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Acceptance and... The Wrinkles!


"I'll keep an eye on the bridge, Captain." Willow decided. "So you two can go and have your fun."

"Like hell you are." Washington admonished. "You're setting the ship on auto-navigate, and then you're going back there with us. That's an order, ensign."

"Well, if it's an order." Willow grinned back. "I guess I'd better do it."

Once certain safety precautions were taken, the three of them quickly made their way out.

One hour went by. Then two. Then it was time for lunch.

The worn-out participants would have gone into the dining area fully nude and fully satisfied, except Captain Washington admonished them and made them all head to the showers first. This didn't quite work out as planned. All those naked bodies tried to squeeze into a steam compartment meant for only three people. This brought about another round of man on woman, woman on woman, man plus man on woman, plus another man... Well, everything took place except man on man. This almost happened anyway, when Cruz dropped the soap a little too close to an overzealous Thor.

"I'm a man, baby!" Cruz scolded the blonde giant.

End result, another hour passed before the crew was finally fully clothed and sitting around the table, chatting it up and laughing.

The fare was a mundane serving of flash-fried hot dogs and crispy potato wafers. Margo apologized for the simplicity of it, and promised something more extravagant for dinner once her energies were back up. After all, she had been the recipient of many blows earlier, pun intended.

"Hey!" Cruz balked. "There's a long pube in my hot dog!"

"Oh, I put that in there." Margo winked. "It's my way of saying thanks, for making me the main test subject for your G-spot finding exercise."

"Well, I'm not going to eat it!" Cruz picked the hair out of his food. "What am I supposed to do with this bit of hair, stick it in a locket and hang it around my neck?"

"What you could do is pick it up with your teeth and return it to its nest."

Cruz stared at the smiling woman. "Should I add you to my schedule for later?"

Margo nodded. "Two hour appointment."

"Don't you dare do that without me." Mary cut in.

"Make it three hours, then." Margo adjusted her estimate.

"How's our stock of whipped cream?" Mary asked.

"Four hours, and everybody gets ice cream sundaes for dessert."

By this time, Barbie was laughing uncontrollably, Washington was shaking his head, because he still wasn't used to hearing such blatant conversations in his presence. Both Braxton and Thor where chuckling.

A chirp sounded out from the intercom.

"Looks like the computer picked something up." Willow got to her feet. "I'll go take a look."

"Oh, before the group splits up, I'd like to say something." The captain also left his chair. He paused until everyone quieted down. "I'm sure you all know how I feel about the loss of Ensign Cummings. Undoubtedly, all of you feel the same way. For the past few day cycles, I've been considering asking Space Corps to assign another navigator to the Space Relations. I've been hesitant to do so because of the chemistry we have built up together. There is one person on board this ship, however, who is very much qualified for the position. Ensign Braxton, I know this post isn't as glamorous as being in charge of a starship the size of the Neptune, but the job is yours if you'll have it."

Braxton looked absolutely flabbergasted.

"Say yes, say yes!" Mary started jumping up and down in her seat excitedly. "You know you want to!"

Braxton noticed this and smiled. This time it wasn't a half-grin but a genuine, honest, and beautiful smile. "Mary, you've already let the cat out of the bag. Why don't you go ahead and give the rest of the crew my answer?"

"She said yes!" Mary ejaculated.

"Why you would choose to have a crusty old woman like myself around escapes me, but..." Braxton went on.

"Hold it there, grandma." Cruz stopped her. "By a raise of hands, who here thinks Braxton is a crusty old woman?"

On a faraway planet, a grasshopper could be heard chirping.

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