Addison's first interracial gang bang.

love more, black cock or white cock?"

"Black cock! I love black cock more!" With that Sean let Addison suck on his huge cock and she does so with a feverous gusto. Although she has no control of her hands and arms, Addison stuffs as much of his black cock in her mouth and begins to suck up and down on it in a wild pace. Saliva starts to jut out of her mouth and all over Sean's cock, she knows she is making a mess but she doesn't care Addison just loves to give head to the monstrous dick of his.

After a few minutes pass, Sean interrupts her by pulling his cock out of her mouth and kneeling behind her. "Still trust me?"

"Um, yes" Sean takes off his tie and wraps it around her head making a blindfold out of it. He kisses her neck and whispers, "I'll be right back, just relax and be prepared for the night of your life." With Addison in total darkness all she can do is listen to what she thinks is happening in her bedroom. She can hear footsteps leaving her bedroom and it is quiet for a few minutes. When she hears the sound of Sean coming back in the room she swears as if she can hear another set of footsteps. Addison feels a little uneasy since she is nude and there might be another stranger in the room. "Sean?" she calls out.

"Trust me, you're going to love this." He answers her.

Still blindfolded, all she can do is listen to make out what is going on in front of her. The sounds of zippers being pulled down and shoes or boots hitting the floor can be heard but it sounds like more than one or two men. She goes from excitement to fear and then excitement again. What does Sean have planned out for her? Then Sean's voice..." Remember how much you told me you love black cock?"


"Well this is for you." With that he removes her makeshift blindfold and standing in front of her are three strangers, all nude and all three black.

"Addison, the man to your left is Craig. I played college ball with him and he is one of my best friends." Craig had an athletic body but was shorter than Sean. As he stood there he was stroking his cock which was the smallest of the three men but looked to be a still impressive 9 inches long and very thick.

"Right next to him is my little cousin Tre'." Tre'was definitely the youngest looking of the three, appearing to be 19 or 20 years of age. His hard cock stuck straight out in a raging hard on and was 10 or 11 inches. He was the least girth of the men, but had a very impressive cock on him.

"Last but not least is..."

"Isiah Evans" Addison interrupted, "I watch sports." Isiah was a professional basketball player who played for the NBA team in the city. He was an all-star and one of the most popular players in the sport. Isiah stood about 6'10" tall and was very lean and muscular. His hard cock was as big and thick as Sean's. Addison knew she was staring at over 40 inches of black cock, and all four men had a look of them like they wanted her badly. Before another word was said the three strangers approach Addison with their erect cocks, surrounding her closely, Craig on her left, Isiah to her right and Tre' standing right in front of her.

With her hands still bound all she could do is open her mouth invitingly as the men began to stuff her mouth and rub the heads of their cocks on her face and neck. Addison would take each cock in her mouth as deep as she could and run her lips up and down it then switch to another by turning her head either left or right to take the next cock in her mouth.

"Damn Sean, you were right, this girl does love black cock.

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