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Three moments.

There is something we need to talk about though and I've brought Dr. Monroe here to go through that with you."

I looked her over from top to bottom and I'll tell you, I'd fuck that sweet piece of meat from here to Texas and back given the chance; perfect in every way.

"Mr. Johnson, I'm Dr. Celia Monroe with our neurological group here at the hospital."

I put on my best smile. It owns their asses every time.

"Given your injuries you are a fortunate man." She looked serious but then as I always says 'It's a man's world, of course I'm fortunate'.

"There was substantial bruising on your spinal column, specifically at the T3 and T6 vertebrae. Unfortunately your injuries severed the T11 vertebrae and that is going to result in a good bit of therapy to learn how to adapt to that"

"What does all that mean? What therapy?" I asked a bit more concerned. "What is a T11 and what does that have to do with my recovery?"

"Mr. Johnson, the T11 vertebrae is at mid waist and it affects everything below it. Because it was severed there is very little expectation that it will recover. The nerve bundles in the spinal column do not rejuvenate in the same manner as bone and tissue. It's unfortunate but at this point it is very unlikely you will walk again."

When she exhaled the gap in her blouse opened just enough to allow me to see the frill lace of her baby blue brassiere that covered an exquisite set of tits.

"What do you mean I won't be able to walk? That's what therapy is for, isn't it? Isn't It? I'll be able to do everything else won't I? Right?"

Jesus, her nipples were hardened through her pale blouse. I can't take it.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Johnson. You are going to lose a lot of lower body functions. We have had to catheterize you for the time being but part of your therapy will include learning how to do these functions for yourself. There are other surgical options but we can discuss those after you are well on your journey to heal."

"What about sex? Will I be able to do that?"

"Well, there are studies that show some neurological pathways that suggest some sensitivity could be retained. There are injections that can harden the penis for your wife's benefit but the loss of sensation would have to be something you adjust to, I'm afraid."

This bitch was almost smiling at me and she was fucking aroused. If I could reach her I'd strangle her. When she finished she checked some charts and mentioned to Dr. Carlson that she would check in later. With that she turned and left and I swear she made sure every step clenched one of those perfect ass cheeks knowing her hidden pink pussy was winking at me when she left. Bitch.

I felt nothing...

The next morning some miserable looking old fat orderly brought me the hospital rations that I somehow managed to eat and I noticed my smart phone on the side table within reach. I could see that somebody had called Julia several times but it didn't look like they had reached her yet. Where the fuck could she be?

By mid- morning I was pretty tired of stupid housewife talk shows and news blurbs. The doctor came in on his rounds and let me know they had reached my wife and informed her of the injuries. The second piece of news was too much.

They were going to perform surgery to install a colostomy bag. What the fuck is that I asked. He told me. I want to fuck to die and I can't even.

I couldn't have lunch because of the surgery the next morning. That went for dinner too. All I could have was fucking apple juice and ice

The bitch was back and as soon as she walked in my phone vibrated. It was Julia, Thank God! Well, it was a message from her and I guess a file. The bitch had an extra button loosened on her blouse when she bent down to check my pulse; fucking whore. This is not fair.

She tended to some other things and I clicked the message open.

"Curt... It's a WOMANS world now, my fucking world and you ain't in it"

When I opened the file it started with Julia sitting on the hood of a burnt orange Challenger SRT and a familiar song playi

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