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Adorning, exposing & using the boss's secretary.

"Thank you," Nikki said shyly.

I took out my wallet and handed the saleswoman a fifty-dollar bill as her eyes widened. "I know it is almost closing time, but perhaps you could stay a few extra minutes to help us finalize our purchases? I'm sure your manager will understand, as I hope to become a regular customer here, assuming we are well treated and your merchandise is satisfactory. I do tend to spend a great deal of money on lingerie."

"Of course," she replied gratefully, folding and slipping the bill into the tiny hip pocket of her skirt.

"Nataliya, I think we should start with something very sheer and rather feminine, perhaps in a pale blue? Will you help Nikki find something like that?" I took a seat in the comfortable leather chair outside the dressing rooms and watched the two women head for the lingerie section of the store. A few minutes later the two returned, and I caught Nikki checking out Nataliya several times as the strolled toward me. Nataliya carried two selections: one was a whisper-thin underwire bra and low-rise panty set; the other, not quite so sheer as the first, had a camisole top instead of a bra and matching g-string panties.

Nikki took one of the sets and the two women help up the choices for my review. "Hmmm. It's difficult to choose. They are both beautiful but so different. I think I'll need to see them on," I said in a matter-of-fact way. "Go change and let me know when you are ready to show me."

Nikki headed obediently into the dressing room, and Nataliya went back to sorting the stack of clothes that had been discarded haphazardly by the day's shoppers. I watched her lasciviously as she went about her duties. She knew I was watching her, too, because each time she glanced over at me my eyes were fixed on her, obviously looking her up and down. I made no attempt to hide my stares, yet it didn't seem to make her uncomfortable, as she always held my gaze for several seconds before looking away. She was probably used to having men check her out, and I figured her for the type that enjoyed it. Her legs were long and slender beneath her simple black pencil skirt. Her slim waist and slight bust were highlighted by the tightly fitted cut of her stretchy cap-sleeved white button-up blouse. She was long and thin, but not at all waif-ish or boney. Though she wasn't exactly my preferred body type, I definitely found her very alluring and attractive.

She may have been slightly more uncomfortable with how I was looking her over if she knew I was also trying to discern whether or not I could get her to join in on the degradation of my cunt? I detected no offense at the mild domination of Nikki that I'd intentionally displayed in front of her so far, but I wanted to find out whether she might be willing to play a part in it. I wanted to press things with her, but I certainly didn't want her to end up calling security on us. It would be a fine line to walk until I knew if she was in.

I stood and walked over to the rack where she was hanging up some clothes and leaned against the wall. "You know Nikki and I, we have a special kind of relationship."

Nataliya replied without looking up. "You don't need to explain to me."

"I just didn't want you to be offended by my actions," I tried to explain anyway.

"People has a right to live how dey like to do. Dats how I feel."

"Well, it's refreshing to meet someone as open-minded as you are, especially someone as attractive as you are. I'm very glad we came her tonight."

"I am also glad," she admitted, as she gave me what I took to be a slightly naughty smile. Still, her answers left me with some ambiguity as to her willingness to participate in the evening's escapades, but before I could follow up on my line of inquiry, Nikki called out.

"Jason," I heard from the dressing room. "I'm ready."

I looked into the elegant Russian woman's eyes, seeking permission to enter where men were clearly not normally allowed.

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