Neither can resist the chemistry between them.

He was taller than her, just under 6', a few years younger, and had dark hair and piercing eyes. He wasn't gym-obsessed fit but he had a very manly air about him.

When he arrived they were completely professional. He was in fact helpful and assisted her. It took a couple of hours and by the time they finishing it was half past five and around the office staff were emptying out in to the cold New York air. She was wearing a flowery dress today, completely inappropriate for the winter and warm stockings to cover her legs. His well-cut suit showed off his frame well. He leaned in closer to point out something on her screen and their legs touched. There was a brief, almost undetectable pause in the conversation as they both registered the touch. Then he went on with his explanation, but not moving his leg from resting against hers.

She looked around the office again. There was barely anyone left now. He was offering some more help, although she wasn't sure if it was required now or if he was just talking for the sake of staying right there, touching against her. The sexual chemistry was quite palpable now. She jumped as she felt his hand rest on her leg, under the desk.

She gulped audibly and looked at him. "Is that your hand on my leg?" she asked cheekily.

He smiled at her, maintaining eye contact. "Yes, would you like me to remove it?" As he spoke his hand pushed up a little further, just above her knee.

"Ummm, no. It's OK."

"You have quite fantastic legs Jenna," he complimented her. His hand squeezed lightly as it paused just below the hem of her dress.

"Th... thank you." She rested her hand on top of his, both pretending to look at the computer screen still. "We sh... shouldn't be doing this." But her hand belayed her real intentions as she pushed his up under her dress, parting her legs slightly. She could feel herself getting wet now, her nipples hardening at the tip of her 34D breasts.

He said nothing as his hand pushed further up. They both looked around the office but the only other two people left were at the far end and facing away. His hand gently massaged her inner thigh, pushing higher.

"Oh fuck," she whispered, "you're making me wet." Her legs parted further under the desk and his hand reached the top, cupping and caressing her mound. He could feel the heat through the thick stockings as his palm pushed against her, making her catch her breath and close her eyes.

Now her hand reached over and rested on the obvious bulge forming in his trousers. His hips moved forward and he grunted her small hand massaged his bulge, her smile widening as she teased his throbbing cockhead trapped against his thigh. "You're so hard!" she exclaimed.

There was noise at the other end of the office as the last two of their co-workers left. Jenna slid off of her chair and pushed his legs apart, his hand falling from under her dress as she fumbled for his belt and flies. She grinned up at him as her hand pushed inside his trousers and the feel of bare hand against bare cock made him gasp. She scooted closer on her knees and drew out his thick, throbbing cock, all 7" of it, in her small hand.

Jenna maintained eye contact with him as she leaned forward and her mouth enveloped his cockhead, already glistening with his precum. She could barely get the thick cockhead in to her mouth, and definitely no further, so her hand started to wank up and down it, massaging his precum and her saliva in to his shaft. He moaned and she felt her pussy dampening further as she imagined what it was going to feel like inside her.

After a few minutes of her mouth worshipping his cock he lifted her up and kissed her, enjoying the combined taste of his cock and her mouth. Jenna moaned as his hand pushed up under her dress and then pulled her stockings down to allow him to slowly run a finger along her dampness. She moaned in to their kiss, his other arm holding her close to him and his lips surprisingly gentle as they explored her mouth.

His finger pushed inside her, prompting another moan and a mini flood from her eager pussy.

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