I meet my impossible dream.

You do know that you're going to have to front for work in the same clothes, and jocks, that you had on yesterday, not to mention the designer stubble that sandpapered my face and somewhere else last night. If this is going to be an ongoing arrangement, you're going to have to leave spare clothes here along with your shaving gear and toothbrush. I'll let you use mine this morning,"

"I have a good idea, we can ring in and tell Byron that we are following up a lead, which we will be, and we can go out to my place and I can pack the necessaries for brief stays with you and you can meet Mum. She, by the way, is going to help us. She doesn't know it yet, but she will."

We walked to the train station and caught a train to my suburb and a cab to home. "Hi Mum, sorry I didn't call last night, but, I'd like you to meet Sonia Challis, she and I are working together on a big story. Sonia, this is my Mum Maureen."

Mum looked at Sonia, a knowing smile creased her face as Sonia hugged her. "Forget the Maureen, you can call me Mum. I understand fully why you didn't call, you were otherwise occupied. Don't try and deny it, you've got that look in your eyes that tells me that you are happy about something. He doesn't have that look often," She said to Sonia. "The last time was when he was offered his first job on the local paper. Coffee?"

"Yes, thanks." We said in unison. This brought another smile to her face.

"By the way Mum, Mrs Thornleigh, she still works up at the church doesn't she?"

"Yes, why?"

"We are working on a story about the sexual abuse of kids by the clergy, and we need to get a look at the Parish archives, if that's possible."

"Are you suggesting that Father O'Brien is one of those dirty priests?"

"No. I'm sure that he's not. He certainly wasn't while I was an altar boy and definitely not with me. What we looking for are directives from the Diocese and Arch-Diocese, telling the priests how to handle any allegations of that nature."

"I don't know whether she's able to access those papers, or even if she wants to. It is her job that will be on the line if she's caught, you do understand that, don't you?"

"I know Mum, I wouldn't have asked you if I didn't think of a way that we could get the information without her being caught. The information is of a general nature, not specific to this Parish."

"I'll call her, she's not at work this morning, she's only part-time, they can't afford to employ her full-time at present." She went off to make her call while Sonia and I worked our way through the pile of biscuits that always seem to magically hit the table any time Mum had guests.

"I like your Mum." Sonia said around a bite of biscuit.

"And she likes you, I can see it in her smile. She thinks that I've met the woman of my dreams."

"A possibility I'd have to say." She leaned over and kissed me.

"She's coming over here." Mum's voice began before she had entered the kitchen. "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to barge in on you like that." She said as she saw the kiss. "I think that she might have something to tell you."

We chatted amongst ourselves for the ten minutes or so that it took for Mrs Thornleigh to arrive. To say that she had something to tell us was understating the situation big time.

"Hi Jimmy, how is the town's most famous stirrer? You really threw a cat amongst the pigeons with that story didn't you?"

"They all richly deserved it." I said in my defence.

"I agree with you that they deserved it. Who have you turned your sights on this time, and who is this lovely thing?"

"Mrs Thornleigh. . . ."


"Beryl, this is Sonia, she and I are working on a story about the sexual abuse of young boys by priests."

"That seems to have been done to death by the media, and there's a Royal Commission looking into it already. I don't know that I can give you any more than you already know."

"We are coming at it from a different direction.

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