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Robin comes to terms with her changes.

The first security guard grinned at the second, who smiled without humor. "Funny girls," he said to his partner.

"Yeah, I guess." the second guard said. "Well, laughing time's over. Ladies, My name's Bad Cop, he's Worse Cop, and you-" he pointed at Robin- "were shoplifting in Macy's twenty minutes ago."

Robin's mouth dropped. Tania, who had sobered a bit, again burst into laughter. "WHAT?!?" both said in unison.

"I haven't stolen anything since I was fifteen!" said Robin, pointing at herself, then Tania. "She stole something the last time we were here!"

Tania immediately stopped laughing, and gave her former best friend an unholy glare. "SNITCH!" she yelled, with the wide-eyed fervor of an old lady in a horror movie.

"I didn't say what, and you just self-incriminated," Robin said, smiling sweetly at her friend with murder in her eyes.

"No, I didn't, I just called you a snitch." she retorted calmly, murder in her own eyes. "Besides, I'm sure the tape'll just show that neither of us-" she turned her glare towards the guards- "stole anything."

That's what we're here to see," said the first guard, popping the tape into a VCR. The monitors immediately switched to an all-screen image Robin recognized as her dressing room.

"Well, that's not too illegal!" said Robin, glaring at the guards.

"I just told you we only tape these." the second guard replied, "Someone else monitors them, in this case, the nice lady behind the counter at the changing station."

"She was a damn bitch if you ask me." Robin grumbled, watching another girl try on a green one piece.

"I agree," said the first guard. "She's been making my life a living hell ever since I got her that damn job. Either of you know a good divorce lawyer, give me the number. Oh, here we go." He paused the tape on a shot of Robin between changings. "This is the problem. We have to verify that you were wearing this leotard when you entered the premises."

Tania turned to Robin, grinning. "You're wearing a fucking leotard? What is this, Flashdance? Wait-" she looked at the monitors, and laughed. "Isn't that your old Gymnastics uniform? Why the hell wear that?"

"Yes! Yes, I was, so can we just go?" Robin said, panicking a bit now. Sure, her costume held while she was in clothes, but anyone looking at just that would immediately realize her gut was just a towel.

The second gard shook his head. "I'm sorry, but mall policy is, a store employee has to eyeball it. Now, like he said, his wife works at the store-"

"Fuck store policy!" Robin hadn't realized she had stood until the first guard held up a hand. "I have a right to my fucking privacy and you can't do this!"

"She won't do anything to you. She'll just look over the leotard, and say no, we don't sell those, and you'll be home free. She won't tell us how you look or anything-"

"That's not good enough!" She yelled, crying, horrified. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!!!"

Tania rushed forward, and led Robin back to her seat. "No dispare, chica. I'll handle this, okay? I'll take care of it, just relax. No-" she cut Robin off, "You don't have to say anything. I'll handle this." She knew her friend was going through some body troubles, but hadn't realized it was that serious. She wasn't gonna let anyone make this worse, though. After she got Robin relatively calm, Tania turned to the guards. "Can we talk outside, please?" she asked politely, her eyes pleading.

The guards nodded, and they walked into the hallway outside. Tania took a deep breath, then started her sell. "Look, guys, is there anything I can do to stop this from happening? I can't get into details, but she's going through a-a problem right now, and doesn't want to be seen. What if-matter of fact, look. I'll pay for anything you think she took, okay?"

"Ma'am, we have to be sure-"

"Please, sir, she didn't even tell me what happened, and I'm her best friend! This is killing her right now, you see that-"

"Okay, where is she?" the lady from the dressing

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