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What you see, isn’t what you get.

"Oh god, oh shit... what the hell," I whispered as I looked at my reflection grinning as she fingered the shit out of me.

Worried I might tip over and hit my head on something, I quickly mustered all of my strength and got up and sat back down on the toilet lid. For about ten seconds, my reflection remained squatted and continued masturbating like there was no tomorrow. I trashed around on the lid, unable to sit still, panting and moaning as silently as possible. Then, my reflection pulled her fingers out, giving me a small reprieve. Then, there was another flickering, and she was suddenly sitting back on the lid, as I was, only much more composed and relaxed. To my horror, she placed her left index finger on her clit and started gently massaging it, sending shivers and powerful jolts of pleasure through my body.
As if massaging my clit wasn't enough, my reflection grabbed the nearby toilet brush and placed the tip of the metal handle against my twat and pushed it in! I moaned as I felt it slide into me, and for a moment I looked my reflection dead in the eye, shaking my head -- asking her not to push it in any further -- but off course, she didn't listen, and slid her hand further down the metal handle as she pushed more and more of the brush up my slutty twat. When the handle was as far up my cunt as it would go -- without being uncomfortable -- my reflection pulled it back a little bit, then pushed it forward again and repeated the process over and over again, fucking me -- and herself.

I honestly didn't know what was giving me the most pleasure; feeling my clit get played with, feeling a metal handle sliding in and out of my twat, or the sight of my own reflection fucking me with a toilet brush. Trashing around on the toilet, I grabbed hold of the sink on my right and placed my left hand on the wall, doing my best to control my convulsions and not be thrown off the toilet. After about a minute or so, I could feel my orgasm exploding deep within me and placed both hands on my mouth as I screamed at the top of my lunges. I convulsed over and over again, inadvertently banging my head against the wall behind me twice, but that mild pain faded in comparison to the waves of sexual pleasure that were ravaging my body.

This continued on and on... I had never cum so hard or so often! Even after two spectacular orgasms, my reflection seemed to be unaffected -- she didn't even seem out of breath -- and just kept fucking me with the metal handle and playing with my clit. Every ten seconds or so, I begged her to stop, but she never listened. I was starting to lose my mind. When I felt the onset of a third, enormous, orgasm, I told myself I had to get out of there, while I still had some strength left in me.

I forced myself to stand up, and stumbled to the door, still feeling my clit getting stimulated and feeling the toilet brush handle sliding in and out of me. In my desperation to get away from the toilet, I had forgotten about the large mirror above the double sink. Although I should have known the danger of looking in a mirror by now, my head almost instinctively turned and I looked at my reflection for a split second. I froze as she looked straight at me, a wicked grin on her face.

I tried to move but I couldn't. To my horror, I saw her bringing the metal handle, which had been inside of me for the better part of ten minutes, up to my mouth. I realized what she was doing and clenched my mouth shut, but she simply pushed on, and my mouth opened automatically to accommodate the thin metal handle. Immediately, I could taste myself as I watched in shock as she started sliding the handle back and forth, fucking my mouth with it.

To be honest, the taste wasn't all that bad, and now that the toilet brush was no longer up my sensitive twat, I figured I had a good chance of escaping.

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