits are perfect baby," my father groaned as he rubbed my tits and pinched my nipples.

I was too frustrated to care anymore. "Daddy, don't worry about trying to cum in my pussy! Just fuck me as hard as you can! Fuck your sexy little slut of a daughter!" I screamed, pressing his hands harder into my tits and then pulling his face close to mine, kissing him hard on the lips. I didn't care if it was wrong to be fucking my father, I was too horny to even pay attention. Now all I wanted was to be fucked by a nice cock. Our tongues swirled in each other's mouths as my father now began touching my body. He groped my lithe body and continued pounding in and out of my tight pussy.

"Oh fuck!" I moaned as he took one of my nipples into his mouth, squeezing my ass with one of his hands and pinching my nipple with the other. I neared my long awaited climax as my father once again spoke up.

"Baby, I'm getting close to cumming. I can't hold on much longer."

"It's okay, daddy! I'm about to cum too! Make sure you actually cum in my pussy this time. I still need to get pregnant!" I yelped as I continued to be impaled on my father's hard cock.

"I'm cumming, baby!" my father yelled, pushing in one last time, completely bottoming out in my pussy.

"Okay, daddy! Cum deep inside my pussy! Make sure you unload your hot cum deep inside my womb! Make me a baby! Make your slutty little daughter the mother of your child!"

Just as I finished saying this, I felt my father's pulsating cock explode deep inside my womb.

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