An impossibly voluptuous paladin hunts a vile monster.

The tracks were left by something that clearly was not human, evidenced by impressions of what appeared to be webbed, three-toed feet. 'The tracks of a beast most foul.' The golden-haired warrior-woman brandished her hammer and followed the trail with a watchful eye. The path took Gisela on an awkward journey through mud and moss for another hour until at last her beautiful sapphire eyes fell upon it.

It was a vile mockery of life that joined man and monster, and it was the very same abomination detailed in the magistrate's missive to the Abbey. The creature was but a hundred paces from Gisela but it seemed unaware of the paladin's presence, greedily feasting upon a dead animal near a large pool of blackened water. Its head resembled that of a deep-water fish but with bulbous yellow eyes and a drooling maw of countless spear-like teeth. The aberration's glistening flesh was textured with scales of pale blue, and its disproportionately large webbed hands were adorned with nightmarishly long claws.

With luck -- and W__dun's favor -- Gisela hoped to catch the dread creature unawares and fell it with a mighty blow before it could react.

'Your time is at an end, monster. You shall not defile another woman so long as I draw breath. W__dun, grant strength to your servant so that she might deliver justice this day,' Gisela silently growled.

Gisela cautiously flanked the creature and quietly approached it with her hammer held high. She was no rogue well-versed in skulking silently, but she minded her step as she crept forward. It was a gambit for a boulder-breasted paladin clad in steel plate armor (even as minimal as her armor was) but Gisela was graceful enough close the distance without causing an unwanted clamor. At last she came within striking distance and prepared to bring her mighty hammer down onto her scaly foe.

Then a second monster sprang from the nearby pool of blackened water, violently bursting forth from its murky point of ambush. Gisela and her scaled quarry both fell into its trap! With a loud and powerful splash the thing quickly emerged, a vaguely tree-shaped abomination with three massive, sickly-looking eyes of amber and a pair of long tendril-like arms ending with massive serrated pincers. Startled and caught unawares by the strange aberration that was now upon her, Gisela instinctively leapt away from a furiously lashing limb. It was by fortune that Gisela narrowly evaded the lethal snap of the creature's pincer; a massive claw contracted forcefully mere inches from the blonde's enormous, wobbling titties. Such a close call was enough to cause the huge-breasted blonde to gasp.

Gisela's prey was not so lucky. The fish-man frantically scrambled to escape its assailants but its webbed feet were too slow. A serrated pincer found its scaled throat and snapped shut with a sickening crunch. The scaled rapist of the Blood Marsh -- the quarry of Gisela's quest -- crumpled lifelessly onto soft dirt.

The bog-beast loomed over Gisela and stared down at her with its sickly, unblinking eyes. The monster almost seemed to be inspecting or even gazing upon her with awful intent, all three of its eyes fixed upon the beautiful paladin's gargantuan, backbreaking breasts. Gisela in turn surveyed the monstrosity with her piercing sapphires. 'How many depraved abominations lurk in this forsaken swamp?' She had seen no such creature in the various bestiaries in the libraries of the Abbey, nor had she ever heard accounts of a beast that would fit the description of the horror she now looked upon. 'An unnatural monster surely, perhaps even a daemon borne from the Dark Beyond,' Gisela thought to herself as she held high her mighty hammer.

The thing had dozens of writhing mandibles below its great amber eyes, and they wiggled back and forth like the legs of a scurrying insect.

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