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Two finally come together during a holiday weekend.

"Not yet. But I believe that you will make an excellent substitute and fit my cylinder in a satisfactory manner," stated Pam as she motioned for Don to lay on his back on the bed.

Quickly, Pam was between Don's spread knees. Fingers of one hand squeezing, then releasing the base of his manhood. Her tongue flicked out and lightly touched the head of his penis -- many times. Pam kissed the pink tip, but soon opened her moist mouth and covered the pink head of his organ. Her tongue licked the naked cock rim. The pink flesh at the end of his cylinder gradually became coated with her saliva.

Her head was on his lap, he ran his fingers through her hair. Pam opened her mouth wide. Slowly -- inch by inch -- she took his bare shaft into her mouth. Her lips touched his pubic hair. Head bobbing started. Up and down her mouth went, Don's manhood growing ever larger. One hand held the base of his manhood -- squeezing, stroking, then releasing. Squeezing, stroking, and releasing. She rubbed the skin where his cock and balls came together.

Her other hand cupped, played, and stroked his hair covered balls. Then her tongue licked his balls. Separately each ball was gently sucked into her mouth and covered with her warm saliva -- the ball was released, then sucked in again. Often! It seemed to Don that this erection was his largest ever. His eyes closed, he sighed and moaned.

"Yes. Yes. Wonderful. Please continue the blow job."

"You like a bare cock blow job?" She asked.

"YES. Definitely YES!"

Pam continued pleasuring his bare erect cock and balls. But now her lips could not reach his pubic hair. Her attention was focused on the cock head, rim, part of the shaft -- -- and his balls.

"I very much appreciate the pleasure that you are giving me. It has been a long time since I have been touched by soft hands," said Don. "Much too long."

"You are more then welcome." Pam continued the bare cock blow job for several more minutes. Then she said: "It is your turn now. I would like to sit on your face. May I?" Pam asked.

Don's reply was quick: "A very positive and loud -- -- YES!"

In moments, Pam was standing over Don's face and holding on to the bed's metal headboard. Don looked directly up and saw the moist pink pussy lips between her legs. Beyond was the modified red bra with her ample breasts free to swing and sway slightly as she moved. Pam lowered the pink treasure between her legs onto Don's mouth -- slowly.

At last, his mouth and tongue licked and sucked her clitoris and pussy lips. His saliva mixed with her natural lubrication -- -- the female and male mixture covered her pussy and his mouth. She reached back and played with his erection -- -- his cock enlarged. Red light from the special penis lamp lit her breasts framed by the red modified bra and created curved shadows by her breasts.

"I like the shadows and curves of your breasts created by the penis lamp. One nipple is highlighted and I can see its shadow." Don said.

"I am glad that you are enjoying the view."

"I am enjoying the view and much more." Don said.

Many minutes passed before Pam moved her pink treasure from Don's mouth.

Pam opened a condom and placed it on his swollen manhood. With her lips she rolled it part way down the shaft. Her fingers completed the unrolling.

She moved -- -- her face was on the bed, her ass up in the air, and her legs spread wide. Don got in back of her, his hands on her hips. Slowly his erect cock easily spread her pussy lips apart and entered her body -- from the rear. His manhood continued to move into her moist treasure deeper and deeper, until his balls were touching her ass.

Then almost out. Then in, and almost out. Frequently! His thrusting started slow but gradually became faster. His balls often bounced off her ass during the deep thrusts. A full length mirror on a closet door allowed both of them to see the reflections of their naked bodies and enjoy the sexual activities. Pam moaned softly.

"Please continue, Don.

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