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Father and daughter improve their relationship.

That was not to be the case though as sleep claimed me.

I awoke about 3AM with my sleeping beauty's hair in my face and her soft, supple body sweet-sealed to mine. I had to fight desire when my senses alerted me that her ass was snuggled against my stiffening prick, my hand cupped about a breast.

I disentangled myself and hastily sought out the restroom. After using the facilities, getting some water and taking 2 Advil, I returned a more aware body to my kitten's bed. I knew I should have gone to my own room but the need to feel her warmth against me and her scent filling my head defeated my common sense. I climbed back into her bed and snuggled back into place. Listening to her soft regular breathing for a few moments relaxed me enough to return to sleep.

When next I awoke, I was a bit disoriented. I opened my eyes and tried to rise but found myself restrained and started to panic, Andrea quickly entered my view, naked as the night before, and shushed me.

"Now Dad," she started, "you have been a bad boy the past few days and I think you need a little motivation to set things right."

The minx had tied my hands to the bedpost while I slept!

"Young lady, you had better untie me right now," I demanded in my sternest voice.

"I will Daddy, in time. You see, when I caught you yesterday in the dining room in nothing but a smile, it made me hot! I thought 'I must be loosing my mind to get all hot and bothered about my father's body'. I surprised myself when I stripped for you but, I can't deny, you made me horny," she giggled.

As she spoke these words to me, she reached forward and placed a blindfold over my eyes, ensuring that she didn't hurt me.

"You always claim to be a gentleman but what gentleman would leave a damsel in such a state, Dad?" she asked, as her soft hands start rubbing my chest then creeped down my body to my cock. "I run around naked in front of a man for a good part of the night then rub my naked body against his and he falls asleep? I got gypped!" she said, my member stiffening against my will in her grasp. "So, in order to remind you not to keep a lady waiting..."

I know what I felt and it felt fantastic! My daughter was lowering herself onto my engorged member!

"What are you doing," I call out huskily.

Her response, "taking what is due to me."

Her pussy was wet but tight as she pressed me into her. I could feel her vaginal muscles clenching me as she forced herself onto my rigid cock. Once wholly impaled, my little girl starts to ride me, gently as her body accustoms itself to my entry.

"Do you like this Daddy? I saw you watching me all night. I was wondering if you were queer when you didn't try to fuck me last night. Are you a fag Daddy?" she roughly whispers as she starts to pick up the pace.

I can feel her nubile body doing things for me that my daughter never should but responding as any male would. Entrapped and enraptured of her hot snatch working my cock, I start to pump back, pushing into my little girl's pussy, setting time with her grinding.

"No, Kitten, daddy is not a fag and very much likes what you are doing!" I rasped out, "that's it Kitten, remind Daddy how to be a gentleman."

I could feel my ejaculation building as she rubbed her young body against mine, grinding onto my cock and scratching my shoulders.

"I'm gonna cum, Kitten," I warn and she hops off of me, grasping the base of my prick in her hand then nipping the underside with her teeth!

"Ouch! That smarts!" I cry out, loosing any need to blow my load.

She waits a few seconds and says, "poor Daddy. Did that hurt? Here, let me kiss it and make it all better."

I feel her hot breath on the underside of my cock a full minute(?) before her soft lips touch the sore spot.

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