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Jedi Masters Aayla Secura and Depa Billaba negotiate.

She was still dripping, the blue paint on her naked flesh remaining remarkably pristine despite the powerful shower. Combined with her terrible French accent, it was almost too much for her co-star to bear.

"Blackmail," Indira Varma explained, grunting when someone poked her in the back with a toy gun. "They'll space us, then send a vid of us acting like whores to the Chancellor. Valorum will have no choice but to capitulate, lest the Senate learn that he dispatched the Jedi without their consent."

Anna thought about it a moment, then turned her head and gazed into Indira's eyes. "Is it bad that I'm okay with that?"

Indira grinned. Their characters were still under the influence of the pheromones, her nipples and clit still hard from the strangely arousing shower.

"Very bad," the Indian beauty purred. "I may have to punish you for it."


They were still kissing when the Neimoidian guards entered the room in single file, showing a surprising amount of discipline for a species so renowned for its cowardice. There were no threats, no veiled promises of pain and death--the first pair of guards simple came forward, grabbed the women by the hair and head-tails, and crammed their massive green pricks into their mouths.

Neither resisted, bobbing their heads and groaning cheaply while they slurped on the swollen shafts. The men were all black, their foot-long cocks painted in the same non-toxic paint as Anna's body. The taste was a little off, less salty and more metallic, but neither woman complained, grinning around the dicks like the pornstars they were and sucking with all their skill.

It hadn't always been like this, both women accomplished veterans of the stage and screen. Indira had never even heard of CRS until a month before, the company specializing in celebrity prostitution and pornography; then one day she opened up an innocent-looking letter and found a picture of herself at eighteen lying beneath her father, the two of them in the middle of a spirited tryst. Minutes later, she received the call that would forever change her life, learning that she had been selected to star in a series of hardcore Star Wars films. A sobbing Indira had had no choice but to accept, knowing that if the picture ever saw the light of day her strict Indian father would be humiliated, her marriage ended, and her young daughter taken away by a man who believed she was already far too loose with her sexuality.

Her only consolation was that she would be getting half a million dollars for each film, though that was tempered by the knowledge that Anna--who had been similarly blackmailed into the life--would be getting double.

The blue-painted woman's cock was the first to blow, not surprising considering that she had been whoring for the camera since last spring. The man cried out, taking her head in his hands and squealing while he exploded all over the blonde's outstretched tongue. Indira's eyes widened at the sight of so much semen dripping all over Anna's heaving chest, and she couldn't help reaching between her legs and rubbing her exposed pussy while she sucked her own cock and watched out of the corner of her eye as the blonde wrapped her lips around the pulsing hose and drained it of every remaining drop.

The sight proved too much for his buddy, the man yanking his cock from Indira's mouth and jerking his load all over her pretty face. She tilted her head back and batted her lashes while she took his load, displaying a mature serenity that contrasted nicely with the younger, more sexually aggressive Anna.

Before the women could so much as catch their breath another pair of erections stepped forward, bobbing mere inches from their faces. Indira grinned, her cheek and nose splattered in hot spunk. She took Anna's hand before they both opened their mouths and smiled as the dicks slid past their pouty lips and right down their throats.


Trade Federation flagship, Naboo space.

Nute Gunray stared at

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